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    no. they wanted win smartphone every year. Stupid players who play else with Orb and Galia. They had too much def and no use for meta.

    Everyone plays the way they want. The game should be fun. WW of RockNRolla was defend by only 4 accounts, including the RockNRolla itself. It was only at the end when the server winner became apparent that I collected more defense. And you must have forgotten that there is now a system of confederations and it is not possible to send all defense of any big team to some WW.

    Our alliance built 1 ww-hammer and sent to main WW over 2kk of defense. For a 30-player alliance, this is a pretty good result. We played as they could and as they wanted.
    And I doubt that any of the players in my alliance are not happy with the game. Of course, the result could have been better. But when you see WW Union in 3rd place - is not the worst result).

    Congratulations to M.L & HIT for the win!

    And maybe this year travian will not give prizes to this kind of "players". It's the only way to stop this cheaters.

    Maybe the only way to stop it is no more prizes at all..

    Yes! We are cheaters! We have a very special hero - Fighting strength ‭1005000 ! We kill Natars using only our hero. :)

    We do not need to build many troops for the kill of a Natars. :)
    Another thing is some other players. They play much more honest than we do.
    For example - Kim . Killing scouts is much more interesting and requires a lot of attacking troops. Much more than for kill of Natars. Yes? )

    Or for example Focus on Me. Having created from own team a collective farm and introduced the style of governance in the alliance - communism, robbing 600kk a week, it will be very difficult to build a very large number of troops and kill a very large amount of defense. Yes? )
    There will be absolutely correct reports of attacks without the murder of Natars or scouts.

    P.S. Everyone plays as he wants. And one should not blame someone without accusing those who are doing something even more fun (not fair).