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    One word. Nobunaga. Superhuman feats are very real, my friend, even in combat. Nobunaga, find and read his story.

    There is still no way anyone can defeat an army of 200 clubs on their own.

    Unless they have a riffle and revive like Jesus.

    *Kills hero*

    *Party for 2 days*

    *Hero revived*

    Remove the hero instead and we can all play happy ever after.

    The hero is the main issue with the AH and also strategy denying like crazy.

    Can anyone give me any good reason why we need the hero in this game?

    I mean, its good have a "leader" for the army but it should not be as huge of an impact as it is in its current state.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this will never ever happen :D

    I rather pay every month. A small fee of 5 euros than have the game ruined by people with pockets deeper than the mariana trench.


    The hero is too strong in many ways. I have been complaining about this for so long i almost feel grumpy.

    Why do you need 20% bonus when everyone is using it?

    It only removes the option to attack/defend without your hero which is strategically a bad move for both the game since it removes depth.

    Its quite unlikely for a guy without weapons to kill 50 armored swordsmen.

    so the main problem i see, is you not being able to afford gold? Find a job and you will be good.

    Im a student, did you even read?

    I am always top placed. Its not the problem.

    But the gold use takes away the joy and the game has become pay to win. We are not attracting new players with this gameplay.

    If the game was alive and we hade 10k players on every server I would not give a single s*it. But paying to be the "coolest" and "best" of 400 players is just ridiculous

    I dont know how you can appreciate Travian games using the hero for milking money. Absurd prices on the auction house.

    And also the hero is limiting possibilities, we must attack with the hero and we must defend with the hero. There is no other way and it is very limiting.

    Think a strategy game like Starcraft 2. If they implemented a unit in the game that you MUST use to be able to win, removing every different play style and decreasing the players different options of how to play the game. It makes the game very repetitive and predictable.

    Maybe you have not played the game for as long as I have but I can tell you it is completely dead compared to before. All Nordic countries on one server a 27 million potential player base and we have less than a thousand players on every server.

    Sure the game looks better but the gameplay has not been improved. Except for the beginning where things have gotten sped up

    I started this game when I was about 10 years old. I knew nothing and was beaten EDITED out every game. A lot of action, tons of players and battling across the servers.

    Today I'm 22 and a lot have changed since i first started.

    I love this game, all time favorite and a huge part of my life. I'm sad to say this journey might soon be over if the game keeps heading the same direction as we are today.

    From my point of view:

    1. We are pushing out way to many servers. There aren't any damn players on the servers, 900 compared to the 10 000 we saw before. It was a great move merging the nordics. BUT NOW!?

    I have been saying that for 5 years...

    2. The hero system. It's straight up pathetic what it has become. A gold digging moneymaking machine. Is it in your opinion a accurate battle when you have a "guy/girl" (what a great improvement, love to have visuals of how my hero looks. totally useless, the star was good enough) killing over 100 phalanxes?

    Is it a fun way to force players into using the hero as a tool for attack?

    There is no way any attacker will ever attack without their hero and the extra 20%. You made the game incompletely boring and predictable. Without a hero you could use strategies between own villages and attack multiple targets with different villages. You have made sure this isnt an option.

    The hero is better than damn Ezio from assassins creed.

    Gold use is absurd to buy items.

    Cosmetics are unnecessary for a dying game with the player base that we have today.

    Off/deff bonus is ridiculous.

    3. Gold use, this might have something to do with the hero. But since you are pushing players to buy a lot of gold to buy items giving advantages increase the gap between new players and experienced players. That is a big turnoff for new players. Also between experienced players it increases the gap and I'm quite sure people stop playing for this reason. The joy has died and the hero/gold have taken over.

    Instead of a thriving community we are stuck with few goldusing people trying to win the servers by having the most cash in real life.

    As a student Im trying to get by with only a 600 gold for the start. Rest I earn from the "*dio*s" on the auction house. I can stay in the game with 600 and still be top 50.

    4. Cosmetics and graphical. Travian looks better than ever, it is smooth to play and the tasks in the beginning get the game going faster. As far as I know we wont attract more players upgrading the looks every other month. You need to start listening to the community.

    I got plenty of ideas. I do get that you need to earn money for servers and people working. More players means more money, we dont need to milk the few we have. We need to attract new ones that are here to stay and not scared away by the experienced ones.

    The first thing that will need to go is the hero.

    The special servers were fun and all but it still has the gold and hero issues. Instead of the hero we should try to use generals and you should be able to have multiple.

    Please bring back the old travian, the travian that we love. We dont want travian 3, we want a hybrid of travian 3 and something new. Travian 4 and its versions was a downgrade.

    Best regards


    PS. I love the game, I just want it to be as good as it can be.

    It happens when you resize your browser window after opening the map. That's at least one way I accidently triggered it before. If you aren't resizing the window, then I don't know that the trigger is for you.

    Something else for me. I'm always on full screen :)

    Its happening more and more frequently and the map is at some times unreadable. I hope the travian team is working on a solution or will work on a solution. It wasn't like this before as it started to happen some 2 months ago.

    Have had map issues that started some month or two ago.

    It has started to really annoy me. Getting tired of going through the map and looking at villages where to send and so.

    here are some examples of how it looks like

    Villages split themselves often when zoomed out but sometimes when zoomed in:

    Water splits very often when zoomed out:

    And to the worst one. Things are not where the seem to be, just look here:

    This is literally every damn village on my map. Appearing out of nowhere. I cant even click the villages or oasis.

    As you told us 3 minutes before the server maintenance today at 16.00 danish servers we were informed that there could be some downtime between 1-5 minutes. I have been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to use the book of wisdome and salve when it say 1-5 minutes. This is damaging for accounts like mine when i send hero to clear but dont want to waste time without having heroes points on resources. My hero would without a doubt die if i havnt done it in time. You cant just make these updates with such short notice and when it takes a lot longer time. I was really close to loosing a lot and i believe that others also experianced the bad server update. Its still half down as you cant do anything without the popup coming up everytime you press, and you have to refresh about 10 times to make every page work. And I have cleared cache and so on like you said, but nothing works and I havnt been able to play for the last 45 minutes....

    This is a game you cant hold down in the middle of the day.

    Best regards