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    Sry m8 i dont play poker so poker stuff is not my thing.

    And i dont know what box are you talking about.

    I told before that im just a simple player. Nothing to do whit WW things or so on...

    About knowing what others have??? I think before the bug they already did...At least if they have done there work,so that doesn´t look me a valid reason.

    i am sorry. You are to far gone. There is no saving for you.

    Have a nice and happy life.

    please read my post (when a quoted you). You are still in the box. Be brave. It's a whole new world out there. Take a step.

    only bought golds are transferable, this is the rule for years !

    you dont buy those 500 , you dont transfer those 500 , easy

    stop moaning each page on forum, its boring

    again agreed.

    Please learn maths. read my post again.

    Post again.

    Thank you :)

    Le: Ok figured it out. The rules is that you can't transfer more that you added. So that is why the maths is 100 ( half) + 100 more.


    (not to lyli. apparently she is not a fan of moaning :D )


    But use my example please.

    Player has 21 gold on account. He bought 200 gold.

    So : 21+ 100 + 500 = 621 gold

    Transferable 200 :)

    How ? :)

    And can you please show me where is stated in the official statement that the 500 gold is not transferable?

    Thank you

    So tell me what for you gave 500 gold to those who didn't spend money but lost a lot of time and are frustrated now? To use 500 gold till server end? Are you serious?

    i have no ideea what you are talking about. I reicived 7k gold. I deleted. I have 7k gold on the deletion link.

    This 2 players i gave as an exemple have 600 and 621 and have 200 on deletion link.

    You tell me if that is fair? I dont actually care what they want to use the gold for. Its their business not mine.

    I just want them to get the same treatment as all the other players.

    Shoot me, right? what a crazy ideea....


    So do we have an official answer for the gold problem? because your response does not really work....200 bought gold , with 1/2 of it returned to the account with or without the 500 bonus DO NOT add to 200 no matter what maths you are using.

    Thank you

    mate, really...

    The man gave you a good example. Are you aware of poker and bluff?

    He told you that we were underdogs here and we bluffed....

    After all the cards are on the table again, can you make a bluff? when everyone knows your exact cards?

    And this does not only apply to dacia, but to all other meta. Everyone know how much deff everyone has, what hammers they have. Where they are comming from, and so on.

    How is this a fair game to anyone?

    Take a step out of the box, take a broad look around. Get back in the box. You will see the things differently.

    Playing now would be like "oh ok, travian messed all our work for this months, but hey its ok, no fuss, i will be docile and keep playing like an obedient little player. I can take anything from travian. I won't get mad"

    Refusing to play any more is a statement that you are not taking quite all that they throw your way and you have a little tiny spine. By doing this you force them to acknoledge they made a mistake. If not by the mass deletes there would not been any leaders management meeting, and there would still be the same bug the next finals too...because "we take it and we are obedient little players"

    Now there was a signal from the community that forced the game management to take action. This will hopefully bring us a better final next year.

    Because yes probably many of us will play again. Me included. Because i really love this game.

    So snap out of who's is better and why, use your head, and understand that all the people protesting here are trying to make a better game...not trying to measure who's d*** ( cesored word) is bigger.

    Makes sence?

    this 500 gold what TG give now is just for fun on this final server, not to transfer on next qualification of next final.... this 500 gold is just for looking :D:D:D

    read my post carefully. THe numbers don't add up either way to that 500. Its just an other bug. Bummer. who would of belived this game has bugs :D

    Only purchased gold is transferrable. From what I see on those screenshots (might be wrong, but looks that way) most likely players purchased 200 and 630 gold respectively during game round, and they can transfer that amount. If it's not the case please, advise them to contact Support.


    First of all there is not information anywhere that only purchasable gold is transferable.

    Second. On my account when i deleted i have both the bought gold and the 500 extra. So the sum in the picture is exactly the same as one in the deletion link.

    Third: those players had silver that was changed into gold. That gold from the changed silver does not add to the 200 on the deletion link. And since the silver was already there, that contradicts your statement from above...

    fourth: Those players had 200 gold bought. So half of that would be 100.

    so 100 hundred from half of the purchased gold , 100 from the holly ghost (!?) 500 stolen, 10ish from silver changes stollen.

    Look its obvious a screw up. Numbers don't add even of you are a travian team fan....

    So can you please talk to you bugfest technical team and get things sorted out, pretty please?



    Oh guys look:

    second case (621 gold)

    Delete link ( you gessed it 200 )

    Second case discovered in just a few minutes....Look i know my government is scamming me for money...but you guys too? :brokenheart:

    Both account names are in the pictures. Feel free to investigate your theft :D

    blabla dacia got 60kk def who cares dude, what are you trying to prrove once again ? that you are the best ?

    not at all.

    He was just replying to a rather dumb accusation. Like the other meta's on this server the reason for our complaint is pretty obvious. Its the same for all.

    I do not understand why someone is so so concentrated about wining and playing this finals since there is no point in it. All deff is known, all hammers are known.

    Also this final will be remembered as the shame of travian. So why would you want to win the shame?

    I am not accusing anyone for continuing to play. It's their choice. But to accuse us for deleting since we dont have a big meta is just wow...We played the server as the smallest meta, we did our best, we had no trainers but kept going and played our chance to win the server.

    And we had a good run.

    In was not our attacks who broke the server not the first time, neither the second time.

    So that is why Hitman is trying to explain why his post is bull**** ( censored word here, you get it right? )

    you are drunk. Go home


    Plus account do not work, just spent 40 gold on it and its sill not activated, i thought i maybe missed "activate" button since im playing from phone but i didn't.

    no worries man...we can rollback to artefacts this time. Have no fear...Tgames is working for your future :D



    The 500 extra bonus gold. Why is that not also transferable to other worlds?

    Its compensation for this mess-up here too, right?

    So i presume it should also be transferable.

    Le: oh its a little bug...Some appear with the right amount of gold at delete. Some with less than on the account. Some with more than on the account. :)

    You can easily extract conversations from skype, easier than ever on the new versions :rolleyes:

    don't be mean. We already know they are not the best with technology.

    But after a long time they are willing to make a step and be more transparent. Let's not punish the guys when they do good, and actually listen to us.