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    Adding them where? They were never in a meta, just had a NAP with some alliances in the ML/HIT meta ...

    You are defending and attacking together...

    change your signature bro.. there is no more uollas meta, now is dacia/arab meta :osd:

    I love this comment actually. First you put 500 players in our zone, inclusive some of the best fighting teams of the game (big respect for what they achieve), but what did it achieve? It actually lowered your chances to win by a lot, they think with their balls and not with brains :D. Uollas is love! Loyalty is important in this game, it's not only about the game but it is a game you play with friends, I'm sure a lot of leaders can learn from this.

    How you works? Crying? And destoing villages self?:thumbsup1:

    That is training for finals, sending 20 waves per sec? Where you promise to settle in ru-quad.:osd::osd::osd:

    Big congratz for you to annoying our inactive members! Congratz, huge medal. Should we start posting pics of stopped hammers? For example your last missions where you had 2 targets and we blocked both of them because you don't know how to send mission? Or the 3000 cata's we destroyed over the last few days. But yes, some of your players are doing good and taking advantage of the fact that we have some lesser active players there. Big respect for you guys!

    People who refuse to give their password , would kick from alliance. That's how it work our community :rolleyes:

    How about WW organization ? did you claim that all wwk sended by the hand of players ? or grain :/

    these are like a 'unwritten rule' , every alliance share password but some of them refuse and other accept that. i would like to be more honest way. Like a attack script ,we all know that people used it for around 8-9 years and everyone claimed that they made attack by manuel way.But what happen at the end of day ? travian made script itself.

    this post is just pure horror

    It's possible to send perfect waves (even more accurate than illegal wavebuilder & legal wavebuilder) by sending manually.
    And what about sending wwk? how do you send wwk if not by hand?
    Its unwritten rules in cheaterland maybe.

    This post is just a troll post wtf

    You not on nightshift sitting with 20 passwords to send Neworder deff today? Or not comfortable with your italian meta not backing you up?

    I don't even understand where this is coming from. You played with new order 1 month. Pasword sharing = kick. We already kicked multiple people for not following our personal rules (which are more strict than travian rules). Get your facts straight honey :*

    Point is that still a lot of russians and POM plays with vpn and tor for multi's. I know the rules and I don't like the current rules but accept them. Problem is that they are not following the rules and it's impossible to prove it because its too easy to hide it. And before the white knights arrive again, I also understand that not all multi's are 'fake' and some are run by real players, you are doing great ;)!

    "We". As if you had anything to do with it ... try steeling one from us, since you were in NewOrder on COMX spring you know how we work ;)

    was he though? the good player as he is, build horse hammers for artes, than didn't show up artes and then went delete without saying anything on a shit acc. Happy is with russians :D

    btw he is hiding the name of the player who is attacking ... why? Well because its a report from POM, lithuanian alliance ?(?(1k russian players not enough ?(?(?(

    Each server some people crying about russian hackers cheaters. Guys come on stop it. We have the same rules that you and we playing clearly with these rules.

    Like I say, officially nothing wrong! But what about tor or vpns that can't be detected? But yes, officially nothing wrong, fair players! Huge respect!

    top farmers are farming 120-130 villages with all fields lvl 10 :D thats just a joke

    Finals|Qualy why 30 Ram's?

    Yes very good

    Tech account with 3 villages, you deffed 1K clubs and 7 chiefs which is 1hour production + farming. Very impressive, congratulations!

    And why 30 rams? Its a tech account with 0 troops inside, so i just send and see if the tech account is checked or not, otherwise i would send more but no reason to lose troops on a tech.

    Really even worse than having tech is posting brags about defending small amount of troops on the forum with it, just laughing TG in the face and they don't care :*