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    Recently polish players have played in 3 coalitions - we in the largest polish group played in CUP coalition, 2 years ago we build ww with Prime.

    In these year after confusion with server rollback last year fewer Polish players play , all in ML.

    ah yes, were different polish the, npl I thought their name was, my mistake.

    Thank you for the positive opinion about the Polish team.

    We appreciate your class, you made the server remember for a long time. Playing against you was a real challenge for us.

    We are full of admiration for your game, your cooperation, your offensive strength.

    You were the most demanding opponent we encountered at the championships.

    weren't you almost completely wiped last year as well in dacia meta (in bp zone), or was that another Polish group?

    congratulations to every body for this final, we enjoied a lot the wars against NW and against SE, we enjoied a lot also the ww race, it was very very impressive

    congratulations to the winners, congratulations to the losers

    see you next time, if we will play and if you will play

    Words of a true leader


    We were talking about this in our discord (lowlands) and we agreed that we don't wish this to anyone, even our worst enemy. I can't imagine how this would feel, spending so much time time and gold for this to happen. Hopefully you can figure it out.

    Yeah Viva lowlandia

    Oh god, yes, better post useless stuff here :D. Player had crop problems, was supposed to crash one hammer but obv didn't happen on WW, so needed to do something with this hammer, nothing more, nothing less. But be happy I guess :D

    Can I ask if you planned for 700k def and you sent chiefs in your hammer waves if you crashed on each other? That would be interesting to see :P

    I mean, you are ofcourse free to ask but no, I'm not that stupid. We faked the WW every op from day 100 with 4x (19+1), so on this mission everyone send:
    *hammer + ram + kata + hero
    *cata + chiefs

    I know someone else already posted the reports but this is the story.

    Since the server start our task has been to deal with Thai. From day 100, we are doing heavy fakes on WW while doing off missions every 2/3 days. We wanted to break them completely so we started to think about chiefing the WW. Last information we had from ops/scoutings was this:

    So at this point I made a mission to chief it. I did calculations and we could break 700K def.. but I didn't expect what actually happened :D.

    They thought we did fakes again so they removed def to put it elsewhere :/:/

    As a 'side note', we also zero'ed another capital at the same time, bringing up our count to more than 30 thai capitals zero'ed since serverstart, not speaking about all the chiefing missions we did.

    I want to say big thanks to all lowland players participating in ops every 2 days/3days. I think, same as last year as 'TFD', we are making a mark on this server even though we are only a small domain 8)

    Viva lowlandia :love: