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    In the conversation we had with TG they said they now know how the replicate the bug for testing (they didn't know how to replicate before), so now they will (try to) fix this, but it will take some time.

    I decided to edit my message cause I'm really not into the mud throwing games. We made this decision as a team, I spoke for my team who mostly didn't want to continue, others speak for their teams. Sure, maybe 100/150 players want to continue but the majority didn't want to. That's all I'm gonna say, thanks and have a good night all.

    I can say for myself one of the reasons we went to .com is because the fact that on .nl it was usually only a 1vs1 battle. So I would definitely want a 1vs1vs1vs1 to happen for a change.

    yes NL is normally close2insane vs the rest :D

    Might be a good idea to attach the "cata" reports which did minimal damage:thumbsup:

    everything is kinda minimal damage nowadays if you don't destroy the village completely, but we destroyed (well put to level 3) 14 cropfields (which were low level tbh) and the traditional buildings

    There are so many people on the server with techs/multies, that reducing it on to one player or alliance is not fair. Feels like, just because he is above your guy on raiding, you feel the need to point him out while ignoring the rest. Such as how do many these people have such attack and defense points for last two weeks? Also, you mean to say that close2insane didnt have any tech accounts, push, oases cleared for him or any sort of boost?

    There is a big difference between multis and teamwork. Close2Insane is the best player (and with player I mean his account and the group of players playing on it) on our domain. When we started this server, every non-raider used all cages for our farmers (mostly Close2Insane) in the first few days. So yes he got help, no, its wasn't through multis and cheating. No tech accounts, No push accounts (settled in protection). Just one of the best travian players right now.

    no proof lol . told here earlier about SGR's nature and how much they care to save self interest over fair play . let the cheaters cheat , if the mh dont care about such matter of cleaning multiple friendly farms nor should we can do much about just talking . so let us just compete with our integrity and hardwork .

    I agree with you here, and I decided to not talk about anymore, but don't compare Close2Insane to this Honeybadgerz dude.

    It's easy to say a player is cheating I could accuse close to insane with botting, scripting or any of the top ten raiding for that matter. But untill evidence is found to prove these type of players are cheating then we must presume there innocence.

    Botting, scripting are detectable and will be banned bro. Honeybadgerz is going up by 40K in 1 tick everytime from his multies. He is using mulit's through vpn or tor but its not possible to prove it and you know this, so stop your EDITED

    But like I said, at this point I understand he is cheating and nothing will happen and I'm ok with that. I'm not okay for him getting praise for it, that's just messed up.

    I think it's fantastic sgr has a player capable of raiding so many resources. Props to close to insane and honeybadger being able to raid much more then this slacker can raid.

    Of course if you really think these type of players cheating Please report it to the mh. If the multi hunters find anything wrong at all they will ban the accounts without hesitation. If no wrong doing is found and player is not breaking the rules then that player must be presumed innocent.

    A multi hunter is able to dig up much more information then any hearsay propaganda we can think of here. And If the top raiders are found not breaking the rules, then they deserve our respect and not to falsely accuse and scold them!

    Please never compare close2insane to honeybadgerz.

    Close2insane = 100 percent legit
    Honeybadgerz = 100 percent cheat through multies

    Not sure if there are any NZ players on .com1. In case there are, Lowlands wants to extend its deepest sympathy and wish you all the strength needed in this difficult time.