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    I guess we can start with some reports?

    annoying neighbour who borders my oasis (which is 3.2 squares away from my capital) and has troops on evasion.. Finally caught him :P

    Not sure why but I guess this hurts for him :P

    How about you guys? What leaders you think they make a diference? And TEN, Lowlands? Anything NICE to say about the other alliances?


    Our leaders are pretty bad tbh, bad organisation & communication. You can see it's their first time on .com1

    Your only enemies will be Natars and Travian bugs - beware the updates!

    No please, I just come from TT, no more bugs please travian overlords I beg youuuu:saint::saint::saint:

    Wait a minute, is this an actual post that is not troll or toxic? :/:/ What in the world??

    I've said it many times before, we are not in a coalition, we don't want any coalition cross borders. They key here is for both Ten and us to keep it that way because this way :).

    Tbf I was checking my alliance log this morning and... you asked to join as well as many other lowlanders :D Some of you even joined my ally... just for the embassy task, I should say, but maybe it is a proof of our "confed".


    where is my popcorn. The only thing I know right now is that people think we work with vices, SGR & Ten.. this will be the biggest coalition ever formed on .com1. Hopefully we can crush our enemies!

    Interesting how on the one hand you claim to know nothing about a nap on the other you contradict yourself claiming rumours have surfaced after vices approached lowlands to work together..And those rumours unfortunately may have far reaching consequences, time will tell.

    My friend, because they contacted us does that mean anything? SGR wanted us to join up too, so maybe the only alliance which we don't work together with is TEN... so I think I can confirm here that VICES, SGR and Lowlands form one supermeta with ultimate goal to defeat TEN!

    Yes I would like to discuss it further, share your source :)

    Guys this isn't the place to discuss cheating. If anyone thinks Vices are cheating or any other team please report it to the mh, they will look in to the matter and ban anyone responsible for breaking the rules.

    Players that are not cheating that are making more resources then you is no reason to get upset. Look at your own game and what you can do better.

    it's from NE to SGR, no reason to point fingers everytime ;). And we report to MH aswell, as everyone should do

    sadly i don't belive this for a second, since it's being done every single server by the same people.
    But whatever it is what it is.

    Hmm not sure which accounts you are talking about but with meta leader we decided that every WW-hammer account should be ready to destroy all other villages in case of mass attacks. But maybe you're right, I wasn't in 'charge' of our endgame

    Thats a new one :D
    I highly doubt thats true even if we do have alot of techs.

    I just wanted to make fun of 1 village arabs :(
    I do think thats so much worse then any tech raiding tho since you can't even counter it but whatever.
    Best of luck mefriend sad Finals got fkd by bug would have been a nice war between RU & ITA :)))

    Yea 80/20 is overestimation :P and yes, 1 village arabs was needed because we had too many WWK and couldn't def them all so they needed to destroy all other villages so others couldn't conquer or destroy (but you know this I ofcourse :P).

    Yep finals sucked, that's why I'm here, so much time invested and for what? It's jut disgusting :).

    I think you need to ask your brothers from Shields they will probbaly provide great guide how to make 1kk wwks with one village!

    I agree with you, even though I dislike this way of playing but tell me honestly, are there alternatives? Legit every meta is doing it and the fact that you're from russian meta makes your comment funny since i'm pretty sure whole your meta combined is 20 percent real player and 80 percent multi :)

    Drunken Angels

    Looks like Meteo0 has revealed himself to the server. Jumping crazy amounts of resources per hour because he's sending resources to nearby players and farming them...let's see how long before he adopts the SGR tag.

    Also can confirm this.

    Our top raider has most troops of the server with superefficent farming yet somehow this guy manages to do 800K a day, having jumps of 40K resources. I just come from tournament finals were people told that they couldn't ban all of them because it was so much work and on other servers they should get banned, so here we are. Please report this cheater to MH.

    To me it's clear that SGR and Vices are both zerg alliances and it's boring as fuck because it forces SW and SE to do the same ... Some people really prefer quantity over quality it's really sad