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    All those times Slapice spent telling us about their superior team but it turns out they aren't confident in themselves to win even a 2v1 - gotta make the whole server on their team. Pathetic, unfun, cowardly, a joke of a scary premade squad. We all know you "probably" don't need to go 2v1 or 3v1 to beat Pirates, but you did anyway because why have a close fight when a stomp is easier for everyone?

    Horsemen are the biggest load of cowards I've ever seen. Some seem alright, but the leadership or whoever decided to just attempt to hand slapice massive advantages out of spite?? Cowards

    Honestly, this OP was the first major cracks in Slapice's dominance. There were some serious mistakes made, which led to us completely splatting 7 armies and just barely keeping UD.

    Server has a while to go, and WW race seems like it'll be quite exciting shaping up into 4 way competition! Either way this was a good morale boost for the 3 alliances not from the Balkans :D

    He's always been on an account in Pirates, but was able to be a leader in phoenix through discord due to their complete lack of ability to recognize a spy and then they promoted him to leader. So he wasn't linked to an account there at all, but was organizing and leading things to scout potential decent players, try and protect Pirates early, and generally spy. Where is the lie?

    hahaha, just friends with some people on this server or what? You talked about Kova so casually I assumed you played with him :D

    But yeah, none of your points are wrong I think you just have no idea how different the situation of Slapice is vs. PP, and so marginal victories means it marginally evens out that disparity - our non-contributing members won't suddenly become a great hammer or anvil, but when a hammer has hit you 4? 5? times and it dies then that's one contributing member of Slapice who can't contribute as well.

    and not all small members are non-contributing or vice versa to be clear. Just happened these two (not yabuza, he's the man) are not at this point.

    No, you're just criticizing from the other side of a well-oiled machine :D And you're right in hindsight there's often things that could have been used in our favor, but none of that affects the one point I was making. Today was better for us than you :D

    Well, I guess you raised an interesting point even if it was about the war as a whole. I'll answer each of your points

    1. We care about them so much, but only as much as they care about themselves. If you aren't actively playing travian why should we dedicate travian resources to caring?

    2. Monitoring and covering attacks on 40+ villages is different

    3. THE MOST OBVIOUS OF POINTS, WE DON'T QUITE HAVE ENOUGH DEFENSE TO STOP YOU IN 40 PLACES. WHOOPS, GUESS WE MISCALCULATED. OH WAIT NO, THAT'S JUST REALITY. We are working with the resources we have, and given each of our respective resources the op you ran today was 100% in favor of us.

    Why? Seriously, educate me please. You've seen the field numbers of the caps you 0ed, maybe you even scouted those players before to know our defense numbers so you might even know their troop numbers. Explain to me why this was a win for you?

    In this isolated OP only - I'm well aware of how the war is going overall :P This was their opener btw that + some more hammers are apparently worth 0ing mostly inactive no troop capitals :D

    But it's no Mike opener is it ;)

    They also zeroed Zam's cap, an offensive player with a few thousand troops. And pax had a few thousand more. Yabuza cap damage was by far our worst loss of the op, and troop numbers wise we don't come close to losing what Slapice lost. I feel bad for smaller players losing everything they have, but when it isn't contributing to the team I won't shed tears and I'll cheer when we catch hammers if those are our only losses. I'd lose 2 lvl 15 field capitals to kill 4 armies all the time, that's the definition of acceptable losses.

    3 hammers dead, 1 ruined. And the hammers are FAR more impressive than the 2 caps you actually 0ed. We got something right when 40+ villages were attacked. I guess both sides are satisfied!