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    1qaz nowadays a multiple personality dissorder is a standard.

    I like each and every post of yours on this thread. My oppinion is that I can adapt to the new environment or aswell quit. It is a slight equlibrium line between time spent, money spent, self esteem and entertainment.

    I wonder if a tech abuser ever has time to enjoy a victory.

    I wonder if travian can be played at this time without discord.

    How much of the experience of the game would balance a true active and words warrior on an obscure channel?

    For a beginer there is no miracle advice that will make that player a pro overnight.

    My advice: Follow the tutorial and keep a constant growth of the village in the initial stage. Calculate the hourly production with respect to the cranny capacity of protection and try to use the resources for growth.

    Choose either you will be defensive player or ofensive player. There is no room for combined game strategy when you start to learn Travian.

    Read as much as you can the game rules and FAQ in order to be informed of the buildings' and troops' features.

    First of all congratulations for the winners!

    On the other hand each team of leaders has to be congratulated since 3 powerfull teams reached the finish at a short gap, with new rules implemented for this world final.

    Thanks for a great experience of gameplay given by the leaders' strategy.

    And finally thanks for the efforts made by TG to provide an almost reliable server. Let us not forget that some BP attack reports were avaiaiable with a delay of 28 minutes, yet the server never crashed so.....

    Good job TG

    TG reserves an update time of up to 15 minutes in the stage of the game that the deffed WWs are consuming tons of crop.

    "Please plan your crop accrdingly in order to prevent any troop starvation"

    Nice one TG. You have issued the biggest challenge by using a template of a notification.

    I cannot describe how flattered I am of your concern towards the sponsor of your bussines, the humble member of the comunity.

    I am looking forward for the final of the finals. I have served my team well enough hosting an equal number of allied troops with mine. I have read on the forum enough bullshit as i can feed a 10 acres lawn for my chicken for 10 years from now. The strategy of the metas can no longer suffer much changes so here we are on the edge of the final clash. Have we been good enough? Will the server hold?

    Things that have to be proven in the next weeks.

    Go for it!

    May the best team win!

    out of boredom i have joined a new server, what does that tell you about our opponents in the finals :S

    DACIA rocks :D

    with <3 from NE

    For you Baraka. The intensity and message of the song are quite similar to the context of the finals.

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    The server ends when the first WW reaches lvl 100.

    If the brainless, wicked, betrayed, hated, disconsidered, feared and popular team manages to do it then you can take all your sorrow tears and use them to extinguish a bush fire for example, or even better a forum flame.

    so if some other players have not posted anything by now it means they really do not exist.

    I mean this server is all about wicked luffy teutonic steel medellin hot club stop rosik and the rest of the gangs.


    I shall explain at a larger detail my previous post in order to be sure I am sending a full comprehensive message.

    There was NO real offensive action between italian clans in the server. There were MANY insults between italian clans on the forum.

    My question is:

    Do you all italians think of the rest of us that we are stupid enough to buy such a cheap comedy?