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    Plus account do not work, just spent 40 gold on it and its sill not activated, i thought i maybe missed "activate" button since im playing from phone but i didn't.

    It's embarrassing for the leaders that denied you. Did they even check your time zone? Due to your flags you will be awake when most europeans sleep. You should be a highly coveted member, especially if you are willing to act as sitter.

    Well, thats the "rules" if you want to join.
    I play at night and duals play at day we are almost 24/7 online.

    I am shocked how somebody can ask you for password to take you in ally.... I never had that bad experience... sometimes leaders just ask what you play ( deff/ off) ; your experience ( veteran, how many years you play ) and if you are active or not... FOR ASKING PASSWORD MUST BE BANNED , JUST SEND THAT MASSAGE TO MH IN GAME.

    The problem is they ask you for skype and when you give them your skype they write it there that they need your pw, they know thats against the rules so they wont to send messages like that in game because they can get reported.

    There are plenty of good alliances that do not do things like that.

    I always think that I can trust new players and they are welcome to alliance till they prove otherwise.

    I was asking few alliancces if i can join them, few rejected me bcs i wont give pw and rest of it didn't even answer lol.

    Btw, great start for me:


    Yes, but there is players who didn't fake one single point and they will not get their rewards bcs there is players who are like 30/40% boosters.
    Boosting your stats and saying you are doing it because there is guys who get all points by boosting is just an excuse.You just do it or you don't.

    Regarding the stats, yes, i agree we run in a little of double standards here.But ask yourself, why those players are doing it? They were pretty much in tops through entire server by playing real defense or offense. Not by boosting the points in the boonies, but by real hard work. Yet, when the last day comes they're kicked out of the top 10 and some even out of the top 20 by those in the list.
    That's the problem here...
    TG doesn't solve it, so alliances are solving it as they can - they help their players to win their well earned gold vouchers. Is it wrong? Well it's not against the rules as we already stated. And the players showed their quality throughout the game...
    Therefore, I'd propose a compromise... If you don'T want to disqualify "pure" boosters without "partial" ones. Let's take out the "fake" points from all. From those who boosted them in the last day and those who boosted them through the whole server. And we will come to the real ranks.

    As I said it already and can just repeat... The awards as they're given now just promote and encourage "cheating" even from those who wouldn't do it under normal circumstances.

    I agree, they earn some points during the server, congrats on that, but its still not same to have 1m points and then suddenly you have like 1-2m more.Well TG should take out fake points from all then.There is bunch of players who put a lot of effort and spend a lot of time on this u know, its kinda unfair...

    Its simple, bomber get outnumbered there and he lose it.
    About these players who boost their stats, i agree with Nallukka, we should report them.But, if you are already doing that you should report everyone who boost their stats, without exceptions.Ally or not, if you are boosting your stats you are cheater and thats it.So, if you are reporting them, report them all or just don't.

    Uslikano sa Lightshot
    Uslikano sa Lightshot
    Uslikano sa Lightshot

    And list goes on...

    please explain what you mean? there wasn't a single wave split

    First this guy :

    k543k5 attacks Mystique - - Getter-Tools

    His attacks arrived 13 mins before attacks from leevi1 and Be Happy.Then, his first attack - 7:30:02 am, other 3 attacks - 7:30:03 am.And there is more, he sends his senator in first wave and his hammer in 3rd?
    So, he sends his senators on Capital, coming 13 mins before rest of his team, splitting his waves and sending his senator in first and his hammer in 3rd attack, if you ask me that is too much misplays.

    Then leevi1:

    leevi1 attacks Mystique - - Getter-Tools

    First attack 7:43:55 am, second and third 7:43:56 am, and the last one 7:44:00 am.

    And when we are already talking about this, i will mention this guy too.3 attacks coming in 3 different seconds, pretty much ez to cut.

    slayed attacks [?] - - Getter-Tools

    If you ask me, its not such a big deal to cut someones waves, but man, if you already posting logs, post ones where u didn't manage to do what you wanted to.

    There you go Harvey :D


    You should put all logs there if you are already posting...Don't hide your hammers :D

    And really, you should teach your friends how to send waves, i mean 4 different attacks arriving in 4 different seconds?Only Be Happy manage to put all 4 attacks in one sec.And this roman guy...He send 4 attacks and his hammer was in 3rd attack, i mean, change your script or do something about it, that can go through empty BH's villages but if you want to win you will need to fix that.


    Uhm, you can raid natars, active players when they sleep and croplock them to make farms. Instead of farming inactive multies and getting spiked.
    Travian is just telling you to stop mindlessly click farmlist and send farms manually with scouting :p Besides I'm doing completely fine with farming, don't see any problems farming natars and active players. examples: 9g2uY6U.png ydF39fF.png

    Yes you can, but they are spiking farms, not multies.Their multies are around their capitals, they are not on enemy coordinates.Well natars upgrading their walls constantly so u need to send rams over and over.And for me its much easier to add farms and to spin your farmlist then to keep scouting active players and checking when they are not here.And there is always possibility that they will put some deff till your attack arrive.But hey, everyone have their own playstyle. :P