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    I thought this was established after handing out the UT :/

    Yup EA had the UT when it was lost. I mean you said it so it must be correct. Totally wasn't Petrini :\

    And I guess the truth is out. Mazzi has been feeding me info all server long.

    "Go ahead and send the ghost from your multi, I am going to bed now" - Mazzi, probably

    Thanks Mr. Batman. Next time, can you refer to me as Mr. Urk though :)

    Quick question Mr. Batman. Are Vices the biggest spenders on the server, literally ruining the game for SGR members because they can't afford it as you previously said? Or we cannot afford to insta fields? Just trying to understand fully.

    So, are you confessing that it is not the skill that got Vices a lead but the ability to swipe credit cards? I take that.

    Correct. Stolen credit cards from poor single mothers trying to feed their children.

    looks like we have a crybaby here. crying because your cheats are pointed out and you have no defense? ROFL get out of here

    I'm actively trying to cheat more just because it seems to piss you off. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ahahaaa get your mind straight LOL!! no one wants to play against cheaters like you because theres no point. ofc they are losing you idiot.

    How much more cheating is required to get you to stop posting? I am up to the challenge.

    Nice that TG intervened but oh well, it kinda sucks for us now that our OP went after this incident... We would definitely target UT heavily, either real or mass fake. That would dilute the defenses increasing chances of success of the op and potentially help us we could take UT back in that chaos. Alternatively we might not have sent Grim's hammer (as we are very low on trainers now) like that as it could easily turn into a WWr.

    I guess this is about time I stop playing this game.

    Did you consider defending? Or Straight to deletion?

    u about the nap between vice and lowlands, now you haven't denied it. Perhaps your wondering what my sources are, with your permission would you like to discuss it further ?

    @ lowlands I'll reserve the right not to reveal my sources, but isn't it a bit too early tho to have a nap this early in the game ?

    I'll just leave this here

    Maybe you did not notice Wanna be had a second village then. But you message 19 minutes after settling.

    Not trying to argue either way, you just asked someone to let you know.

    Somebody get wanna be to paste his launch time of settlers, I want to know who launched first ?( I'll share ours when it lands

    04.03.19, 06:00:11 land time

    3 hours and 43 minutes walk time.

    at 1,999, 2,000 and 2,001 cp Wanna be was #1 rank in cp.