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    Its pointless trying to argue with Kazah. I didn't want to get into this but this mud throwing is too much. He's hell bent on continuing to cheat his way through the game and although I can't say that I have read all the baloney that he's typed, it seems like instead of trying to state that he isn't cheating, he's trying to prove that others are. Stating "I didn't cheat" and trying to prove it is much more difficult than just pointing fingers at others and saying that "they did it too", especially so when you are the one actually cheating. You're trying to justify your actions by trying to argue that you feel others are doing the same. While as you may have noticed, the other teams here are trying very hard to prove that are not the same as you, because indeed they aren't.

    Dude, I hate any form of cheating or even finding loopholes through the rules. I can't stand even the use of tor to login into anyone else's account for whatever reason. For this reason I have quit some servers before where I had experienced mass cheating and no one caring to try to stop it. And here I see you cheating so openly and then pointing fingers at others. If I notice that anyone from my account is cheating or even if I notice my alliance promoting such acts, I will call it out myself and quit this game. I don't play fair just to be called a cheater by someone like you.

    And about you, if you want to cheat, find a loophole, do whatever you please. If we feel suspicious, we'll report it. If we feel disgusted to see the amount of cheating your team is doing, we'll even call it out here. All this might be fine on your Mighty RU domain but unfortunately for you, we try to play ethically here and do not tolerate any of your "tactics".

    But as long as you're not getting caught, we can't do much about it, right? So keep on playing however you like but just get off that high horse of yours. Even with all your cheating, your team has not been able to be even half as good as Bedlam in most of the stats. You might now argue about the significantly higher number of Victory Points you are producing, but we all know how you did that, right? ;)


    Beside all cheats talking i dont think WEB will have big problem to win the server.

    Even whit a weak alliance then Cartago last .ru (Strategy and his ppl make diference in any alliance they play) WEB is still the strongest alliance of this vs and Kazah probably one of the best players.

    I like your confidence. :)

    I like it how a person who's already so deep in the quicksand is trying to throw mud at others thinking that doing so will make them sink with him; instead of trying to get himself out of it. But I guess he enjoys going down there and doesn't really want to get out of it.

    Actually, Bedlam doesn't have such logs because they have a lot of space for development. Not very interesting, but effectively. in the east situation is much more interesting.

    And probably they (Bedlam) will not put their logs in month too (if it will be mopping up their region). And I would like to see overcoming one ally from the east, more than simple victory west clan.
    Bedlam's team are certainly well done, but the fan is where the struggle. I regret being in the west...

    I see too much Bedlam in there :D

    They do have some LzMz s, PFUs and HK+852 around some of them btw.

    I might be persuaded to do an analysis and/or interviews. Just need to brainstorm on a format first.

    Take your time but please do it. That would be great indeed.

    Couldn't agree more!

    Would you like to kick things off Prince Charming? I'll have some fun reports to share later in the week, I think one reason it doesnt happen anymore is.....travian has a lot more people employing "guerilla tactics" nowadays then back in 2008-9 when I started....I think what would likely happen if I posted reports of anyone we were demolishing (i know! it's not very princess like but sometimes a girl needs to get her catta on) , some random alliance from the other end of the server would probaby try and rein whoever it was I was smashing just to put a damper on a top raider.

    So after the fun is over, we'll share stories! try and bring the livelyness of the old days back....all you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

    You're right but maybe making the reports anonymous might help a bit. Also it's not possible to reinforce any random player in this server unless they're in the same alliance/confederacy.

    But it would still be great if you share the reports after you're done with all the attacks.

    RU servers was always the top pop, and it was a time when it was 20k + online during the evening tho. Travian is dying, just deal with that:)

    I wasn't debating which domain was the biggest or "the top pop" as you say. Whether or not Travian is dying is irrelevant to the whining and complaining on the forums which you seem to be having a delight in continuing. I was trying to lead the discussion away from the bans and all the bad things and bring it more towards the game but you seem to enjoy staying stuck in the mud. I don't know whether Travian is dying or not but the positivity and the lively atmosphere in the forums are, and people like you are the ones killing it.

    There used to be a time when the forums used to have threads about weekly analysis of the condition of various teams in the servers, there used to be threads about rumours, battle reports, etc. Those days were fun. Now all I see is everyone whining about how they think someone else is breaking the rules. Bans that affect some teams badly or that change the situation of the server drastically; and teams cheating on a large scale should be discussed indeed but those shouldn't be the only things brought up again and again. There's no fun in reading 5 pages of people complaining and accusing each other.

    If any of you have got some interesting battle reports instead or any analysis to share, it would be much better for making the forums more lively. :)

    Then cleverly trying to amp up alliances like ten and war which any good player with half a brain or has seen them in action, can see they are both usesless metas. In other rounds they have been squashed or deleted, they have a couple of good players maybe ten has a few more then they did on com 2 and that's about it.

    So TEN and WAR are useless? What good is your SGR who lost the last 2 rounds of their home server? :whistling:
    And then you blame VILLAINS for their recruitment when your team had the same chance for recruiting good players but they couldn't. Maybe good players didn't join you due to some obvious reasons :rolleyes:
    But wait, you got all your bots, why do you worry? :p

    Lets punch some life to this comx round then!
    Seems like SW likes to bully the small --> EZ 11 players, no confeds or naps (Little norwegian team)

    but its some action atleast! :saint:

    Lol. I wish I was there in SW. The quad I mean, not the team :D

    oh stop spreading the rumors in the wrong thread lads :|

    its far from being a dead server infact its more competitive than previous round with only few alliances with only few members :D this time we got more than 3-4 teams with more than 2-3 alliances each :D expect some fireworks later for now everyone is busy clearing their quads and claiming their dominance :)

    There's a lot of competition indeed.......

    .......between various players of SW :D