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    Raging Bulls (how many accounts do you have on forum? =)
    You also have this one which I opened in protest against all flaming in this thread

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    hahah I only have this one, but I saw last year in the finals that there was another Raging Bulls which is French I guess :asd: but I'm italian.. I also have posted a meme about that last year about the same nick ahaha

    Raging Bull !

    P.S thank you for the link, I'll also follow your thread

    Oh I see, thank you. I'm going to follow this one then. I'd like to post but I'm not playing it :osd:

    , actually I'm busy in another server, but I like to see reports and read how it's going on with the Finals.

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll forward it, however, Birthday special Tournament server is something that needs thorough consideration about how it affects other servers etc.

    We know it's something that is hard to realize because RoA isn't meant for that. I've asked this to all the alliances playing the RoA 1x in the italian server and almost everyone would be pleased to play the World Tournament. It is boring to play just 1 server where there are the same alliances everytime, I mean in Travian Legends there are different servers that you can choose, each one has different alliances so if you want to challenge someone different you can start it, but this isn't possible with RoAs. Also it would be even more interesting to challenge alliances from different countries to see how they play, who has the best organization in a Roa server and , most useful thing, to learn different strategies.

    Maybe we can play a kind of elimination tournament, where, at the end, there will be 4 alliances playing the Final Match, in this way it will not be necessary to make many changes to the Map. RoA is funnier in certain ways, the war starts from the beginning and you need a lot of organization if you want to survive. I'm sure there will be a lot of players who would play it, it will not damage other servers because, as i said before, there are a lot of players who play just RoAs and there's just 1 server.. most of them don't even start it maybe because they are waiting for the x2 or x3 version.. so if you would make this kind of tournament it wouldn't damage other servers. We hope that we've persuaded you to consider the idea.

    Hello everybody,

    Me and THE WINEMAKER were thinking about a suggestion that, probably, hasn't yet been made:

    Why don't you create a RoA World Tournament? Ameno  Administrator

    We all know since the arrival of RoA, people made a choice: to play RoAs or Legends. They are two different styles of play, each one has its own strategies and rules. I know many friends of mine who tried to play a RoA for the first time and now they don't like Normal servers (with the wonder of the world) anymore. There are a lot of players who play just one kind of servers, so our suggestion is to try to create a Roa tournament like the one that started recently.

    I know you'd have to change a lot of things, because i guess RoA wasn't designed to host a huge amount of players, but it would be a nice experiment and i'm sure a lot of players would like to try it. The first thing that should be changed is the map, i mean not its look but its size. Now at the moment I don't have more ideas about new changes, so if you have some ideas write them below.

    If you guys have new ideas about it or maybe you disagree with it, write the reasons.. i know RoA is a pay to win, but also it's about strategy so if you don't have a good plan from the beginning, you can't do much with the money:P

    tell me your opinions

    *edit: Tentativo fallito di scriverlo sul .com, stavo nella sezione giusta ma appena l'ho pubblicato me lo ha spostato sul forum italiano, Ethan aiutami tu :osd: