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    So finally this server came to end for some people this server was a shit show but for me it was one of the good ones we actually enjoyed after a loooong time ....

    ...won't comment much on the zerging part since we weren't there to know the exact situation but I guess 1 quad would have been more than enough for defending gunners zerging whole server was a bit too much...

    Thanks, congrats, kuddos, may we meet again!

    Well I guess it is over anytime now...

    So I'll take advantage of this forum in order to congratulate and offer heavy kudos to the IKEA confederation since they're the obvious constructors of this servers World Wonder. You played a great game and I am very happy that you have won the official title and I applaud you!

    Since all the Surgers have been after Gunners butts for longer than half the server but still it's been a pretty close run between IKEA and us G. this past week so here's a toast to you 🥂

    Some gamers of the Travian type have intimated that either Gunners is a wing of the great north or vise versa...

    Is like to clarify that this is a misunderstanding.

    We both are sovereign & independent!

    And both of us are GREAT ;)

    Never more proud!

    Zerg's obvious Keystone Kop drama nears it's end...

    Johnny too bad... WHERE U GOING TO RUN TO? Wo oh-oh... :evil:

    "You're gonna run to the Rock for rescue

    There will be no Rock

    No Rock
    You're gonna run to the Rock for rescue

    "when all odds were against us we stood our ground and fought back. Since day 90 4/5 meta’s decided to team up agaisnt the sole of us, we got op’d twice a week untill day 150, lost many if not all capitals that we had...YET we never gave up..."

    Dat's right! now please suck on this orange while I peel the lemon ;)

    Believe it or not, a mottley crew of players did coalece around a core group of veterans that had played 3 or 4 servers together and played such an elegant game that it beats ALL odds... SAY IT LOUD:


    All I will say is that not since playing under the TR! banner (NE CONJUGARE NOBISCUM) in the venerable 3.1 era...

    have I met such a cohesive band of woldwide players. And yes a stupendous HQs that somehow attracts a roster of xtremely capable leaders who voluteer for such a demanding gig.

    Past greats include ,Orphen, Quazor, etc.!

    Mature also... mainly!

    ...than I will ever be... skilled enough...

    As for the rank & file in the trenches... well what can I say that has not been said before?

    Okey, even though we might from time to time squable hardy. In the end we seem to be able to agree to disagree.

    As the good'ol gringo saying goes:

    "Opinions are as *_holes... everyone's got one"!

    Against all odds? Dude you came here with at least 5 wings most of them techs I wouldn't describe getting decent (not great) OP-hammers under those circumstances as against all odds

    Guess counting is not your forte! Either thaat or you spaawned kind'a late...

    But for sure not the sharpest tool in the shoppe.

    And as usual with incompetent mobs, misrepresenting any reasoning held to justify (confirmation bias) unfounded beliefs.

    Fact: In spite of the uncommonly BIG (some would say powerful also) Zerge. :rolleyes:

    Gunners still heroically functioning as a magnificent capable & cohesive alliance.

    Able to plan & execute both strategically and tactically.

    Against all ODDS!

    I cannot believe you went to the 19th page to find a comment to reply on.. such patience

    Patience nuts!

    Dear Smirks... Just that I don't have the time to dedicate check all the escatological detrital @ TheForum and then proceed to sift for the tiny quantity of jewels so that I might be able to post something approaching some kind of sensible statement.

    Like for instance, I have not had so much fun playing this game since the classics...