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    congratulation for defensive answer, i think you are the best team in the server and for me you will win the tournament very easy

    Thanks luca73, but stop rosik. Congratulation to all off operation partecipants, that did a very good job changing TS everytime, we tried to do many scouts on launch and just some worked, 99% of players changed TS continually.

    Less congratulation to the off planner.;)

    You should know very well that another meta have refused too your NAP. :D

    I understand the need to team up with everyone, you have shown your "strength" in the Turkish server. if you understand what I mean *occhiolino*

    Yeah I'm still crying cause I couldn't get NAP with 100% of metas, but 90% is fine too.

    Better don't say what you have shown on Turkish server. If you understand what I mean *occhiolino*

    In italian the sentence traslation is = PATTONI 8o

    Didn't you tried to make NAP with all finals meta?

    Also we are not the largest meta on this finals :( That's why I'm trying to recruit more players to finally reach 2k players.

    Oh, right! Wanna be part of our meta? Forgot to ask

    it is a poor excuse ros use the spys and you have your report for your personal record

    Yes true, but I always saw other scouts record crashed in this way with hero and I did the same. Anyway until TG do nothing to prevent this, players can do what they want. I never talked about cheat here so I really can't understand why you are talking to me, have I ever written "EXODUS CHEATERS" ? In my opionion it's not players fault, it's TG fault. The off/deff rankings have also been distorted in all other qualifications, not only in the international server.

    Imagine getting so upset you have to reply at this length to explain yourself. From what I’ve seen, this is the standard of the Italians.

    Maybe tell someone who cares 😂

    As I already said in this thread, forum speakers doesn't rapresent an entire meta.

    I never said all Exodus are troll just because there are some exodus trolls here like you, if you still didn't understand this easy point it's not my business.

    I just asked what exactly you did in this server, partecipating just to 1 mission and crashed, right?

    And chiefed inacthive players in the outback, really fun... Then yes I reply cause I read BS like: "Shame Ulloas get mouthy in the forums but not much action all server." when your action was 0.

    People just like to talk without knows thing.

    I had to crash to make a report of my personal record, Can I or next time I have to ask permission to you? Carbon

    Shame Ulloas get mouthy in the forums but not much action all server. Must be fun sitting in a large meta doing nothing all game 😂

    Exactly what you did? This is a qualy server and we are not used to play in summer. See you on finals. edited

    Even not playing seriously we:

    - zeroed tbancu WWK

    - chiefed pazuzzu WWk without losses

    - walled exodus mission both times, thanks to my "useless" scouts

    - also crashed trying to zero warsong hammer, but we tried, and others useless off-operations trying to have fun with the 20% players that wanted to play seriously

    So again, exactly what you did?

    I'm not used to use this forum cause it's full of people like you that just like to do flame, I use it just to share some reports, so shut up, you wrong person^^

    Sure, Exodus had 5kk scouts to crash! Stop rosik too.

    Regard pazuzzu, he didn't keep scouts on his hammer village and other villages too, we do not have spy in your alliance, I just scouted him every night in every village for a week (or more maybe ^^) to check is working time on account, then decided better time when to send attacks and seems worked.

    About failure of off operations, I think that people just made errors that could be avoided with a bit of attention, but I think the main cause of these errors is due to the fact that nobody was going to play seriously, qualifications are always in the summer, when people prefer to do something else instead of playing travian. It is true that perhaps with the Egyptians there are more defenses available, but it is also true that with the new Confederate System walls can only be made by a limited number of people, so I don't think that the missions' failure is due to the enormous quantity of Egyptian defenses, by the way this is just my point of view.

    In the end just want to say that I've seen some nice attacks this server and a few very good players in the italian team, like Valar Morghulis, or Leviathan, I really liked the work of that scouter, you did amazing job discovering our real attacks, congrats, also very nice work with speed artifacts on Leviathan and StellaStyle when conquering Pazuzzu 's hammer, that one was painful for us, as it was an army aiming to be top 5 of the server and you killed it with minimum losses.

    Thanks for the compliments, it's first time I do scouter account. The plan on pazuzzu was my idea and I didn't think it could work, it was a nice shot ^^.

    I don't usually write in forums, we know that here it is full of spammers and I think there are some in every meta = Forum users do not represent the entire meta anyway.

    For the rest of your post it's not my business to answer you, I'm not interested in forums-flame and I don't like spammers very much so I agree with you about this topic (Even if you're doing flame too in your post :/, just to answer regards our "half" hammers, it's useless have big hammers if you don't know how to use them, if I'm not wrong you just did 2 planned mission during the whole server and crashed both times without results). But this is a qualifying server and I suppose that even your players wanted to play just to get the code, as well as 80% of mine, therefore I do not criticize you for this.

    Anyway, to share some action, we stole BP from King Pop tonight (before some spammers come and say we bought it :rolleyes:). He has "The eagles great eyes", a double-edged sword, we sent 2 small hammers without heroes (and sent fake with heroes on his WoW), then added the hero to 16m away.

    This was the cleaning: , 3m later arrived the hammer with catapult and at the same second also the hero added up close.