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    it is nice that you Italians always find a solution when you have problems that you are losing :) :thumbup:

    It's nice how you always said stupid things that have nothing to do with it.

    If we have to lose, we will lose the same, BUT NOT FOR A BUG THAT NOT DEPENDS ON US

    We spent time and gold, and we want a fair play!

    Now stop to say bullshit please, you are all adults and you should stop behaving like children. This is not a 3ad for rosik and flame.

    There is talk of respect towards 1200 players

    Granary is not taken any crop. It's blocked to 0 (Even if we push 200k, never comes to the village) , we can't put in queue next levels of WW.

    Just to make it clear, no, I don't. I work on forum and this is where I am now. It doesn't mean we will ignore bug or do nothing about that, but basically first time I found out about it was from that thread which I answered a while ago. On behalf of Travian team I apologize for the inconvenience this situation created for players. However, I have to repeat, that there are lots of other options between "rollback to building plans" and "doing nothing" and we need to find the best one that has least impact on the endgame.

    Currently our technical specialists are working on that issue and any consolidated information from the players (and here I mean ingame reports collected, detailed description about when, what exactly etc happened) sent to me would help everyone. That's why I sincerely ask your to help in that, since right now the WW owners / sitters are those who can greatly help in collecting info and creating a user story for that.

    Thanks in advance.

    1) WW without deff now, if hammer will arrive will do big damages with few catapults

    2) WW is bugged, can't increase lvl, we are blocked from hours (do you know also 10m are important in WW-race?)

    3) Troops are dying from 2 days, not just today (today there was more fakes so died more troops and also all is bugged in WW-acc). Support/MH can check easily with their logs.

    All these things will not impact on the endgame? Please. That's ridiculous.

    Endgame is already gone with all these problems!

    Gangsters killed a lot of def with what he did. Or do you think killing 2m def solo in 2 weeks is nonsense?

    What is nonsense however, is people sending 300k/h "WWK" to WW only to kil 5k troops and not even make a scratch on the WW.


    Well, only meaningful reports that hit infrastructure / WW levels would be good, since we need to forward them to tech supporters. Currently no rollbacks are considered. I am not saying that sudden starvation is a good thing, but no decisions will be made "on the spot" based only on forum thread until any losses are verified, counted and damage estimated.

    If there are 50 reports, then let it be 50.

    What about this problem? :) We lost time also to finish lvl 3, WW is not increasing! That's not correct, we spent gold and time, you have to fix all these problems and rollback seems the only choice.

    Or whats you will do if rollback goes to time when they already sent army?

    If their armies are already sent, deff are too . Anyway, that was not the topic of this 3ad.

    You can let granary with 0 crop and see how slowly troops die (and we did, after fakes troops die normally), for sure 7kk troops can't die in 6 minutes.

    Thanks for yours report, its starvation :/

    PS Rollback in ww race? May be you want to send def to another village in last Union off operation vs Uollas?

    TG was fix this bug few years ago.

    Maybe with rollback gangsters&co could choose another target where crash their hammers with no sense :thumbsup::D