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    The gold is in blue chest
    Igm bahubali
    Server uk3

    Well done GOT... taking down the smallest alliance.... Shame the hammers couldn't be put to better use on someone your own size.. But it was too easy to go after us... So hope you take on someone your own size in UK3. As for Nemris... I congratulate our team... 22 players stood up to the bigger teams till the very end. That to me is worth more... It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to play along side you...

    why are you always saying that you are just a 22 players team, when you are attacking us you don't come alone, you came with a 60 players team i.e. SWM. , when you are playing in there hands then you don't think that when we came to take revenge for those attacks that you made on us then your fathers (here swm ally) not came to save you.

    Dear Demeter and nick you are always sending my scouts back, now try to getback your ww from me

    amer you want to remove my name from tbe list, my hammer is 200k+ and you are saying to adf hammers above 350k.

    From gaurav aka Tormund aka Bahubali

    I will not chief arti in next server from enemies if you do that