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    Well to my knowledge Hawk is both a player and a staff member, which makes Hawk a customer too

    Indeed, I sure hope all staff members are also players. But he did reply on an official account, making it a staff opinion and not a player opinion.

    I've noticed alliances will make plans for 'the next server' as early as they want to, and when the details are announced, it's passed along to all those interested and the plans are formalised.

    I appreciate it can be difficult to plan not knowing which server is coming next, or when, though that can be part of the fun too :)

    I hope you are aware that what's fun with the game is not for any staff to decide, if the players says something is fun then it is. If a company tries to decide what the customer wants instead of just listening to what they actually want it's basically commercial suicide.

    Seconding this thread, if the players wants something to work for it should be there. There more "awards" the more motivated people will be to play the game, and the more motivated they are the more money they'll spend. Removing something harmless that we want is, as alestorm put it, bizarre.