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    but you've been crying a lot in the last few pages about everything else...that kinda cancels everything

    Assuming that "crying a lot about everything else" stands for critisize the laughable way Bat Man is trying to portray Gunners you are absolutely right.

    it's not about bragging, it's about not being boring AF. Everybody wants to see reports...

    I will show you worthy reports soon enough, do not worry buddy.

    And just because Gow said they want to use rev as a meatshield for ten to attack, doesn't mean it's going to happen that way for them either.

    as we stated many times in our eyes this server remains a battle of the best quad to win. So every quad for himself. Theres are not diplomatic actions between GoW and REVs and there wont ever be as is looks like.

    I heard a rumour that Ajax. doesn't like 150% oasis cropper so he deliberatly downgraded to 125% recently. Is this the right thread for those kinds of com2 rumours? or is there some other thread?

    a tech stole his oasis and went into vacation mode if you hadnt noticed. Hoping MH will fix this since its as weak as it gets.

    Must've been really hard with whole iran going afk... This weeks robberslist is a complete joke and I hope for all the persian players they can log back on... It's not how I desire to win, but I can only speak for myself

    Omg, it's day 50 and GoW is declaring war to Gunners.

    Let us hope that it will not be REVs and MMC situation. War for a week and hold hands for the rest of the server.

    REVs and TEN, it is time to grab popcorn and see how those two alliances lose the server.

    heres my prediction for the server:

    GoW and Gunners clear out their squads pre arties. After that they kamikaze on eachother and REV and TEN will get burned into ashes by mighty FIRE clan. Final day Natars win the server because everybody dead already

    Yes okay

    According to this new book I got you guys are still worse than us. On individual top 10 and alliance top 10. Come back when you're finally doing better than us for once :*

    Raiding those persians without internet I see...:rolleyes:

    It's normal for other metas to try to mass multiple wings against Gunners, that's the only way they can compete with us!

    Gunners has a wing and GoW does not...

    congrats you raid more in a quad that is dead with no competition 🤘

    if you had taken a look at the map you see Addicts is fully NW based. They bring just as much competition to GoW as legends bring to gunners. The reason we are raiding well is not because there is no competition. Competition makes you thrive yourself to be the best you can be right? Yet I see nobody from eighter gunners or legends in top 10 raiders.

    But dont get me wrong... We are on the NE border so we are very happy their raiding sucks. More loot for us :thumbsup:

    Let's just see how good gunners is when they start the skirmishes with GoW or TEN. With all respect, but LEGENDS is no real competition for gunners. I think pre artifacts all quads will focus on gaining control in their territory. The big battle is hopefully gonna happen post arties in a free for all.

    And about the gunners raiding... Take another look before you start to brag. Gunners seem like a very good opponent, but dont glorify them before they have proven themselves.

    GoW 23m

    TEN 21m

    REVs 18m

    Gunners 10m

    Gunners ultimate war

    Perhaps calling Gunners out as the ultimate warriors here was being too modest ?

    The ultimate warriors you say? The only thing they have excelled in so far is simming, not warfare. Also LEGENDS are all over the map, not just NE. So you cant just give only Gunners the task to deal with them.