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    How is half the gow leadership getting banned for buying resources old news and should be left behind?

    Facts are that GoW could not handle the smoke Duat was giving them and Gunners breathing in their neck by taking over the whole border. All their best players bouncing on both allies so they had to start BUYING resources.

    If you read what I said you might would not stare yourself blind at buying resources, its exactly the talk I was trying to avoid... And for the record I did not buy any resources and I’m (with many others that did not) in GoW leadership.

    From my point of view: At the point you put gold (and even without) on your tech account that is used to supply your main account you create your own self supplying russian market. Also splatting scouts with 1 troop on yourself From techs for fake defense points I consider cheating. This is something Gunners did and GoW did not.

    As I said, can you please stop whining about cheating while you're still doing it yourself as well. Most alliances do it, some do it more and some do it in different ways than others and all variations are against the rules.

    I hope we can close this never ending discussion which does not bring us any further and is mainly very boring, tired and annoying to read over and over again. TG is well aware of all the ways techs are being used for and they are slowly trying to fix it.

    Criminals don’t call the cops on each other.

    It was and still is Dire :wolf:, I mostly fought RD ... and TP from time to time

    Techs how they are on this server are mostly accounts that have been made by a player to support his main account.

    Jeez. Its worrying if you reminisce about those days lol. We had enough drama there, didnt we? Was wondering about techs. What are techs? I dont remember your ig nick. Were we on the same team?

    Small request by team Dire

    Can we leave the cheating/teching/last server talk behind... It’s old news, theres enough on other threats already written about it. Also, every alliance is guilty of cheating, so stop acting like you are the holy. (teching in this form & password sharing is also cheating!) This server is fresh with new players and meta’s, don't bury it into the pile of poo from last round please.

    My eyes want to read proper shittalk, accurate analysis’ or reports.

    Thank you

    you lost the serverthe moment you attacked TEN when you were in war with GUNNERS.

    Who else is TEN gonna fight after them merging their enemy hahaha... I know you dont really have smart posts in general but this one is just funny

    Are you gonna throw rocks at yourself all server long? As if TEN was gonna watch the whole server how GoW and Gunners did OPs... I know TEN likes lame tactics with merging but sitting idle for the whole server doing nothing was not gonna happen for sure. You simmed for over 100 days without a single fight because the "noob" alliances in your quad are fully recruited. Result: 3th wing in TEN making it the biggest alliance in terms of members.

    The reason why we attacked:

    The element of surprise and speed is what made the midgame OPs so succesful.. first few OPs on TEN were very deadly

    Or are you gonna deny all these facts again?

    Its really funny that argument I hear so many times to justify the merge: GoW brought this upon themselves.

    Its something you tell yourself to make you feel better about the coward decision you made since on your own you are too afraid of losing.

    Its clear to me, everytime GoW goes ahead TEN and Gunners have to team up to effectively stop us, you cant do it alone, or are too afraid to try it alone. There's been an NAP since forever between Gunners and TEN. I mean that was fine, than the 3 weeks what really made me laugh and showed how quick both alliances cripple and lose their core. Its just the sad truth

    Both ends leaders were now uncertain of their winning odds so they reach out to the politic rooms instead of fighting it out. So much pride in that mate, waow cOnGrAtuLaTiOnS:thumbup:

    I did a little countdown: serverwide there was only 1 OP GoW was not involved in. :DThe brilliant REVs splatt on TEN day 97. But TEN rather wants to merge everyone who attacks them instead of fight them. Since 4 days laters REVs merged them. TEN offered the merge to us aswell and finally they merge Gunners. Its a war game, for love games I suggest tinder.

    I hope next server people will keep their word and make it a proper 4/5 teams fight. Even with 3 im fine aslong as there are OPs going both ways, what didnt happen this server they only dared to attack eachother when GoW helped. I've seen enough of these boring 2 team servers...if you wonder why travian's playerbase is getter smaller every year...the answer: the meta's with almost all members in 3 quads. I'm not expecting that you fight everyone right away, but atleast try for a win the way Travian is designed to be like and maybe we will get enjoyable and competive servers for the entire duration of the game.

    Salvus can post them himself, I dont care much, whatever I say or do you'll always think its our fault or you twist it in some way that it seems my fault. Apparently he didnt say anything about sharing it...

    But it's nothing new, theres been exactly 3 weeks that you guys didnt hold hands and fought GoW together. Its more gay than Joe Exotic, but I guess thats the tactic TEN always does so "they are the best" :blabla:

    The last few days have been laughable to say the least TEN. What did you guys achieve? Loads of dead hammers and dead seige for 1 cap that already got hit in the last OP and about 6 feeders where you shoot the croplands and marketplace? Snake please dont tell me this is your endgame masterplan to crumble our SH :D

    Weird how you spoke to people yet not to zenna that knew about this this thing?

    No Lohalal, Salvus and Avis put words in my mouth if they told you I knew anything about it before it happened, we've head an okay talk about it, but clearly they didnt read well enough what I said. I told them what my opinion is about the acts and where I have a feeling they might come from. Someone who is mad about the gettertools scam and cant deal it. GoW leadership is not salty about the gettertools scam itself, it even helped us so much that Gunners lost the game in 1 OP with only 1 hammer. So thank you. We only want to know how it could have taken place.

    As long as we have not found out who did this it could be anyone even someone from TEN or Gunners to shine bad light on GoW once more. This whole scam stuff will not help GoW in any way, it will only backfire and I take distance from it. Its a reminder password sharing is forbidden to all of us.

    Everyone can shout a lot of things but for aslong as you do not know, see or proof what happend you only imagine, and imaginary things arent real

    REVs leadership said they were gonna join TEN if we didnt take them in. There was no way they were gonna play on their own. TEN took around 20 of their best players before we took the rest. In order to balance the game again we starting to fight TEN in the south, while we were battling gunners in the north. This stayed like that up untill TEN leaders reached out to us to organise a joint OP against Gunners (and break their NAP). We agreed and made a plan, for some reason the TEN leadership pulled the plug last minute because Lost Cause went rogue on unique diet, and deleted. JackSparrow picked up the small diet Lost Cause held from NATARS. This however was the reason for TEN to cut off the attacks on Gunners and start attacking GoW again, since they thouht GoW had anything to do with this. Once Gunners leadership heard about this act of betrayal they were willing to do an OP with GoW on TEN. Not even two weeks later TEN got destroyed and came back to GoW with the tail behind the legs asking for a collaboration on Gunners to even out the server again, since Gunners stole the Unique Diet. GoW seemed keen, aslong we are not in a 2v1 we are the dominant party, so that deal seemed like a nice outcome. Exactly one week later Gunners got totally humiliated in a way we are all known by now. This is the truth behind the collaborations ladies and gentlemen, Gunners and TEN held hands vs GoW for the whole server apart from 3!!! weeks.

    Maybe if you pass over the UD and UA we can balance it out again, but I'm quite sure Gunners and TEN are just gonna enjoy this boring win so you can act like you were the best players this server.

    Surely we will try everything we can to avoid this scenario, GoW will fight untill the end!

    Its been 100% confirmed that TEN and Gunners used and still use spies too, so none of us should act holy. GoW just used their spying resources way better than our rivals did. If you wanna play the dirty game its fine, but don't be surprised if it backfires.

    This confed is to make sure GoW doesnt win the server. Like Ascky said at day1 on the forums this server can be won on the battlefield or in the political rooms. GoW won it on the battlefield, thats for sure