Posts by GP72

    Nice solution for daily quests.

    The notification buttons on IGM and reports should be bigger or included in the main button, likewise the 3 hero buttons.

    Upper menu-bar is quite practical, and the starter quest box had a simple but effective improvement.

    The building icons look nice in 3D outfit, but are much different then the previous one.

    I hadnt even spotted the daily quests - I just assumed they weren't on the server!

    I don't mind it but I prefer having the hero information etc in the old style on the left. Am not sure if the village graphics are going to be like on qualification -which I really hate

    Although as a roman on PTR they dont seem to bad - teuton on qualification are awful

    The star to say the hero has upgraded is also too small as are the report and message notifications - they need to stand out a bit more