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    now this feature sucks. it used to be a skill to send timed attacks, now any noob with gold can do it!

    it totally unbalances the offence vs defence gameplay in favor of attackers.

    will travian now also be looking at introducing timed landing or sending of defence to help rebalance it somewhat?

    like the feature you have for sending merchants at a specific time or to land at a specific time?

    It does not, the game has been biased more towards defence over the last 10 years, the key to attacking and defending is good planning and a cadre of active players, there are plenty of failed attacks because of poor plans or too few participents.

    OK, I got it and I like it, much easier and less stressful than spamming the keyboard.

    I did notice one foible, I set up 2 attacks in 2 different tabs from one village because they were to be sent only seconds apart, the first went away smoothly but the second one did not launch at all, so I had to set it up again.

    The confirm button prior to purchase is there now and the dialog also displays a comprehensive help page but that info probably should be duplicated in FAQ's with a few examples of usage.

    Thing is, sure the new wave builder feature will be cheap, but TG would make a lot more money by adding it to PLUS, instead of charging for it seperately...And you know what the best thing about adding it to PLUS would be? People would get less mad about it.

    The wave builder is village specific and plus is on the account. That complicates the choice a bit.

    I suppose a bundled wave builder (as BlackBlade suggests) could go on the spawn village to start off then you pay a small amount of gold to move it and a greater amount to get a premium builder, but possibly 8 waves will cause more moans bacause that is enough to trash the fields on a 15c capital. it is clear TG has done all it can to make attacks less effective because too many effective attacks can lose them paying customers from a server (Travian vn5 is not like vn3 was with 100's of single cat fakes and many 8 wave attacks), so maybe 6 waves with some chance of the last one or 2 lagging and definitely lags if there has been a recall in the last (say) 8hours

    I've played 10 years on and off. Gold was a feature on the first server I did in 2009 or thereabouts. Here is one of my early accounts, probably the first one I used gold on before that I played a few servers without gold. I deleted because my alliance were not really in with a chance of competing for a WW & I'd lost some villages because their defence was not very organised.…

    I think you'll find TG have analysed how they make their money and understand how they make their income. Also packages on servers aimed at countrys where income is low are correspondingly cheaper & there is a tendency for players from lower salary countrys to dual as a lower gold user with another player who buys most if not all of the gold. If TG kills their income stream then that will be their own fault but I'm sure they think this change will not have a -ve effect. One thing is guaranteed there will be a rash of complaints about changes, whatever they are.

    Your understanding of economics leaves a lot to be desired. It is possible to run a business selling premium products to higher wealth individuals or enterprises, how do you think Bond Fund managers or Airplane manufacturers make their money?

    And after you pay all that and invest your time on top of it, the game will crash, they'll play innocent and even blame you for it and after that they'll come up with some genius improvement (shielding themselves behind "community demands") only to dig deeper into your pockets. Yep, I see no reason for people to be unsatisfied. Game on, Travianers! ;) You asked for it, now pay up! God forbid TG does anything to improve this game for the sake of improvement only since they are obviously struggling to attract/keep players. I guess their priorities are somewhere else.

    How can you even compare xbox/Nintendo/sony games with this is beyond me. And as you said it's for ONE server. How much are those games and how many times you need to pay for them?

    You're talking like they never sell console games addons or you ever play one game for more than a few months before buying & movin on to another game. The game producers have to pay talented designers, programmers, artists, voice actors and musicians, therefore they need a steady flow of dosh, therefore they sell you more products. Simple commerce.

    If you want to design, build and give away your own games go for it.

    Do any of the players here live in the real world?

    I'm unsure where you are coming from, TG isn't a charity It is a business and always was. Get real, if it is too expensive for you just don't play.

    Also it is entirely possible to have a top 100 anglosphere defence account on around £1 per week, less than half the price of overpriced coffee or the same as the bus fare into town these days (*assuming 1 gold is 3p).

    e.g. Assuming a server lasts 300 days..

    One off costs 100 for gold club, no need for wave builder if you are a defender (100 gold)

    NCP costs at 1.5 per day on average (450 gold)

    Plus for server at 10 per 7 days (430 gold)

    Crop bonus at 5 per 7 days (210 gold)

    Other 25% bonuses (not all the time say 50% of time 8 per 7 days) (340 gold)

    Be sure also to get some silver from gold at the auction and complete at least the 50pts daily quest.

    So I think that tots up to around 1500 gold or 2x600 gold packages and a bit (one bought when 30% bonus on) or around £40-£45 for the server (remember there is some free gold at on start up and chance to get some via being smart at auctions).

    Not too terrible if you compare to a new xbox/Nintendo/sony game is it? The key to a good account is being active (log in often & build stuff) and here is another tip you can DUAL AND SHARE THE COST WITH A FRIEND.