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    Battle 1 : Battle of Teutoberger Wald 9AD (nr. modern Osnabrück, Lwr Saxony), Germanic (teuton) coalition of tribes decisively defeated a Roman army.
    Battel 2: Siege and battle of Aleasia (Mont Auxois,Côte d'Or), Roman Army under Julius Caesar defeated coalition of Gaul tribes led by Vercingetorix

    Player puddle on Travian uk1

    I assumed a post here is how I enter, the instructions were not specific about how to enter.?

    That's all folks! GotN chiefed Betrayed's WW on the last night and InDy took a WW late on, left FOX and formed his own gang from a bunch of non team players, what for we'll never know, no one was impressed. PS I know the real InDy isn't really running the account miffed former MFH player Lucky is.

    IGN (single or dual-account): Puddle

    Marksy did a very good and accurate summary which I agree very closely with & couldn't possibly improve on except for the song.

    I was very impressed by Daegon & Alexhols determination, drive, intelligent analysis and in the end negotiation skills which led us to the bitter sweet end, well done guys.

    Special mention to redrunner for sitting me & doing the MFH WW night shift & Kettricken for being so nice.

    Personal achievements: Losing & rebuilding a lot of defence, including pretty much sitter running 2 other decent def accounts for the last couple of months, and gaining a massive reputation for being useless at cutting. I thought I had a decent amount of defence but it looks like I was only about 6th or 7th in MFH! * Correction apparently number 3.

    However my credentials look good, most obtained at cost of 1000's of Druids. ;(

    also joining in with joint MFH/GotN operations and showing that a tiny 3.7K sword, 1.5K TT, 200 ram, 500 cat off can do a lot of damage if it
    joins the party.

    and now... :sleeping:

    Oh dear, success has gone to his head.

    FYI, from the reports analysis of reports shows the order of attack was....

    Alexol (MFH) hit WW with a rammer just before the Natar level 80 hit and destroyed the wall (11:49:41 pm)
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    Mental (CTL) hit with a WWK, cleared what defence was left and destroyed the WoW, (11:52:01 pm)
    This wasn't in MFH plan just a happy coincidence.
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    The Natars hit and found nothing! No report, (11:53pm).

    gellewza (MFH) hit, aiming at the WoW but destroyed a crop field instead (11:58:58 pm)
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    Alexhol (MFH) hit with 2nd off (16 badly timed waves) and destroyed the infrastructure (12:03:06 )
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    Crunchie cheats (BotN, aka Milesias) hit with several chief attacks immediately after the first of Alexhol's waves and conquered the WoW. (12:03:07)
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    FOX have been very careless and lost their WW.

    To a player with only 3 villages before he chiefed the WW. He may have had help as Alex can't stop talking about it. In fact nor can Miles.

    Wow Betrayer (with Smurfer) have the bare minimum plans and FOX have actually got out of bed and gone & got one!

    It was really nice of Papa to do the heavy lifting clearing a plan for Breakskins to pick up.

    Wow, we have 5 plans.. still 4 more available. Not enough WW's on this server, there are too many plans to go round.

    Its not really the kind of report I want to be showing everyone though...

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    Happy? :D Slept through my alarm, but it saved the arte.

    Hey here is another keepcalm splat from 2 days ago.. soon we hope to have a hat trick cause he's rebuilt the first one that got flattened.

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    PS for those not in the know he maintains 2 similar sized hammers but has so far been unable to actually cause much real damage because of the ultra timid way he approaches offensive operations. Strategy I think is not his strongpoint.