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    I would have to go for the option to start the HoF anew for the combined servers.
    And hopefully this time we make the 3x HoF as comprehensive as the slow server one.

    I don't know if this is true for the slow servers but a lot of the Ukx records are now outdated considering all the changes the games has undertaken over the last few years. Servers dont last nearly as long as they used to and defence points are now awared to the actual defenders.

    Starting the HoF anew has to be the best option.

    This is the thing, the question is about having 2 large on one account and attempting to move one of them to another village.
    As long as the game doesn't register as already having a large and not allowing the hero to capture it.

    I have an account wide Artefact A that I am currently using, I chief a second account wide Artefact B from my ally.
    The first will remain active, the second will become 'active in waiting' after the respective activation period. That's all fine

    Now will the game allow me to move Artifact A to another of my own villages (via hero and lvl 20 TC), or will i still get the message 'You can only have one account scope artefact', even though technically both artefacts are already on my account in the first place.


    Well to be fair, the reason SIM (Mr. Gecko) won last round was cos the only serious competition came from Hegemony.

    SIM was a pretty bad alliance, lost the 5x at a crucial moment, lost 3 sets of plans, poor rotation of trainer artefacts e.t.c.

    If Hegemony had kept back even a couple of hammers instead of suicidicing them on random capitals, they would have walked it for once. But then again that might be expecting a little much from Hegemony.

    Taking down Hegemony can hardly be classed as an achievement :)

    There does seem to be a few small strong alliances, let's how they fair further into the server.

    We don't want a Hegemony vs [enter random alliance here] endgame again. Or do we?

    D1, thanks

    any input from any race is appreciated.
    right now, I am thinking egypt or gauls for starting defensive tribe.

    @chainsawdaz if you play egypt as defender you build slave wall and do you raid as well?

    It is possible to raid as an Egyptian, but you won't be in the top 10 in first few weeks.

    Once you start producing Chariots, they are pretty decent to raid with, 20 fields/hr speed (on 3x) and 70 Carry Capacity. You can start getting raiding medals after that, you might not be able to keep up with the top Hun raiders however.

    Slaves and Chariots are the best defence combination. With an Egyptian capitals production (I had over 600k/hr on 3x) they are easy to run in multiple villages and easy to feed.
    Although I would so only go for this if you will be an active defender, always sending your troops out to defend and die, and then retrain, rinse and repeat.

    Here's how I ended the server.

    Cheifing an Egyptian Spawn (or any other Egyptian Village) will then allow you to settle an Egyptian village from it. i.e. you just settle that Egyptian 150% 15c, instead of finding one a player hasn't made their capital yet and chiefing it from them

    And considering this is a region based server, some 150% 15c will be locked out for the first few weeks anyway, most people don't settle their eventual capital immediately on region based servers.

    Ok, that was mainly just a cheap jab. I've already said no one really cares about finding evidence on cheaters in this game, which is why cheating is so prevalent (again not talking about this server specifically, just in general). Let's just leave it at that.

    You did? Must have missed that, but I thank you for you compliment none the less. Didn't play it perfectly by any means, but did the best I could given the circumstances. :D

    Do Troops in WW vilages consume half crop?

    If I am not mistaken, this was a feature in travian versions prior to T4 but was done away with once T4 was introduced.
    Now I am being told this feature is back again, but only activates once plans are released.

    Is this correct, and when was the change made?

    If I am indeed insane (always a possibility), and that's how it's always been please ignore me. :D