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    Hackers, multies, bots are all part of the COMx experience. Pretty sure it's in the terms and conditions you agreed to when making your account. Read them carefully next time. :saint:

    Its actually only a 1.5x cranny size now.

    One of the best ideas people have in regards to the cranny and trapper is to merge them into one building for Gauls. Essentially a cranny that can build traps. And then design a new building for Gauls.

    Also Romans also get 2 tribe specific bonuses. HDT and double Trade Office bonus, both infinitely more useful than what Gauls get.

    Seriously can we give Gauls some love already.

    Why are travian so adamant at leaving them with the worst building in the game, let alone worst tribe specific building.

    Something similar to the Teutons Brewery that allows them to boost defence by 10%. And if you want, an interesting drawback could be that troops stationed in foreign villages have a x1.5 crop consumption. Not useful for standing defence, but great for a mobile anvil.

    Technically you're question gave a scenario, and travian gave a generic answer, not exclusive to the scenario you posted. i.e. not in the context of the original scenario.

    As far as the answer goes, it's essentially saying, your friend can 'generate' villages for you to chief, but assumes that that account will also be played as an account in itself, and not just for the sole purpose of generating a village for you to chief and then be deleted.

    For the record I used to love these threads back in the days and I'm seriously disappointed we don't have enough people sharing reports now.

    Especially now we don't even have to hide the players, makes it that much more interesting. Keep posting reports guys. Even the little ones.

    I agree with the above. Maybe it's too difficult to enforce that particular rule. So why not tweak the mechanics of Path to Pandora slightly.

    2 Options:

    1. Capital can only be of the starting tribe


    2. Don't allow tribe specific buildings to be built in in any village that is not of the original starting tribe.

    Of course that might just lead to a 100% Egyptian start for everyone, but at least it's not taking advantage of a rule that can't be enforced.

    Well the most interesting thing here is despite all those catapult attacks on Cheers, their percentage hold over Epidaurum is actually still increasing.

    Forgive me if I am mistaken, but yesterday they had 41% there and today they are on 42%. I guess that's why they're not too fussed about those attacks, they seem to be accomplishing very little right now.

    And the BS debate about gold usage is as old as days, both sides will try and underestimate their own gold usage while over estimating the others.

    I've seen what real gold abuse does to a server, and believe me it's not happening here, yet, thankfully.

    Awesome ... always love a good fight. One of the reason in love region based servers. No where to hide and sim...

    Never played a slow server before so hating that aspect of it, but impressed at the amount of offensive pressure SC have managed to put onto other alliances so quickly. Good job.

    Now let's hope for some real retaliation.