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    Didnt you see this from day 1?

    2.01 to slow down TEN, Duat to slow down GOW and IKEA to mess around with Goats.

    Gunners and DND share NE. Gunners enemy n1 is GOW so they place them slef more to the NW border. DNDs enemy n1 is TEN? Or maybe Goats? But they place them self against SE border to pick a fight with TEN first.

    I take my hat off for there planning.

    Looking forwad to continue the battle with GOW against Gunners and Duat.


    Gunners - - - - - - - - - - Vices




    - - - - - - - Ne


    No one saw that one coming :D

    +1 on this.

    Toke a break from this game 2014 and come back 2018 and this is what happen to the game. Sure, it was probably a few techs back in the days but what we see now are a new level.

    Really sad to see it but I hope Travian can fix it or this will be my last server. now in May. Then we have first right? After that, any other? Or will it be after But has to be June and after that we have July. So earliest July..

    And yes its a bad time for a server to start...


    I play from my phone 95% of the time using normal browser on my phone and I never had a problem with that. So what you guys want from an app I dont understand. We have farmlist, wave builder. What more do you guys want?

    Why TEN?

    Why do you allways end up like this on your servers.... Is it so hard to stand up on your own?

    All the talk about everything is ok as long as Gunners doesnt win, and now you go and accept there support for end game!? Shame on you!

    Wasnt the odds pretty nice and even now when GoW ended Gunners WW??


    You guys have never been respected as a group by me. Cant say I like anyone of you....

    That you now do this move I can understand but I dont like it... Its a desperet move and the only move you can make now when you cant win anymore.

    You will do anything to not let GoW win.... So this was the only move left. Un balance the server and the end game. Gongratz for that (not) you guys sucks!


    You guys are amazing! You play dirty but fare and I love it. The arty steel (UE) was just so fun and now this OP you go and chief Gunners WW lol... So many skilled players and so much fun. Its been an honur to be with you guys! Even if we dont win the end game now thanks to our enemies poor move, we at least had a lot of fun. And I know some of you still have some plans left. To the end!


    Com6 2009, Was when Wild Was created..

    i AM NOT

    The ww swap was another a longer time ago when all had like 3 ww each and half dozen wings

    I'm old and so memory is not the best

    We captured the SE quad the leader was ICE and she did the swaps . But she is great and I play with her in finals, no hard feelings

    Loosing is never a problem, having a great server is it's own reward

    Hmm I was there fooling around in LoD ;) remeber us fighting for top 10 against someone from CWL for a few weeks :) good old days 8)

    Props to Croco that deserves the credit here, using the eyes well to determine where a hammer was stationed and no doubt able to deduce where the real target was.

    Sorry but I cant take any credit...

    Sure, its my account but all credit should go to my sitter ascky, zenna and manu.

    Im just a noob who do what they tell me to do....

    I also think Dante and Luga need some credit for allways working hard :)


    So mighty batman comes to the forum and cry about everything he has to fight in ne. He turn and act like a cool dude (even if his loost in everything he says) and it sounds like he accept the challange...

    So what happen? This cool batman start up one more wing and recruit the best from his future enamy lol

    Next step will be to NAP ten (if they dont all ready have one under the table) and make it look like were they allways hold hands. Becuase trust me, they will never attack eachother....

    So boring, so boring!!!!

    And poof we have east vs west.

    I really hope that gow and rev see throw this childis play from east. Or more what will come from the east.


    All of you guys cheatz!

    So please stop this EDITED talking about they do that and we do nothing....

    Some do it with duals make 2 accounts in the begining, play toghter as sitter. When the Egyptian account settle the 15c they stop sitting. Write to MH and tell them that they will change account. Join the main account and then wait for 14days to chief the Egyptian cropper.

    So please stop lying "bedlam, Heathens, Web and all others.

    Becuase we all know you guys did exactly this!


    Web on the other and use friends to open new regions (just like MAD did on ptp x2) so theres nothing new, right?

    But now you all go crazy about them and ofc your right, its also against the rule

    Have been playing and its just the same as here. Bla bla bla, they cheat we dont... At least the web guys admit it and the rest of you, no we dont cheat, we are against that.