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    All of you guys cheatz!

    So please stop this EDITED talking about they do that and we do nothing....

    Some do it with duals make 2 accounts in the begining, play toghter as sitter. When the Egyptian account settle the 15c they stop sitting. Write to MH and tell them that they will change account. Join the main account and then wait for 14days to chief the Egyptian cropper.

    So please stop lying "bedlam, Heathens, Web and all others.

    Becuase we all know you guys did exactly this!


    Web on the other and use friends to open new regions (just like MAD did on ptp x2) so theres nothing new, right?

    But now you all go crazy about them and ofc your right, its also against the rule

    Have been playing and its just the same as here. Bla bla bla, they cheat we dont... At least the web guys admit it and the rest of you, no we dont cheat, we are against that.



    is there someone who actaully think they have a chanse against SE and a pise of NE ??? thats why I said that "the server are all ready over" becuase it will be "a walk in park for them".

    Like I tought you one of the slaves on smokes account or one of the guy who followed him to TKW Cant say that I know smoke but know his a good player but then again who are you? A random noob with some luck to end up with a nice player like smoke... Should have know beter that smoke never would act like you do here on the forum. Sorry that I tought this guy was you smoke...

    Our leaders (my queens) came here with a plan. The first they have to do is to change that and adapt to a small map instead of a larage map becuase of travian messed up. Then we have you guys who came here to play with us and just becuase you dont like how they lead when it comes to artifacts you jump the ship. And sure thats ok you cant like them all or more like we cant follow there lead becuase we think we are beter and we do what we like to do... And yeah sure fine quit and go to another alliance but start to attack us and start a war right away its was made me angry... And that was why I called it backstabing.

    Whats also makes me sad and angry is that Gazoo end up in the middle of all this and have now decied to quit. Jonny and Maria are real life friends to me and we were looking forwad to play here toghter. I understand why they quit becuase they dont want to end up fight ehiter one of us...

    So now you made your self my game...

    I am Thomas (Croco) and you can finde me on the Mr Slate account.

    Till we meet again :evil:

    Tomas aka Croco

    Lol didnt take you for a drama queen smoke and please, you never lead anything lol I did have respect for you but when you and your friends act like this it blow away. Players like you I trade for 2 noobs if they show me loyaltie so please stop trash talking about my queens you know nothing about there leadership skills and what a real team is like.

    Now you instead will be my enamy and I promies you I will hunt you even when you sleep lol and ofc your back stabing did effect us in salona but we will adapt like we do to this large vs small map and in the end you will lose and we will win :*:*:*:*