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    Yeah that's how it works.

    Consider the game with travian plus to be the way the game should be played.

    Premium features are their business model. The only adds they have are for other games by the same company.

    An account without gold should feel like you're playing a demo.

    You shouldn't expect free stuff.

    Aiight there has been an update.

    Most significant change as far as I can see right now is that rewards increase by 2% (down from 10%) per hero level.

    This fixes the infinite CP and res exploit (unless you somehow get your hero to level 300).

    I'd like to know what the full changes are. Have the base rewards been altered at all?


    Sorry for ignorance.

    So we can attack from beginning or will there be some build time of like 5 days on normal server in which we cannot attack?

    Normal BP.

    The goal of the server is to help TG determine how fast we can settle given the new system.

    Their game development team probably has some idea of what they deem "acceptable' timeframes for settling. They want to make sure their new changes keep settling within that timeframe. You know, so its not like the PTR right now.

    This is ROUGHLY the formula:

    Morale penalty = 1 - 0.33 * (1 - enemy pop / your pop)

    1 is the max and 0.67 is the minimum.

    If you want to figure it out exactly I'd suggest you use the combat sim to create datapoints and then do a nonlinear regression.

    I was actually being civil. I am just pointing out that the number Wychor is using don't actually prove what he is saying. Everyone knows that. Just he doesn't. Which is why I question Wychor's experience.

    Curb your attitude.
    If you hadn't deduced it from my initial comments, I am Teabag on the server. I've had contact with loads of people and from what I have gathered, troop production is actually on par with normal servers, its just that growth is much faster.

    The thing is, development can be golded and troop production can't. I could have barracks lvl 20, 17, and 14 running 24/7 at this stage and that would still only give me 885 legios per day. In contrast, I can get a new village roughly every 4 days and gold it up to 500+ pop right away using the task rewards.

    One of the major changes that makes this server feel so weird for lots of people is that the relation between top farmers and top pop has been inverted. Those who farmed the most early see themselves falling behind and those who simmed early can now produce so many troops that they are starting to out pace the early farmers. I've seen this happen in my ally.

    We see 6 village players with hardly a soldier in them.

    I don't know who you are talking about but we see the current #1 player in terms of pop is #6 deffer and #9 attacker (though attacker doesn't say much cause it could be hero clearing oases)

    The #2 indeed has no off or def stats, but is also very remote.

    #3 has some def stats but also quite remote.

    #4 and #5 are central but have no stats either.

    So 1 of the top 5 for sure has troops. The others might have but we haven't seen it yet.

    I am very curious how you "know" that these 6 village players have no troops.

    The taskmaster rewards should only apply to Spawn and the 1st CROPPER.

    Only apply to the capital. You shouldn't punish people who don't go for a cropper.

    We need to stop this evil. The rewards are so huge, it makes everyone a simmer. The rewards of military activity are smaller than simming, making warfare a waste of time until endgame.

    Why do you present your opinion as fact? You THINK it makes everyone a "simmer" but just because a lot of players are becoming really big really fast doesn't mean they are "simmers".

    Some of the top players in terms of pop are also the top in terms of fighting power.

    They didn't just get there by simming, they raided a lot to earn back the investment on their troops.

    The server is not even 3 weeks old yet and we're already seeing pretty serious cata hits here and there.

    This system is especially nice for deffers. Getting multiple villages going so soon enables fast troop production to respond to sudden demands.

    This system is absolute HELL for those who don't use gold.

    Ofc it all needs to be down scaled but you're clearly just being salty. Maybe your preferred playstyle is suddenly not as good anymore. In that case, stay away from the PTR cause its always gonna be crazy unbalanced.

    So with only a hero I have been able to kill 1365 units (in terms of crop consumption) so far. Out of those there are no more than 20 animals and no more than 30 clubs, the rest is all legios, praetorians, EL and EI.

    I'd say the power levelling with the hero is one of the most important things that needs to be addressed.

    The bonus you get with hero level should remain cause it rewards early game aggression, something we don't see enough in normal servers.

    There is 1 more issue that we haven't addressed yet. The starting village is often times not a village you end up wanting to keep.

    I propose instead you split tasks in 3: village, capital, general. Village will have the same tasks and rewards for every village you make, including your first. Capital changes with the capital, something collected can ofc not be collected again when capital is changed. This will allow players to go for a quick settle and develop elsewhere without sacrificing those heavenly rewards you get in your first village.

    I suggested the party thing to ensure settling time is about 4 days+. Maybe another solution would be start at 0 CP not at 1k.

    Generally I don't like pop quests since pop is not important. In fact you want as low pop as possible for as much CP/Production as possible.

    The quests I suggested were just examples and based on the idea new players need to be introduced to those concepts. TLDR meant was, "please improve this!"

    CP starts at 500.
    I agree that setting this to 0 would help a lot. BUT the better option is to lower the rewards.

    Pop is a measure of your development. It should be used as a milestone.

    a. No. Reduce village rewards, increase general rewards.

    b. No. Building troops is bad idea, too many balance issues. Trade routes, not really needed. Having X amount of villages, pop and cp quests are better.

    c. Yes. Lvl 10 seems reasonable.

    d. Yes.

    e. Yes/No. Reduce rewards. Don't disable parties. Parties are essential to early game strats.

    f. Not like this. 100-150 is too much, this will result in people ramping up prices in AH with multis. 100 total spread out over the pop milestones could be good. Plus during BP is a yes. +25% during full BP is a no, people should make a choice to do that.

    Oh hi sheev

    And no, they don't differ based on vil type. That is why those with 4446 grow so much faster, they get the pop boost easier cause their fields give more pop.

    These tasks remind me of Kingdoms. But I forgot most of those since I didn't stay long there. Anyone here who could compare the two?

    As I listed. Kingdoms has some problematic quests, their CP rewards allow you to settle within 24h (1st vil requires 1k CP and you start with 0)

    Combine that with an overcrowded map, can't really play with cropper unless you take the tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning of server start off to settle.
    Oh and gauls can settle ~2h faster cause of cheaper settlers and lower training time.

    Is that for 2nd vil? Cause 2nd vil tasks are different.

    Lets assume the non-gold user would be active 24-7
    I think romans can do it in 3 days, teutons and gauls will need at least 1 more day.

    You can switch your hero to whatever resource you need as build time is the limiting factor, not resources. That would cost you 20% of your hero production, but it would mean you aren't dependent on NPC.

    Different from mine or different from your 1st?

    I am about to change capitals so we'll see if that will make a difference. Edit: no difference

    Also, can someone from the travian staff please confirm that they read this page?