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    then again they know you a lot better then me

    maybe then there is hope for the game.
    Batman, in time you will eat your words my good man. you may choke on them eventually, I will be there to pat you on the back.
    Seth, no sclaish, you did nothing but made a pain of yourself,
    well played. :cursing::thumbsup:

    thats it blokes, ts2 gone, ts4 in deletion, catch ya on the chin later.

    Game will be finished soon

    so after my last log in here months ago , wont start here, my choice,
    will say this clearly, so it is understood by all who read it, no scalish now.

    why would I want to discuss anything with the MH when both duals of Trauma, who knew perfectly well why I was targeting the mind of one, while discussing life with the other :thumbsup:
    tell me why would I even bother, I hold zero respect for the person involved after the lack of effort to rectify a bad situation, & no I wont explain further, too many would be exposed.

    Batman, I only opened the forum to read back & impress on those who remain in the game,

    the shivs will be sticking out after day 45 of new servers.
    as explained to several CWL ,,, no more scale, there is only a ghost in the shell, will choose the time & the place,
    decent people in the game need not worry,
    I will no longer assist the effort to improve the game, noobs game over time will either be harmed or improved.
    no more scale, just a noob with shivs. :evil:

    ts2, tip for ya, attack eff during asian daylight time, EFF will be hard pressed to feed a small def, btw starving 100k foot on my own was not easy, 30k roughly scouts banned & deleted,
    they were on offer to eff, they chose to ban them instead, 8o

    Thank you for the use of the capitol , acc: confused, was a couple others had un-called for reins while they slept also but Confused was very kind in the starvation process, allowed my troops to stay the whole duration until zip left ,, others just kept returning them,, some hours after they arrived :p

    what can I say, I lost, but the better person did not win :thumbup:

    bye bye everyone.

    over and above your own personal account wants

    Batman, my acc wants were never a consideration, as opposed to what maybe believed, I play to support, that support is removed now, from all teams.
    I wont be explaining myself to anyone, I wont be seeking help from anyone, I wont be seeing anyone in comms,
    any discussion around the future of this game, others can seek solutions.

    I will now just throw up road blocks anyway I can . there is no urge to improve the game, just the urge for more profit from less people.

    & before any clown comes in says, I am commenting,

    be last time.

    after several weeks of sitting in the side, all I have to say here, , time will tell how strong your back is, when those knives come, I'll watch,, if they dont come this server, I will deliver them eventually/

    EFF, poor excuse for an ally, that from one who helped it, take them, via leadership, fake , SHE WILL CALL ALL DEF TO HERSELF, open slather on any other target. selfish individual with little thought to team, its all about her.

    Sanket, you have now been blocked, dont call me friend, I am no friend to you, nor you to me, no respect now buddy ,

    hold very little respect for many in this game. the ones who did hold a little have lost it this year.m

    my game now is about killing this game.

    it is sick, very sick,

    good people stand by while bad is done.

    thats happened before in 1930's & 40's real world, did not end well then either.

    like rl, games reflect what people believe.

    some very poor intelect in this game, from smart people.

    you sir, I do not consider a friend any longer.

    ya dont get it, I have current accs , my word is good, always has been, will take with me, as many as can gather, those ready to quit, those who want the background to why the game is dying, I will share to those I care for, why they should not be starting any more servers.

    I will quit, mark these words, its a promise, will take another 50 with me when I go too. laugh then .

    Batman I agree, will say this, you all over estimate what eff is capable of, Gods, were assisted after gunners did the dirty, you know what happened, if the dirty stuff did not happen, Gods would not have been assisted.

    I cannot comment on what the other eff spinets were up to, most likely sent tentacles into every team, you also know how particular individuals play that game.
    the intrigues, are a long way from over for sure, wont see me involved, the gang has ostricised myself, you will find every fault in the game is being laid at my feet as we speak,

    snakes win. they can take the victory knowing also, I will never play this game again, I will also add to the death of the game.

    enjoy whats left of the servers. 2-3 years this game will die.

    whatever, keep piling it on, , dont care, will help end the game, I will take people when I leave, more shrinkage. ironic , would.nt you say, after bringing people to the game, will take them away.

    Currently, Travian is what keeps them afloat... Not other games, at all.

    costs more for shrinking community to play, costs me more each server & my accs are no longer pro accs, the game will kill itself with no help from the people in it, they are not interested in solutions, only how they can beat what is put in place to block plays. rule bending.

    do you blame those alliances , when the bot players use noob accs to infiltrate. catch 22, dont really know a noob is a noob until he has not back stabbed you. aka villians or some very nasty people in the game.

    just so you all know too,

    I have igm , stating a person is considering suicide. because of the intrigues in this game.

    I wont be party to someone killing themselves or even considering killing themselves, over a bloody game.

    I will quit before that happens, have quit. in spirit, wont see me contribute to the debates.

    not after being shot down inside own 'team'
    backstabbed by friends one too many times.

    game will die,. I wont help save it now, will help kill it. you people are sick.

    your trying to fix the wrong things, while the object of the debate is being avoided, the disingenuous solutions will result in very little changes to the final result for normal com servers,
    a point you all miss, the cost to play, the people who consistantly beg borrow or steal, to produce larger & larger forces in the game, those who are not able to purchase gold, all play at a disadvantage, no-one wants to discuss how gold & gold included into game can improve the player base, & profits to TG directly, through the German financial system.

    introduce means for gold to be earned for warrior tasks, get rid of the , 50 gold to create 100 accs.
    you may solve some of the issues killing the game.

    sorry, was not going to comment.
    wont add to it.

    I happen to love Flogging Molly

    one of my fav bands,
    try this band
    disclaimer: does have language, don't clic if going to offend.

    plenty more toons in the arsenal, shame never got to share many of them with people from the globe.
    may spam the forums while I simm before calling it quits on this game for good.
    I don't see a future in it the way its going.
    many who are oriented to Villians will help kill the game, the name says it all, boundaries are made to bend, by Villians the world over, bending boundaries will always lead to skewed results for those who choose to live with principle, this game contributes to angst in lives, for many, there is enough already in this world to create lifes stresses, a game, should not add to the duress people have in their lives, TG have lost the point of being gamers when it became all about profit margins.

    sorry, commenting more than wish to.
    enjoy the toon.

    Villian's' keep morphing, don't they Chrissy.
    come in many forms, right next to you, Villians are as the name says, you enjoy it Chrissy, slip a knife in somewhere, the stiletto must be dry of blood by now, must be getting close to the need for another to be knifed.

    ppppppffffffttttt , who knows who came, way people hide in this game, could be the return of jesus, someone would kill him, just cause the head came out of the box, dead server. dead game. tg wont be saved.

    lol, keep believing the server is competitive ,, if three quads could co-ordinate efforts, they may beat EFF, who are so disorganised, can easily be damaged, you lot give in too quick, tip for yas, they lack insert game, get ya attacks correct, the balancing will happen, 3 quads has done very little to test that gang, very little, on a dead server.

    wont comment

    sorry Ele, wont be commenting, wont see or hear from me again, quiting the game. enjoy what remains of the time the game has to live. I give it two -three years will be too expensive for the shrinking community, TG will shut the servers down as their other games bring more profit, the game will die unfortunately, was a good game. once upon a time, you lot enjoy what time is left for it.

    I will come in here Ele, need to gather thoughts & time for serious input here, I have some thoughts on various areas TG could easily improve servers.
    have been watching the debates & the game, for many years, I see some avenues to correct some of the issues.. will come back in few days,, with what was to go to tg. (eventually)