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    Yes it is my fault. That is for sure. I have been one of the many encouraging more and more players to delete. You do not deserve any opposition for the way you play and the cheats you use. Best way to fight techs (read: multies) is to not fight them at all. Luckily theres only a few good players left on the server so you have nothing to be proud of when you win :thumbsup:

    We're incredibly proud to beat the #1 Cheaters of .com the great SGR, the home of Anomander Fake, HoneyCheaterz and CheatThrone. Beating a team that outnumbered us by more than 500!! accounts at the start of the server is a great achievement. Deleting before the end of the server doesn't change that fact, you're still just bad. It's a shame you also had to ruin the game for the dutch boys who showed some actual skill.
    And again, SGR's techs are multies/bots. VICES techs are actual players. Just ask Electric Avenue how he does his techs, it's not rocket science.

    So, are you confessing that it is not the skill that got Vices a lead but the ability to swipe credit cards? I take that.

    It was the lack of skill from SGR and going behind the back of their own team by tonzo that gave us the lead.

    looks like your tactic of ruining the game for everyone else is working. hope you enjoy that juicy and challenging win of yours :thumbsup:

    SGR and Tonzo ruined it for most TEN and Lowlands players that didn't want the merger with cheating SGR. It's your own fault your members are leaving you, but you can keep blaming VICES like you always have.

    The raiding is not the issue. The gameplay is. I know for sure how to stop raiding a conquered abanddoned city in a few hours. It takes only 20-30 copy paste messages.

    The thing I am pointing at, is that no matter the ally or confed the game has begun to be more and more automatic.

    For me this fact is a terrrible loss.

    I have 400-500 entries on my farmlist, how do you expect me to check every village by hand to see if it was chiefed?

    I CTRL+F for 'chief' daily and remove, can't be arsed to do more than that, nobody has time for that.

    Would help if you renamed the village to 'Chiefed by TEN' so people can CTRL+F and find it easily, or simly send an IGM to one of the leaders and we'll let people know the village has been chiefed.

    I posted it into our skype room, raids will stop.

    The "great minds" of VICES with another failed attempt on the great SGR. They hit an ex hammer that everyone knew wouldn't launch again. Pathethic display by the terrible VICES OC, this ex hammer was smaller than what The grim could, if he wanted to, build in one day. Could have cleared a building plan instead. Big L again. Classic.

    Everyone knows your kindergarten DCs played 0 part in that.....:D The guy just self defended with another account he was sitting and thats it. If only your DC had brains to send heart to UT instead of def hogging some capitals. :thumbsup:

    Don't step down to their level, call out lies and bullshit they like to spread on here, but don't make stuff up. We're better than the SGR propaganda/brainwash boys.

    Heart was "self defended" ( as in he used his own defense), but it was a call by the DC (The Grim), Heart recalled troops from multiple places and tsmgo and others sent some additional defense too. It was a solid splat and a good way for the hammer to go out. Still doesn't change the fact they lost a 300k (ex)WWR to 10imp+1cata+3chief 😂

    Are you even listening? I know for a fact that that guy was no WWr after that ghosting. I know for a fact that Grim would have a bigger WWr at this point (apparently you cannot even read the reports since you said 4-5k rams) of your ops if he wanted to. It is a simple math.

    Except he still got trainer after the ghosting, so it seems your in-game actions contradict your forum propaganda. "Oh yeah, totally wasn't a WWR, he just had the 2nd most rams in our team and we kept him on trainer rotation". I know it's hard to accept you lost a WWR to a sub-20 unit chief wave you had 20 hours of travel time to react to, git gud.

    Yes, very simple math, The Grim had 3-4 times lower the ram count, said himself he wouldn't ever go WWR and splat only 8days before grimreapertaken got ghosted.


    Get real, you're spreading more bullshit than batman.

    But then again, seeing how you fail to count the number of accounts, I don’t know why am I still surprised about it all.

    Fail to count? I counted everyone in top20 that is confirmed with SGR and VICES, please, enlighten me and do your own count and we can compare results.

    I know that you try to look all strong and successful with this op, and you cannot even handle a simple fact that the chiefed village didn’t even bother anyone here as all knew that he was gone after that ghosting.

    Yup, that's why you're here now crying about it, totally didn't bother you. :* Our OP's are wildly successful, it's why half of the people we hit have already deleted (Or it might be because of your incompetent leadership, who really knows?).

    It took only stating this fact to trigger you. Ezpz. Now, go rebuild the hammer you splatted instead of trying to calculate things with basic math.

    Again, you didn't state any facts, you tried to spin losing a WWR into a positive thing for SGR by lying. Classic. I'm loving the salt coming from you this round, must be difficult to lose so hard when you spawn with 700+ members.


    Here, a new profile pic for you, fits you better.

    Didn’t you say that he had around 10k rams (which I doubt) at the time of chiefing?

    No. I specifically pointed out that we ghosted 10k out of 20k that were parked at that location, we don't know the total number of the rams, but it's not hard to think he had more than that based on trainer usage.
    The ghosting of 10k out of 20k rams AT THAT SPECIFIC LOCATION was also 3 weeks ago, 06.08.2019, so again, not comparable to an OP hammer you falsely tried to paint as WWR.

    And Grim had around 6k or so a month ago which means he would easily have similar numbers with a bigger escort.

    "6k or so", yeah, no, it was 4-5k. The grim himself said he'd never go WWR, he's playing as an OP hammer, so your entire argument is stupid. Here, a personal insult you like so much, will you go cry to mommy?
    Don't talk about "cheap propaganda" when your entire post is just that, propaganda.

    Don't forget megaMETA lost 300+ players due to your own incompetence.

    instead of trying to argue with substance and with numbers.

    I posted a member count with only numbers and facts and you disliked it. Classic SGR, can't handle facts and the truth.

    So, you belittle Grim's rammer when we asked for his hammer restoration and exaggerate this one as WWr chiefing when it suits you. Classic.

    Grimreapertaken had triple or quadruple the rams of The Grim, how is this comparable? Obi playing a victim again. Classic.


    Is it WWr Chiefing if the target had no rams because they were already ghosted earlier in the server? :/

    We ghosted 10k rams out of 20k that were parked there, total size of the hammer said by the owner was around 300k, so yes, I'd say it's classified as a WWR chiefing :D

    Player counts today, 20th Aug 2019:

    VICES: 206 members

    SGR: 224 members

    TEN+LL: 204 members

    VICES staying the same, SuperMETA (time to rename to MegaMETA now?) lost another 88 members in the last month. If this trend continues, VICES will outnumber the megaMETA by the end of the server, despite being outnumbered by 500 accounts at the start.

    ahahaaaa competition :D I've been the one calling for competitive servers for 2 years you noob! maybe do some self reflection to see where the problem lies?

    You got a competitive server, you merged 700 members vs 200, not competitive enough? Not our fault your tech use, multie use, leadership outbursts and forum propaganda are backfiring and making your members delete.


    Likewise, if you (or any other Villains player) believes that CT mattered for the outcome of the server last round, you're delusional (we're talking maybe a difference of 25 hours caused by CT in WW building, and we won by miles compared to that, likewise, Villains 0'd our walls regardless of CT, so it would only have meant a few more kills if he had launched on the SE WW as I think was planned?). So guess that you actually don't have any issues with any of these things, good to know.

    CT's impact was not from the WW hit (Terrible WWR anyway), but from months of abuse towards other members and leaders, arty hogging, sharing of scout reports and inactive(yellow dots) accounts in VICES. Much higher impact, and can be argued to have changed the outcome of the server (Especially the scout reports tracking that prevented ghostings of multiple hammers).

    Also, to whatever bullshit batman is spreading, get on the same page as your leaders, as Mazzi admitted that CT told him of their plan to backstab on week 1, and was a SGR spy from then on.

    I heard that internally, you all are talking about how this server is a foregone conclusion.

    Of course, SuperMeta went from more than 750 players at the start of the server to 483 at the current moment. Quite obvious that your cheating, zerg tactics, terrible leadership and toxicity on the forums aren't working, and are instead making your members delete. Ever thought of changing tactics? VICES already won, no matter what the end result of the server is. No other alliance could fight bravely and fairly against an opponent who outnumbered them by more than 500 accounts. 200 skilled VICES players >>>> 750 cheating SuperMeta players.