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    As for the other alliances in the server, funny that people keep liking this guy's posts or not saying anything to criticize - those who are typically the first to jump here to write a wall of text when they find it necessary. I guess, one does not care as long as it does not directly affect them. Or be content with it since it is impacting the enemy. Fair enough.

    Why would we bother when all you guys can do is make up stupid conspiracy theories about how the spikers are Lowland/Vices plants? It's day 40+ spiking a quad impacts the raiders of all quads (especially with the current lack of farms since 90% of them are banned), but the delusional fnx is here claiming that all the 24k defensive points are "SGR troops"? :sleeping::sleeping:

    But I have to say, 24k (so far) of our Troops died

    You're the ones that turned the forums into a toxic place, don't act surprised when nobody wants to bother with replying to your made up bullshit.:rolleyes:

    sadly I'm too lazy to dig the previous posts on Villains continuous reactions to HB, but it seems like 2 of their top raiders are banned for that same reason they accused HB of :) Again I'm also too lazy to dig more information on who else is banned - but these two were prominent ones

    Awesome21 who had on his profile something like, "if you're good, you'll always get blamed for cheating" and this other guy, MZY1994

    You know you could have asked us about the ban reason, before you go to the forums to spread lies? Their ban has nothing to do with raiding bots or scripting, yknow the things that HB is great at.

    I checked with all of vices, all 480 members of them, and all said Lowlands has a NAP with them.

    I'm a proud member of Vices and I never got asked about this, you sure you got ALL of us?


    So... does anyone want to talk about the techs being dropped around the -100|100 WW to block NPC/supply villas? Not a bad strategy SGR/TEN/Lowlands, we'll see if it works out for you.:sleeping:

    He forgot to switch to his main account, mistakes like that happen sometimes ;(

    Let's count SGR's members:
    SGR: 60

    SGR|Rod: 42

    SGR Seal: 45

    Ninth seal: 46

    Ninth seal A: 45

    Tehran: 39

    FOX: 30

    SGR.SEAL: 7

    + let's say 15 (minimum) members outside of the alliance.

    Adds up to 329 members.

    Now lets compare that to the official VICE alliances (not farms that are trying to hide with the VICE tag):

    VICES: 56

    V|CES: 47

    VlCES: 45

    VICES S: 44
    VICES A: 37

    + let's say additional 15 members outside the alliance, to equalize it with SGR (even tho they have 3 members outside of their alliance in the top 40 pop while VICES have 0, but whatever).

    Adds up to 244 members.


    So I don't see how VICES have 70 more members than SGR, it's pretty obvious to anyone who actually checks the numbers that SGR has a lot more members, but I guess that's not good for forum propaganda, eh batman?

    Both SGR and VICES are big alliances, but the constant crying/lying about how VICES are bigger is just stupid. If you want to suck up to TEN so badly again, just do it and stop trying to find excuses for it.

    are you kidding me here? The only alliance that has asked your confed so far is Villains. I half heartedly once offered "when you were threatened by Villains that they'd start their wings in SW regardless of nap/confed taking place" - that you could join us in NE but we'd fall short of croppers and some more excuses so that they'd not take me on the offer as it's better to just give leadership to SW. So please, stop twisting my words to serve your agendas. I never thought you had a nap/confed with Villains since I can also look at border sides of villains and gz presence too. but you're just making me skeptical here :|

    So if I understand this correctly, you did want them to join up? What's wrong with his statement then? He didn't mention confed, he said "SGR wanted us to join up too".

    If Wolf didn't play for us he would have played for Villains so w/e :P I don't think blaming us for hosting him is even an insult when the other side was just as willing to have him :D

    Nice that you replaced Wolf with meteo0 now tho, one cheater leaves, another comes. At least SGR's reputation can't really sink any lower than it already has, so guess you have nothing to lose.

    Where is my lie? What is the issue I have been ignoring?


    The dutch? Don't even try to tell me you didn't try to get them on your side and get a dirty lil spy there :D

    We would like a nice round of 1v1v1v1

    But given that Villains (Vice?) has been recruiting teams from SW again... we'll see about that 1v1v1v1.

    Yeah we have our old chat rooms from last round. Doesn't mean we want to unite. As far as I know, they want a 1v1v1v1 too.

    Here, pointed them out for you.

    Our sources are as credible as any. Too bad I'm not allowed to share confidential details here so you can keep saying I'm lying

    Ah, well okay then, if your sources are as credible as any, then that means everything you said above is completely true. ;(

    Always funny to see people like you spread "BS", just caught me off guard that you managed to spew so much of it and it hasn't even been a week since the server started :*

    p.s. A source as credible as any told me you guys already contacted Travian Games to make sure every one of your 450 accounts gets a 100% resource production boost, but I can't share confidential details with you, so you can keep saying I'm lying. w/e not interested in this BS you're throwing out of your mouth in internet.

    Joke? LOL :D Where is this toxicity and denial coming from again? Butt hurt from last round? We weren't the ones taking over 2 quads with 220 accounts :D

    Seriously. Focus on this round. And stick to your quad. That's all I can ask for your own as well as my benefit.

    Ah, already ran out of lies to spread? I heard calling people butt hurt and completely ignoring the issue at hand really helps your argument and makes you look smart, good job!

    We weren't the ones taking over 2 quads with 220 accounts :D

    True, you were the ones taking over 2 quads with 450 accounts ;(

    I look forward to seeing the SGR&TEN super meta again, you don't have to hide it too much, everyone already knows it's been formed already, what will be the excuse this time? Vices bad? Vices evil? Vices stole my username? ;(

    Seriously. Focus on this round. And stick to your quad.

    Right back at you. You should listen to your own advice.

    The dutch? Don't even try to tell me you didn't try to get them on your side and get a dirty lil spy there :D

    Again, your source is terrible, since that's not what happened at all, but you do have a great imagination.

    Yeah we have our old chat rooms from last round. Doesn't mean we want to unite. As far as I know, they want a 1v1v1v1 too.

    Point here being that if we see some kind of formation between NW/SW, you know what will happen. Your call.

    "Oh yeah, we're absolutely together, but we'll make up some stuff about you being with the dutch so we can say we were forced to make a 400acc meta again"

    You're a joke.

    Idk what you are smoking but I want some of that good stuff too. Awesome hallucinations!

    We would like a nice round of 1v1v1v1 with some politics involved and not just a plain 2v2. But given that Villains (Vice?) has been recruiting teams from SW again... we'll see about that 1v1v1v1. Up to you how this server goes, again.

    I feel like you're the one that's smoking something, there has been no recruiting attempts into SW, not sure where you got that information from, but it's completely false. But I do have confirmation from a pretty good source that you and TEN leadership are already working together (and have been before the server even started), so it appears that you're already breaking the 1v1v1v1, but I wouldn't expect anything else from the masters of "diplomacy" and deceit SGR.

    Quite the opposite sadly, Council has formed a huge alliance in the NE surrounding goats and seals, also taken in some very solid looking border players, they are going to take some stopping. Vice/villains actually looks the strongest again on paper, and are hiding there players so well whilst avoiding the early embassy rush.

    Lmao, Council leaders are sending everyone IGM's to join them, they won't last long. SGR are by far the clear favorite this round, both on number of players and number of alliances that are currently in bed with them *cough*TEN*cough*

    not sure if they are gonna come with big guns :) some will be there for sure(100%) but full meta in SW, not yet confirmed.

    SE7EN leader Yin is now helping Sanket lead "Villains" since James is gone, but most of SE7EN is not playing this round. "VIllains"+SE7EN are dropping NW, currently with only around 35 confirmed members, so no two quads this time.

    Doubt Villains will start on com1 if that's the date of the restart, it's way too soon for most people and a lot of members are currently on anglosphere6 which is only at day 115.

    Would be nice to use kirilloid reports parser, so hammers can be included in the HoF.

    Thanks for the update anyway!

    I'd do it, but I don't have direct links to them, only what was posted into the Skype room. Maybe someone else can get them into kiri form.