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    I've been to many forums, banned there as well. (go figure)

    Each one of them just disabled you to write or perform actions, viewing wasn't restricted from what I remember.

    Old trav forum didn't do that either. Just this new one.

    The bans themselves are as stupid as they get anyway. You're blocked from viewing the forum itself, what can you do when banned anyway, stare at someone to death?

    Good thing that this super efficient security system can be bypassed by just opening the forum on another browser where you're not logged in. :D

    It can? :D Wow. Solid work as ever TG haha


    More like 48 posts off topic and most filled with stuff that is against forum rules.

    So please do not portray it as i am having a heavy hand.
    I will unlock the thread later.

    Oh and we're just supposed to accept your word? Because you've been so honest and trustworthy in the past?

    By the way Did you ever get round to quoting posts that people were banned for? You know, that thing you said should be standard? I'm betting that you didn't.

    Wow, I see TK just locked the UK1 thread for one or two messages slightly off-topic. Heard he's been banning everyone all night for nothing too. Talk about heavy handed moderating...

    If it's off-topic and spam, it's inappropriate.So yes, a rogue Beckham/Wimbledon/Futurama/etc. pic which has NOTHING to do with the thread is indeed inappropriate.

    Every Beckham MJ posted had a caption relating it to the topic of the post, you banned someone because you didn't like them really didn't you. Go on, tell everyone what you think of the players on this domain and be honest for a change. You and yours have nothing but contempt for us and continue to show it at every opportunity.

    Hello MarkokraM

    The next UK server that is prepared to go is UK3

    I am just waiting for final info before posting it tomorrow

    Well since UK3 is confirmed for some reason instead of UK1 is everyone that planned UK1 just coming to 3 instead?

    Do they even know the guidelines anymore? Posting Simpsons and Beckhams are apparently bannable offenses nowadays so I think its mostly guesswork and who they like least?

    Of course a key feature of the new forum is that banned accounts can't read or respond to any messages or appeal their bans until after they're unbanned. Great way to silence them isn't it?

    My gif was posted in reaction to crunch's post being unfairly removed. I then went on to post a load of pictures.

    I wonder, does deleting half of a post to remove what it says count as over-modding? I feel like it'd count as over-modding. He posted a load of pictures to express dissatisfaction with the situation is what it said. Not just post a load of pictures.

    Should MODs use their editing power to make it look like people said something they didn't? Probs not.