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    so good,much skill,wow.

    9 students studied there.

    at first herb guy had 5 students,and the mineral guy had 3 students. when 1 student switched to the mineral dude,both of them had equal amount of students as the numbers now were 4 students for the herb dude,and 4 students for the mineral dude,then the rogue student went back to his old sensei begging for forgivenes thus the student numbers went to the original numbers. then 1 student started his studies learning under the herb dude. and boom now the herb dude has double as much students than the mineral dude sensei.

    Username: Jyubantai


    P.S. the last "event" we were supposed to say "i am -insert tribe- and my piece of advice for them is: bla bla bla" Now,i'm not bitter that i didn't win,i'm just furious that some other guys that actually had good pieces of advice,didn't win! Instead,80% of the winners were guys writting poems with broken english,and saying something like "gauls are strong,attack us and you will be wrong" and similar nonsense.

    SHOUTOUT to the guy that wrote that his piece of advice for romans is to upgrade EI's to level 4, so that they can raid more efficiently with only 1 unit,i'm saying all this mostly because of that guy,as his advice was on point for at least 70% of travian players!

    Now be serious! and reward players that actually put their time and effort into these events!

    Hey everyone, I have a bit of a problem... My hero keeps getting all these adventures around the wrong village... How do I get the adventures to start popping up around the village that I want them to pop up around? (Where I actually keep the hero)

    they pop up mostly around cap villages,and where you have your Heroes mansion built.

    For instance,lets say you have a cluster of villages 200 fields away from your spawn,but you still have HM in your spawn village,adventures will occasionally pop up in your spawn as well,untill you destroy that HM in the said village.

    i totally forgot,after finishing the task for level 1 residence what's the pop level of your account?

    if someone has this info it would be highly appreciated.

    I am Hun. My Word of Wisdom for Huns would be…Don't worry about having your troops followed home,as there are only 2 kinds of peple that can do that:

    -no lifers

    -and another hun

    (huns fast af boiii :>)

    username: Jyubantai


    it's just qualification server,ther are all kinds of pplayers there.

    first time i played TT server 5-6 years ago i qualified for finals with my off rank AND my pop. No duals,and no gold.

    All i had was a good alliance.

    Basically,yeah you can do it,TT qualy servers a bit more competitive in nature,but nothing like TT finals.

    I agree with what they said above. Its the best place to learn fast.

    Spawn village, should go marks. They gather more resources now, have same speed and have better def. They are also only 5 less attack per unit than steppes. Marks cost about 200 more per unit but theoretically take less trips to repay themselves than steppes.

    Would pick marks since they raid more and no need for much standing defense if you're worried someone will attack your raiding army in the night.

    that was my exact thinking

    Depends on what you want, steppes are a bit cheaper and give more off/time... But marksmen are for sure much better raiders now. If we're solely talking getting up your farm income in a village, for sure marksmen.

    it was more of a question for spawn village raiding army,and what to rush,steppe or marksmen.
    logically i was thinking the same thing,and that is that marksmen are better atm.

    i dont really like hamvils,i prefer hammers.

    Since Steppe raiders are nerfed,more precisely their carrying capacity is nerfed. Do you think it's better to rush marksmen now or to keep rushing steppe raiders regardless of the nerf?

    I'm open to any opinions,as i am really curious what all of you have to say.

    i always wondered,what are the consequences of playing in the group that doesn't have your country in it.

    for instance,i am from balkans,but what if i played in group A instead of group C where the balkan is located?

    I think it's hilarious. We've only complained about this for how long now? They already have a half-broken system that would remedy this. But implementing the system wont bring them in money so theres no rush to do something about it. So yeah, I'll sit here and laugh at 26 noobs break a comx server who's probably not spending a dime on gold, and chasing golders off, making a server very hard to play.

    I mean lets be realistic.. You want them gone? Go cat them down. Cant cat them down? kinda looks like their kicking your ass then right? and you call THEM noobs.

    you clearly have no idea how the game works, nor how to play it. killing 5% of my army is hardly "kicking my EDITED". they are all def gauls, in best case scenario im kicking my own EDITED. sending my catapults for a 5 hour journey against pure def alliance is dumb, i might be mildly pissed, but i'm not stupid, also 1 player against 20 players, i realise you're mentally challenged individual, bit come ooon, use your little brain. now go shove your noob opinnion deep where you like it the most.

    im pretty certain you don't even play on the server, if you do, you're probably just a simming def player.