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    Hey all fellow addicted Travian players and thanks for round,

    Account; TACKAN (Cheapest toilet brush in IKEA store 0,69e)

    Alliance; IKEA

    Role; Scouts

    Account Plan and Duals;

    AFK asked me to play and I was of course always ready when he asks to play with him, I wanted to play Teuton scout account since I assumed I would be busy with new born baby etc. But It was already reserved for Vilho/KOPPLA(Too bad)

    So I said I can then play roman scout but would require help since I don't have that much time to do scouting's daily.

    From the beginning of the server account was designed to be only scouts and hold LE/UE which ever we could get.

    I recruited 2 duals with me Tapsa & JJ

    JJ never actually logged in game if I recall correctly

    Tapsa was playing all nights during D1-D100, but then started disappearing and left me alone in account, I'm glad we had some night players in alliance that had chance to sit during night and use scouts when ever I was not able to help.


    We had chance to use SE and LE on account so SE was moved always in different villa with biggest stack to use currently and how much was needed, UE was for Nephthys because she had more scouts during arte days than me.

    This global Covid-19 disease was really good for me as playing point of view playing scout account, since I have been remotely working over year now all my ops sends during week was on my office time and would be easy to send them at same time when working even though sometimes I had like +80 sends in few hours. (Brezzok sending IGM "Pretty good scriptto to get all same seconds)

    Account overall;

    We used a lot scouts during ops and scout walls, some scouts were starved.(Mostly by Duat)

    I had to fix a lot scout walls also for non-roman tribes since our other scout account(KOPPLA/Vilho)was slacking a lot and gave me more work and pissed me off.

    This is what was left on D210; Gyazo of troops

    Later at stage some reason on public chat they started talking about TACKAN having WWK, so Arget and Hemoz planned to put some troops Imperians/EI/catas to my 05 Village as a bait so if that will get scouted it looks like there is actually WWK in que.

    Report from launched WWK from 05 Eurotophobia; TACKAN MASSIVE WWK

    Aftermath and future;

    I enjoyed a lot playing scout account first time and most likely will do it also in future if that is required by leaders.

    Big thanks for IKEA & Duat Management, however some in Duat management except Loffe were sometimes like crying baby's of all small shit that happened.

    Special thanks to accounts that sit me when I was not able to fix everything as solo player. <3

    BLÅHAJ, STUVA, HILJA and later during BP's Superriku. <3

    Thanks to all IKEA & Duat members for server

    Ps. Some people also in our alliance does not deserve thanks from me, for being annoying as fu*k and actually doing nothing useful.

    I will keep playing still and see you on future servers. :whistling:

    You can say that you quit this game and this was your last server, but we all know that's a lie and you will keep coming back. <3