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    Yes! :D

    Exactly, wavebuilder is really not needed. I do agree off players can't really do anything if they're only playing by phone but if you are serious about playing (off especially) you will use laptop, pc or any other thingie that lets you make those waves just the way you want them.

    TGs revenue is not even worth mentioning, only heavy gold users (and occassional newbies) will build multiple off villages so they'll spend..200 gold at best - that can be gained from auctions (as someone pointed out) so revenue won't go up. Even if revenue was relevant for this topic - they do have other games besides Travian know that, right? (Just check prices in RailNation - those trains will rob you blind xD ).

    The only ones who benefit with this blashpemy are:

    - Slackers who don't know there's free version of it on the net.

    - Newbies (who don't know there's..)

    - Idk how whoever mentioned this idea at München benefits from this but them too!

    Travian started looking great recently with all the new designs, anti-spiking system..5 tribes (coming soon on x1 servers fingers crossed) - that alone will bring new players (and old ones) who will be interested in learning this game and spending money on it after they win a server in some ally they liked. It really doesn't need this and no bs shallow logic will convince me otherwise.

    There is 0 “skill” in having a faster pc than someone else, any idiot can send waves same second

    Then why ruin it with Wavebuilder. It will most definitely dull the game and the way it's headed it will lose the only thing that made it interesting in the first place - risk. Risk to send waves, chiefs, snipe properly and everything inbetween.

    This feature will benefit small percent of playerbase who only play through phone but it will change the game for the worse in the long run for everyone else. Ffs the whole point of travian is that it's different from other MMOs. xD

    Well played ops and great steal

    xD ....just.
    How can you call it well played when there's no skill involved, just sheer numbers.

    I've seen teams win against greater numbers and not whine half as much.

    Have you seen teams win with greater arti disadvantage without having to whine on the forum or merge every other alliance on the server too?
    Oh I's cause you guys lack backbone to stick it out - I actually thought Vices were joking when they called you out for lack of skill. ^^

    You can't tackle spying though..allowing multies, techies (learned a new way of cheating on this threat (yay)) xD ..spiking or any other kind of foul play that allows one side to have unfair advantage over the other is preventable both by TG employees and alliance leaders - although making 50 pages about it here won't do anything. You either allow it or you don't and there's no grey colors about it..there are plenty of other servers you can play on and if you are worried about "ohh but level of skill won't be the same" then it's time for you to reconsider your approach in this game my friend and finally start teaching new players.
    But you won't because you like this "atmosphere" just as much as any other player who joined forum and stumbled upon com1 thread one fateful day.

    Creating a no-toxic environment is important for me (perhaps more than winning the game) - the playerbase is dwindling and this is one of the causes for it


    I will go back to sharing battle results as apparently cris@ does not intend to share full reports.

    Actually might've been my fault there cause I asked for splats :/ ..anyway, carry on xd

    it means that things are pretty stable now, but sure; if you wanna be like mainstream media and make news about someone making lettuce which looks like michael jackson, then okay. but it's nice to see HRE putting up with raid score of VIRUS.

    Oh yeah, I forgot..your quad united completely so it means every other quad is boring as well. :S