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    an even more simple solution would just be to prevent reinforcing all inactive accounts + natars

    I mentioned this on Discord. But somebody mentioned that the bots that typically flud these kind of servers won't be shown as inactive because of their adventure troops. Now... then bots are a second problem to your spiking.

    I agree with Alcunha. You could’ve just asked8oHilarious tho how you think one forum post (a forum that is barely read compared to years ago) will be sufficient to cause such situation as described in your second possible outcome???? Confused af. Cannot take this seriously.

    Finding who spiked the farms is quite easy. Specially with the updated def points system. Smashing them is also easy. However, the issue that remains would be if some other quad is behind it to support those accounts when you are getting rid of those X/

    Yeah you are rather good at finding the spikers aren't you! But just so you know I am here on behalf of Lowlands to agree that we have to do smth about these spikers so that this pop-tart stops blaming us for an ally full of spikers:thumbsup: These are just a bunch of random players who lack the capacity to play this game and find annoying ways to mistreat us. So yes let's please try and do smth about this so the .com stays fun and everybody can farm farm farm:thumbup:

    Hahaha, are you drunk?:thumbsup: Otherwise those are quite the accusations of a sober man! As much as I love your effort on a clear analysis you didn't seem to have put much thought into the sourcing. Where are your sources, where are your facts? Who is this infamous Lowlands player in Grand NE. I would certainly like to have a chat and cuppa tea with them, maybe I will bring cookies, that person must feel lonely out there8|:/.

    "there was that last time I pasted another screen shot in this forums of spikes in 40mins through the new week - I checked all those players, and they all belonged to NE/NW and SE. I refreshed the page some minutes later, some new names popped up, still no SW." Great conclusion, if not us three it must be you!

    If you haven't already read it in the .com spam chat yesterday, we do not tolerate this kind of behavior either. Do you really think we are stupid enough to put spikers all over and put our own troop to danger? Some of our topraiders, raid far beyond our alliance territorial borders and they too see red flags on a daily basis. This sucks! We all hate it as much as you do and our leaders aswell as players keep a very close eye on that kind of disrespectful behaviour.

    We were openly asked yesterday in the .com spam chat whether one of our alliance members was spiking. After some research and discussion this person was kicked on behalf of our leaders and in the interest of ALL Travian players. Because we believe the behavior is just as toxic as you guys. Maybe check those facts aswell before you come here for an ungrounded stand-off;)

    It's a great privilege and honor to be part of such an alliance, one set in stone with unwavering fortitude. One of oldest most reputable alliances that are still around jer. And like ten, lest we forget SGR are the current champions and team to beat :)

    Not here to talk trash about you guys, cause I know shit about SGR or Vices and I could not care less about who is right. But from my perspective the last week.... SGR seems more like a cult than alliance:PAnd we (TEN, VICES, Lowlands, etc) are just the big bad world out there that nobody of SGR can go to, talk to... unless it are negative things8o BORING!

    I think each and every alliance has expectations and why not, right? But if you want to keep Travian going its in your best interest to "spoon feed" some of those players. Like you say yourself.. not all of them, but if they have potential it's simple... If you don't water your plants they die.... I think its safe to say that its better to put in some of that guidance if you want to keep growing as an alliance, meta... or want to keep Travian alive as a whole.

    If you don't teach some players that are curious and "seek" the guidance themselves. Than at the end of the day you are constantly playing the same players and celebrating your win on players who don't even know how to defend themselves. You cannot truly be proud about that after so many years of experience?

    I do agree however that if players decide to go in the greyzone they should at least know what they are up against and the Travian guide is not exactly advanced reading8o And if you are not going to help your players out you might aswell tell them not to settle there at all. I think each ally has every right to make very specific ground rules about that. If you decided to settle outside the zones of the alliance, you do know that you are mostly on your own... or last in line to get help. But that is the decision you made for yourself, knowing fully well what was decided by the leaders.

    I'm pretty sure my members are going to overthrow the monarchy very soon ?(?(

    8|The revolution starts tonight!

    Can you give us some rumors regarding the mysterious Dutchies? :)

    Some people tend to say I could make a pretty good Mata hari, but as always.... I keep my lips stiffed and firmly shut when its about Travian secrets:whistling:.

    Only 1 Dutch player you guys say? That is a bit pathetic! Well we are doing our best here and hoping we will get to the tournament on time :)
    For the Dutch players who are interested we would like to share the following message:

    Beste allemaal,

    Gisteren is door Bleda (S29) het initiatief genomen om interesse in deelname aan het tournament te peilen. Door de hogere activiteit op NL29 dit jaar met meer pre-made groepen dan normaal… leek hem dit het juiste moment om een groep te kunnen samenbrengen voor het Travian Tournament.

    Vele spelers zijn al die inactieve servers beu op het lokale NL domein. Het tournament is een andere setting van server: competitief ingesteld en landen die tegen elkaar strijden. Met 10.000 spelers aanwezig is er heel wat te doen. En zal de actie dan ook niet ontbreken. Wat voor vele een positief iets zal zijn.

    Nu is het natuurlijk beperkt om slechts op één server op het NL domein spelers te zoeken. Dus wij vragen aan een ieder die na dit berichtje interesse heeft eens te komen babbelen op het discord channel (link te vinden op het NL forum of via Bleda en Lady van Tassel S29 en Nameless Ghoul S2). Daar kan je ook terecht met alle vragen en of opmerkingen. Kom alleen of kom samen, het mag allemaal.

    Denk bij tournament deelname aan een georganiseerde groep met een duidelijke hierachie en sterke leiding met een afgesproken takenpakket van te voren (iedereen mag solliciteren) en met vele verschillende spelers (solo, dual, quattro…) op alle soorten niveaus.

    Een Nederlands/Belgisch blok dat de kwalificatie op 12 juni aan zal gaan tegen Turkije, Indonesia en Czech Republic.

    Er is plek voor iedere soort speler: offensief, defensief, scouters. Leiders en volgers. Maar ook goud en niet goud spelers. Mensen die solo gaan spelen of met meerdere op een account. Jong en oud. Veteraan of beginner. Spelers die enkel dorpen willen bouwen voor toekomstige overname zijn ook welkom. Iedereen krijgt een plekje en een rol.

    Binnen dit tournament kunnen we spelen over ally-grenzen en server nummertjes heen. Nieuwe mensen leren kennen (misschien wel toekomstige duals) en kennis delen. Het enige wat wij vragen is een nette communicatie na elkaar toe en een gezonde dosis proactiviteit van elke speler. Zo dat we niet tegen elkaar, maar met elkaar kunnen laten zien wat er met de spelers binnen ons NLs domein te bereiken valt.

    Maar deze kwalificatie is er vooral gewoon om te proeven of het kan binnen ons domein. Zelfs als we vallen - weer opstaan. Na de kwalificaties kunnen we elkaar allen van feedback voorzien. Mochten we ons voor de finals plaatsen dan zullen we de groep opnieuw structureren met de accounts die doorgaan. In een tournament kan iedereen alleen maar van elkaar leren en ook van de andere landen.

    Wij staan er voor open…. een tournament server hartstikke veel lol hebben met gezellige spelers onder elkaar! Mocht jij deze visie delen.
    Wees dan niet geschroomd om je bij ons te voegen.

    Met een enthousiaste groet,


    English translation........

    Dear All,

    Yesterday, Bleda (S29) took the initiative to gauge interest in participating in the tournament. Due to the higher activity at NL29 this year with more pre-made groups than normal ... it seemed to him the right moment to bring a group together for the Travian Tournament.

    Many players are tired of all those inactive servers on the local NL domain. The tournament is another setting of server: competitive and countries that compete against each other. With 10,000 players there is a lot to do. And the action will not be lacking. Which will be something positive for many.

    Now it is of course limited to search only on one server on the NL domain. So we ask everyone who is interested after this message to chat on the discord channel (link to be found on the NL forum or via Bleda and Lady of Tassel S29 and Nameless Ghoul S2). You can also go there with any questions or comments. Come alone or come together, it's all allowed.

    Think of tournament participation in an organized group with a clear hierachy and strong leadership with an agreed package of tasks in advance (everyone can apply) and with many different players (solo, dual, quattro ...) at all levels.

    A Dutch / Belgian block that will qualify on 12 June against Turkey, Indonesia and Czech Republic.

    There is room for every kind of player: offensive, defensive, scouters. Leaders and followers. But also gold and not gold players. People who play solo or with multiple on an account. Young and old. Veteran or beginner. Players who only want to build villages for future takeover are also welcome. Everyone gets a place and a role.

    Within this tournament we can play across ally-limits and server numbers. Getting to know new people (perhaps future duals) and sharing knowledge. The only thing we ask is a neat communication in succession and a healthy dose of proactivity for each player. So that we can not show each other, but with each other what can be achieved with the players within our NLs domain.

    But this qualification is mainly just to taste whether it is possible within our domain. Even if we fall - get up again. After the qualifications we can provide each other with feedback. If we place ourselves for the finals, we will re-structure the group with the accounts that continue. In a tournament everyone can only learn from each other and also from the other countries.

    We are open to it .... a tournament server have a lot of fun with cozy players among themselves! If you share this vision.
    Do not be hesitant to join us.

    With an enthusiastic greeting,