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    It would be awesome to play travian the old way. I mean with many alliances fighting each other. Sadly sooner or later it will turn into 2v2 or 1v3 quadrants fight, people forgot how to have fun with max one wing alliances:D

    I was really into 4 quadrants war, because there really was chance for that and it would be fun
    Anyway...I will not say anything more why server looks like this now but

    I will be disappointed if Odin/UN/PFF hold hands until the end of the server though. If you end up beating stOne, you all better turn on eachother :P

    Honestly i`m not a fan of 2-3 quadrants meta coalition like this but there is no chance we will turn on eachother no matter how hard you will try to convince any of us;) I know the whole dicsussion about Odin-Pff-UN coalition have 2x more players than StOne and we made this server borring has one purpose;)
    Stone(180) vs SW(80) vs UN(120) vs SE (120) looks way better for you than StOne vs OdinPffUN, i`m not sure about numbers but the idea will not change;)
    It will not work so ye we can start looking for new server, Im in;)

    wow we are going back to day 20 of the server?:D

    If anything needs explanation there you go:
    Rei was offering some kind of cooperation to storm (yes that is true) they said no.

    Pff was cooperating with storm/one at some point but when they wanted to make it something more serious storm said no (or you did not say anything).

    I was telling everyone: , we can play alone, we dont need anyone, we will not stay for long but it will be fun. In that time req did his job in diplomation stuff and that all turn into situation we have now.

    Stone have/had a lot good,nice and normal players. Also part of your "leading team" is fine and they know how to have fun here. But, back in time, person who was taking care of diplomation stuff was too confident and really arrogant in conversations.

    And btw im not sure what do you mean by join or die but there wasn`t any kind of join or die shit from Rei. You want to say that whole Odin is made by join or die? We were that strong to scare and convince whole SE quadrant? You can ask Odin alliances about that;) You are with us or against us is old storm way;)

    Trust me, you do not want to talk about old diplomation ;)

    Tanwen, tanwen...I don't want to make it better, that was good defense. I just don't like people who act this way. When something bad happens or you fail something, you trying to avoid it/act like nothing happened. But when you do something good you are here immediately;)
    Losing what? 23-25(?)k hammer will not change anything either:D

    This is how i react in such situation:
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    It was not my last word!:) we have to make this server a bit more interesting:D


    Im going to write first post here because i can't stop laughing:) Storm instantly posted report of defending unimportant village whitch was attacked by small hammer, that was supposed to crash somewhere. But they kept their mouths shut, about giving up 15c for free few days ago

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    manual on how to chief 101 ?