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    It's solved. Two last years it never counted banned accounts to the region pop / statistics.

    Strange you say that considering the 801x801 maps had greater statistics in terms of losses of attack/def points by a large amount -

    I mean, its not "much" faster, sure, you might be adding a few hours for settlers to region new regions, but they still require the same points to unlock the next and such - so im not sure how much time its really adding in the grand scheme of things.

    Each to their own though, both maps are generally available so no point arguing about it, whoever prefers which can choose the domain of their size preference in the end :p

    Well, thats not every changed that happened. On small map the regions doesn't require 10k pop to unlock, but only 4k pop to unlock. And also all regions are unlocked quite early and that means, when and ally wants to win, they have to conquer another regions and it happening earlier in the server time then on 801x801 map because everything takes so long even capturing the regions etc. So the capturing takes shorter amount of time and then we were like every other day sending attacks as an alliance or defending against the enemies. It still took 200 days, but at least something was happening. And not only in the center. (And i thing we did well, def account but mostly pop account :D 55 556 pop in total in 200 days and all the pop was spread into 14 regions.) On FAS (401x401) some of us had off villages in the center, but capitals lik in region Jerusalem or Petra to protect Jerusalem 1/2 diet is just great and we were able to attack form this co-ordinates across the sea to the Portugal, some fought in Africa etc. Another alliances in France etc. only region Hyperborea was quite boring :D

    My point is that, when something is happening like I have described, that you have feelings that the server runs faster, it isn't obv. it's still x1 server. Just my opinion. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, that when it's fun the time runs faster.

    I played ROA 801x801 map, then FAS 401x401, Pandora 401x401 and now we are preparing for Codex Victoria 401x401 :)

    I'm fed up with the slow server, this is not playing, this is torture and a nightmare.

    Never a region server can be x1, this is not playable, this speed is good for those who play only sometimes.

    Damn idea of setting this speed, I think I'll suppress

    Well, im playing on different domain, and all the region servers are great, well after they changed the map form 801x801 to 401x401 its much better. 801x801 every ally was in their region and quite nothing interesting happened, but the change to 401x401 map caused that the regions are much faster captured and the true battles can begins right after.

    In my opinion the speed of x1 on region map servers is a real torture and discouraging.

    In this type of map the minimum speed had to be x2

    I joined to know the changes Codex but I will leave the game, so it is not possible.

    In my opinion x1 is perfect speed for this type of server. When you send catapults you have time to sleep, or the seek for def and yet you can have really great armies with the possibility of joining the troops. And what is great is that, this year server will have 180 days and not 200, much better. On x2 or x3 server you have no chance to sleep, otherwise you have to have more players on a single acc to manage the time consumption of the game.

    I think the mechanics of the game are terrible... you get fields at level 5 which gives you a production of 200 to 300 of each resources but to go to level 6 you need over 1000 of some of the resources which means you are building fields every 4-5 hours. It will take you 2-3 days to get your fields to 6 (if you don't do any other improvements to your village). What is the point on starting at level 5 with such a low production. It is not speeding up the start but bugging it down. Also, after you settle your 3 villages your cp production for your villages is is around 200 cp, you need 2700 for your fourth village. At that rate it is going to take you 10-13 days to settle your fourth. What is the point on giving us 3 villages that you can hardly upgrade from the beginning, when it is going to take you the same amount of time to get to villages 4 like in the previous version. (plus in the previous version you would have better developed villages)... If you are going to do these changes, you need to increase the production of the fields and the cp that the villages produces if not this accelerated version doesn't work.


    well, I don't think so, you will be forced to wait 14 dayt to ger 4th village ;) just sit take some calculator and do some easy math stuff. You can do it much faster then you would told.

    Something different:

    I don't mind the new look of the game, but I really hate the fields/town button, its a crap and you have to admit it. The developers are forcing us to use the "X" button on the right, but i dont want to, I was used to to use the fields or town button as a refresh button. I hate it.

    I hope that the general statisctics are working properly and shows us the right numbers.