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    Your leader knew about it as it was happening, I'd say that does mean betrayed was in on it tbh
    There was no need for a mm as only a select few could get there in time

    Either way, I always enjoy to read an analysis and see others point of view
    Just would like to know more about the NE quad - be interesting to see whats going on there

    I know of a few catapults from FOL being sent at FOX but thats about the extent of what I know there

    If you can't see how one dimensional that perspective is, I'm uncertain I can explain it to you. The comments you've made simply corroborate the limitations I described.

    You're basically saying that anyone who isn't raiding very heavily, isn't super high population or doesn't have a 15c 125+ cropper is deadweight? Effectively, this analysis and the benefits you're putting forward as being attached to it are saying that if I were to take the top 5 raiding off accounts in my alliance and set up a mini wing, I would be better off than I am now because my averages would be higher, which is clearly not the case. We might as well just stick Donald Putin in a one man alliance and be done with it! Then he could have highest average pop, highest percentage of 15cs settled, highest raid count. Clearly you guys are all deadweight holding them back!

    In truth though, any player worth their salt who has seen a game play out til endgame will appreciate that you don't need to be top 50 pop or in raiders week in week out to produce a serious endgame hammer or anvil. This analysis would discount those accounts entirely, or, as you put it, class them as 'deadweight'.

    Apart from the statistics what can be said at this stage of the game?
    We know gotn have been spanking you in your own backyard with half the amount of players, but it can’t be put into statistics really unless we started counting how many times your lot had a village zeroed?