I dont have answer from MH few last days. E-mail same (my message was blocked like spam?).

    So if I know about violation of rules where i can report?

    Ameno i know you can saw deleted post on forum, please checked it and answer for question about fair play and yours phrase "all players was checked many times for round". Here we saw post with scripts which modified standart game page. Basic math and we already find cheater who used script and dont have ban.


    If you want a fairplay as you say you can admit who players from BAD Cerber Hype Winter etc have multi accounts and farm them all the time

    You Russians cheat more than anyone else on that server...

    Are we ok now?

    And as you say that you dont play on the server i can tell that i dont play either and i log in on someone's else acc just to see how the server is going

    Kova471 said that they stop attacking G&V because they did not find any point on that anymore.Also every week they send reports in Safiren in which they destroy and steal villages but they forget to send the reports from Toni from Natassa1 cap from ZG8Q and so many others when they try to chief villages...

    Travian is played ingame and not with reports on the forum trying to approve that you are good players...