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    Could you tell us about the boosted players with off and deffpoints in the stats?
    Will they get rewards for breaking your rules?

    You are boosting yourself like your hole meta to get most deffpoints.

    "Those prizes attracted a bad crowd"

    Dacia are just noobs.

    Weird that the guy who is representing travian in that case is russian too - hmmmm

    Also last year travian was involed - weird that always russia find bugs in the game to abuse :D

    Well, only meaningful reports that hit infrastructure / WW levels would be good, since we need to forward them to tech supporters. Currently no rollbacks are considered. I am not saying that sudden starvation is a good thing, but no decisions will be made "on the spot" based only on forum thread until any losses are verified, counted and damage estimated.

    If there are 50 reports, then let it be 50.

    Then first check and they do calls.

    (By starting non starvation you confirmed the issues - just saying.. )

    If the endgame is getting destroyed cause travian is not able to give a working script all costumer can just get all money from paypal back and look for a new game.

    fucking trash.

    This is just to prevent futher possible starvation. The TS is preparing the troops restoring, but with this number of troops this action is not immediate.

    Are you joking?
    Can you please do a calcuation what happens if a hammer hits 50kk deff or 30kk?
    Maybe you see why just restore deff dont help.

    The problem is that all planning got destroyed.

    That WW had not the deff they should have cause of a bug!

    -> more damange on levels cause of a bug! <-

    Hi. Short update. Currently no-starvation mode is enabled on Finals. It will last till 15-00 server time tomorrow, 26.02. The rest is being looked at.

    And that will help in which way?
    WWC attacked WWs with way less deff.
    The hole Endgame is destroyed.
    Just restore troups will not help anybody..

    This is a litle bit confuse for me.

    Lets see,im a player that dont play whit 2 mutch gold but i have a allie that spend gold.

    It is not for the benifit of my acount if he farms 2 or 3 of my villages to have troop to clean the area(since he has the abillity to make more troops and faster then i)?

    If he push the adversaries to far of my villages isnt that in my benefit?

    is that against the rules you say?

    Dont try to discuss about rules.
    Top Attacker + Top Deffender get boosted by their own multis...

    This is a possible scenario...but Travian is still at fault here.
    One team demolishes 5 minutes before, the other team demolishes 6-7 minutes before? Where is the cutoff point? They were free spots before the spawns and thus should be treated as such - this is not knowledge made available to Travian.

    I don't agree that the Russians knew...but easy to blame the Russians because Russians are...Russians :P.

    Only sensible solution is a rollback.

    warlock if you dont know how a game is coded please stop telling people here where the issues is.

    Travian check spawns while checking (your idea by 5min before is total ;) -> that would mean that just 1 new village will crash the server or the spawn system)

    Uff I guess cause they dont want to get adoss a BP
    If cords would be the announced one he would be the fasted with boots

    But why you still focusing on the player?

    I mean all can charge back with paypal.

    Based on the facs what happend that round paypal will give us the money back.
    No doubt.

    But even that only helps I guess like 1/3 of the server
    Sure we talk about some thousends but I hope that problem will not just be ignored by travian.

    Fact is:

    Travian Offically Accounced the BP Spawns!

    Fact is:

    Travian spawn the villages on other cords.

    What will be the consequence next to a more dying travian community?

    I play in -/- and just made that forum acc to say:
    Travian move you butt! You can not let metas pay for your imcompetence!!