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    I think it wil be smaller map.
    Mabye 200x200

    Something with the new 2 tribes.

    I guess same artifact system like old special server -> areas to conquer

    I also guess, that also the waterworks will get nerved. Maybe way more expensive or less oasis bonus.

    As often told I guess it will be hard to have multis. Maybe just make legal teamwork better -> be able to support allianes you play as team with (even if not the same alliance)

    Alright, I'll be the first to admit I'm a bit of a noob. This was my second time ever buying gold. I did so on an account that I had set to delete so that I could transfer it to another account in a few days. And now the gold is completely unusable. I'm a little offended that there was zero warning that this would happen. Nowhere is there a warning message or tip that you can't delete for a whole week after purchasing gold. Can someone please submit feedback to HQ that that would be a really nice and polite thing to have?

    Also from a game perspective... What is the purpose of this rule? I can't think of one other than to piss people off. It seems rather arbitrary.

    Yeah thats travian.
    A well organized game without tons of bugs/bots/multis and all that kind of stuff.

    I guess the reason is only to prevent buying gold and then delete account (for example at 20% offer gold) to have it for a new server start. :)

    Can you ask why all recent servers I've played on have had a surge in the number of bot accounts - can security in general be improved on servers? If more multihunters are needed can this information be displayed so people can apply if they feel they can help?


    You think Travian like to delete 50%+ of th server on accounts to make them even more dead?