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    Now in other news.... i want to cata MFH can someone plz name a nice target. Im thinking Crunchie or maybe SR (although i hear he is a screamer so he will probably be better as a fake target) <3<3<3

    Edit: only a joke ofc. i would never attack Crunchie :saint:

    Yeah im sorry for my lack language skills.

    Should have known that those comments about the lack of glory in attacking someone outside of an ally and need to point out how you only attacked us after you got attacked was all about being disapointed in betrayed leadership/lack of defensive help.

    Also makes total sense to write fenrir to point out you disapointment.

    My mistanke! Will go back to school for sure :p

    As i said you had a good run and did some damage ;-) Fighting back = earning respect. Going on forum to complain about being cataed in a war game .... well that does the opposite in my opinion. I don't think i have much more to say about it.

    Im tempted to be a bit** because as i see it you are complaining. But i will try to actually answer:

    So what if you where not in Betayed at the time? you had off and you have shown a willingness to use it against us (with some success i might add). You said it yourself its not sim city. Its a war game.

    That means Fenrir should do what he can to stop you. Period. End of discussion. Its his job to protect GOTN by making it expensive as f* to attack us and/or be in opposing allies. Its not about glory - its about protecting/serving members

    Good job cutting waves - and you had a good run until you deleted. By your own account you chiefed two GOTN villas. Which means you made it expensive for us. Good on you

    Dahm childen behave or i will have to put you all in separate corners :-P

    btw Moon it was a nice run you had. GJ. Also being targeted actually usually means you are considered a threat/ someon who needs to be shut down. So dont take it so personally. Its a war game, things get smashed up. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose ;-)

    Alex.... but why are you using axes and tk in a wall ?

    Edit: tbf to KTF deffending against the amount of incoming that you are gonna have in any given op is crazy. Most of the time we (hel) use two hammers, 8 waves is pretty much standard (which mean croplock/ress lock), on average we will have attacks out on about 10-15, maybe 20 villas. just our acc :-)

    Better i good dictator than a weak democracy - specially when im the one making the rules.

    Actually i think the rules are very fair.

    If i where in charge the rule would be: all bow and my will is law. So everything would be illegal and against the rules unless i say otherwise (and ofc it would be totally arbitrary)

    on the other hand it would cut down on the amount you needed to read ;-)

    tbf yes i am surprised that MFH is holding on. Although you do seem to have alot of inactive players if i look at growth stats and so on. As it has been said u have some very decent deffensive players - not impressed with your offensive players if im being honest. But yes u guys sure are stubbern and hard to get rid off ;-)

    As to what will happen from now on. Who know - as long as MFH is in the quad I would guess more op's hitting MFH feeders, arts, caps and what not. :love: