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    At this point in time NV is a real chaos. We not only have conflicts between alliances of different nationalities ... but the biggest conflict is between the Romanian alliances!

    From my point of view for the end-game we only have to watch the fight between the ita-arab meta and the Ru-Union meta. I am absolutely convinced that it will be an interesting ending ... And for this I already have prepared my popcorn.

    same here:

    On my account Gold Club isn't anymore activated..

    Should I pay the second time for an already purchased service? No ... This certainly will not happen.

    TG can not force me to return to a badly proven game.

    I do not understand how TG has gone over my decision to delete my account and repay my account.

    Since the game is full of bugs TG has to guarantee that the remaining gold can be used in any world I want ... not where it wants TG. Finally, it is not my fault that TG could not guarantee the normal operation of the game.

    What TG does not understand right now is that the premise of a fair game with equal chances for all does not exist anymore.

    Any variation in the continuation of the current edition of TT is one in which many parties did not have equal treatment in the game. Due to multiple errors and game bugs (especially after rollback), players have become demotivated and will not come back ... at least not in this edition. Either this aspect radically changes the options for the continuation of the game, regardless of whether the rollback 2.0 or any other sollution will cover the damage so far.
    I don't know what do you want to "realign" but a lot of people will be already deleted from this server on Monday. So...

    I am extremely disappointed with the attitude of the TG team. The only correct solution for all the teams was the freezing of the server and natars declared as winners. The solution you are proposing only creates the premises of an incorrect support to some alliances, especially since everyone knows the vote given by each meta leaders in discussions with the TG team (5-2) - their options was known before the meeting

    The TT2018-2019 edition at this time is 100% corrupted and is not other way than server stop

    This TT edition is completely corrupted and cannot continue in such conditions.

    A lot of people are already gone because of many reasons and all of them have in center the TG's incompetence.
    More than that, if you still want to have players for next TT editions, a generous voucher should be given to each current player - at least 50% of already buyed for this edition.
    Basically, Dacia meta is no longer on Monday

    Any individual poll for Monday is useless

    At these delicate moments for you, I was thinking that at least now give you proof of transparency and empathy. Very likely the vote of meta leaders will be exposed here by us ... not by you, as would be normal.

    Oh and one player was bored and tried to conquer a city from gangsters and he got a msg that he does not have enough culture points, even if he has lots of them :)))

    So i presume city conquering is a no go at the moment :)))

    That's a bug fix

    Players destroying their own WW or refuse to build on it, other sending 5000 fakes to trigger the starving bug again. A lot of accounts on delete.

    Can you plz calm down ppl? This server is lost but at least let us finish it with some sense for dignity.

    Even if you are angry on TG for a rollback that screwed the endgame don't make it worse.

    My Dear Safiren, That's the reason of our mass delete ... we have dignity

    I believe you can plan it. Like I said, it's just additional measure (not main one) and shouldn't affect regular gameplay. And I wouldn't put any threshold about how many attacks each user can send to certain village. All I am referring to are actually terms and conditions and game rules. How exactly they will be applied you better ask Customer Service team (IGM to Multihunter, Admin).

    Reading carefully the announcement made by TG, I realize that TG has not really managed to solve the problem, it just changed the game by which certain operations related to game tactics are no longer allowed. Sending fake attacks is only allowed under certain conditions. By keeping this direction, soon, probably we will not be allowed to build more than 19 levels ... because the game is overwhelmed. Dear TG ... you just modify the game engine and, implicitly, the rules of the game because you are not able to assure the operation of this game in its original parameters.
    For me it's unbelievable the way of how TO understand to solve this issue.

    You are confused ! Its origins are ancient ,Dacian , Vitis silvetris ,
    It's produced in Romania ,more specifically Vrancea, ( here I was born ) Galati, Vaslui , Iasi , the moldavian area of Romania ,Prahova,Buzau (here I lived) and Arges .

    It's true that outside of Romania it's also produced in the Moldavian Republic .

    More than that Feteasca Neagra is an grape variety not a wine brand or a vineyards and yes is more present in Romania than Moldavia.