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    the feedback has been really good since we launch our official server and the forum is less and less used or visited.

    i do believe that, because finally tg was communicating back.

    ever since i’ve joined this forum all ive seen were posts and answers done by players/mods/community managers.

    never ever by the actual team behind the game.

    i mean obviously if they fully ignore communication in the forums and never bother to answer anything, ever. But then do that on the discord…. people will give better feedback cause finally there’s someone to talk to that has actual say with the game.

    the forum could’ve been great, it just never got used properly by tg. if they feel more comfortable using discord - fine. but don’t give this wishywashy excuse that „talking with the players“ has been better on discord. You can’t compare it to the forum if it was never done/tried. :)

    Thank you for response

    Then whats the point of villages with 1/1/1/12 resources if i cannot combine my army in normal server.?

    You mean 1-1-1-15? 15crop fields?

    Well, if used as non capital villages.. Once you've fully upgraded them you can use the crop to feed troops via traderoutes.

    Having a minus production in a normal village isn't that bad, as long as you feed it properly.

    So if you for the start build 1,000 Clubswingers to get started with raiding and such, you can simply create a traderoute into that village with 1,000Crop per hour and counter the minus production.

    Keep in mind that traderoutes are only available through the gold club which can be activated for 200 gold.

    Troops can only be used for e.g. raiding if they are send from the village they are build in. (on normal servers)

    Reinforcements to other villages can not start to attack from there.

    On regional servers (such as Shadow Empire i think its called right now) you can build troops in multiple villages and merge/integrate them into one specific village using gold/ressources. If integrated into a new "home" village you can start raiding from this specific village.

    Whatever they've done, its starting to affect normal gameworlds...

    The whole Travian Server structure seems to be taking performance hits. Not just the infamous EU30 Server ^^

    yea, please fix the freaking horse.... this is terribly unbalanced and just not fun. might aswell delete your account if you dont get it in the first 2 Adventures and start new.....

    start as it is currently is completly rng based :/

    EDIT: Started new Acc 4 hours later, got lucky, first AT horse and 3 oasis closeby. I am now further ahead than my friends who registered on server start.

    Pls fix this.

    Just make the ATs set. Everyone gets the freaking horse.. Then the only RNG left is oasis closeby and the book. and i could live with that. but the f'en horse man.... you just need that straight away. no reason to play without.....

    If you are in the marketplace tab for sending resources or in the rally point tab for sending troops, you can simply click on your villages coordinates on the right hand side of your screen. (the coordinates should be highlighted in bright-green)

    it automatically puts the coordinates into the X / Y fields and does exactly what you want. just even faster.

    so the function is already there :)

    they implemented it earlier this year i think.

    Get ready for intense quadrants and wars.


    :D:D:D:D yes was really intense!! our leaders planned a couple of ops, you did nothing to fight back or give your members any room to catch their breath... you just gave up cause you have hundreds of accounts anyway.

    yea mate so intense, much wow, what a war.

    just rolled over and gave up ^^

    When the Turks arrive

    Nah, Turks were easy, kinda like stealing candy from a child.

    ML carried youse. They are harder to beat.

    Maybe take some lessons from them and than turks might actually become an o.k. alliance :o

    The problem is how blatant cheating is nowadays.

    yea yea faster settling second village, clearing oasis... etc. i honestly dont really care about that. and its really hard to differentiate between a techmulti or a support account from a friend in early game. i dont like either, but it is what it is.

    what i find despicable is the INSANE amount of farming once midgame starts. Accounts that dont really grow whatsoever and people exclusively raid all the production from those accounts.

    Your trying to tell me that 50 Accounts+ with 4446 Capitals, couple of villages, all villages only constructed for production - nothing else, barely any troops, and CLEARLY no desire to expand/have a good account etc. no army building, doesnt have multiple def villages, like... any FOOL can see that this is not an account that is played with the goal to ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME.

    And those are being farmen in MASSES.

    Constantly. NON STOP. From the same accounts and they farm millions of millions of ressources just of those accounts.

    its just soo sad to see that that is legit and allowed... "yea just a couple of friends, they dont really understand the game and yea... you know." ah yea sure okay.

    it would be soo easy for travian to ban/delete all of those, anyone whos played atleast 2-3 rounds of travian - properly played - can distinguish between REAL ACCOUNTS and those trash tech farming accounts.

    atleast the german community is lucky enough that it is really frowned upon and our national servers are mostly clear of this ridiculous mid/late game farming and BOOSTING...

    if they keep this EDITED up, and they actually start to merge servers ( => remember the poll? ) and it will be like this on every server..

    i think thats when im really done with the game.

    from what i've seen from early game: yes.

    Eperience distribution is directly linked to the amount of defense (crop) is provided by one player.

    Only Hero = 6 crop = percentual distribution of experience based on how much offense was killed.

    In your case; the game would try to distribute a large amount of experience the defenders that are missing their hero (because they have a large amount of def in crop present). But since no hero is there, the experience will just vanish and will not get re-distributed to the one party that has his hero stationed.

    Now.. i havent tested it, but this is what i have witnessed from several gameworlds in the beginning and im pretty certain this is how the xp-system works :)