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    How can it not have confirmation? Sitting in the middle like that? It should be separated from send button completely. It's not like you'd miss it and you need only once per server.

    its there because once you activate it, it changes to the "Add Wave" button. The 50 gold Wave Builder button is a placeholder for the add wave function...

    but thats just stupid. They should put it somewhere different...... and not make it act as a place holder.

    The entire button should only appear once youve activated the wavebuilder.

    I heard the expensive 50 gold button doesn't even bring up a confirmation box. And it's a big button close to the main button of a page we often click through carelessly. Please..!


    u mean this?

    Yes, its really stupid. Just annoying to even put it there... honeslty...

    TG just wants people to missclick and waste 50 gold on it, mh? yaay. more gold down the drain.


    Just move it.

    Thats ridiculous.

    I always liked Travians graphic style.

    A bit childish, a bit playful... Just easy on the eyes and very distinguishable.

    The problem I have with the graphic change is that Travian loses that. It feels plain and uninspired.

    With the old graphics I at least had some color variation in my villages. There was just more going on, idk... I genuinely enjoyed "clicking around". I guess... it felt more alive?

    Having the same color pattern for everything might be more correct for a tribes specific building style and such.. but there needs to be some sort of variation. The playful color scheme is one of the reasons I always preferred Travian over other strategy browser games, such as DieStämme.

    Now some might say that its really not that important.. and yea maybe it isn't. Maybe I'll get used to it and stuff.. but I'll always miss something.
    Another problem is that I actually don't know how to fix it. :D Like how to combine those two designs into one that's even better..

    Anyways.. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    The Cranny is fine as it is. Its not meant to store/safe all your ressources. thats not the purpose of the building. Its an utility building which does its job and is perfect as it is.

    Its redundant once you hit a certain point in the game - but thats fine. Its not supposed to be THAT meaningful.

    Its essential for quick settling at the start, it prevents raids in your supps/ your starting village, its useful for settling close to the enemy, and it actually saved one of my off villages once due to just saving enough ressources for me to rebuild with timed ressources during waves.

    Changing it would just be unnecessary. Theres no need for it.

    Now the Trapper on the other hand... honestly, i've heard some people in my alliance call it OP. ^^

    You'd think its insignificant and has no impact on the gameplay, but the amount of villages we've skipped to actually raid, because our test raid got captured... You just never make the ressources back that you lose once your units die when you free them.. Now unless its an actual inactive account with full storages.

    But in general, the trapper almost singlehandedly secures you from turning into a farm. just because its so annoying.

    Increasing the capacity would just make gauls impossible to raid, ever. Or even bash. Imagine trying to bash a TT off with your EI and your whole EI off just gets captured xD

    plz dont. ::|

    its also not realistic that roman traders are second slowest and can carry way less goods than the other tribes.. if you consider, that they were the most advanced at the time with streets and what not :thinking:

    i get what your saying with it being unrealistic that a horse unit can carry less than a standard legionaire, but there always have to be tradeoffs.. advantages/disadvantages. Its not logical, but its decent balance.

    You've just sent the worst waves I've seen in quite some time.. Thanks for that mate, seeing you in the defense list really brightens up my morning. Like.. I'd actively have to try to "outnoob" that. :osd:

    Anyway, after that one.. You really shouldn't talk. You're not even in this conversation. Heck, you don't even share the same room.. let alone the same building as some of these players.

    And now, continue. :popcorn: