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    So. Many. Techs. I'd be surprised if there are more than 100 real people playing this server. Each VICE player is running 10 accounts at minimum, no doubt. I'm sure Loffe is showing everyone the gray area of the rules. I guess that's why it's so easy for them to defend against post-arti, single-shot cata attacks.

    1. Battle of Teutoburg Forest; battle took place in/around 9 C.E.; there is dispute about where the battle took place, but most people believe that it took place near Osnabrück in northwest Germany; battle was between the Romans and the Germanic tribes (Teutons); Germanic tribes annihilated the Romans in a running battle.

    2. Battle of Alesia; battle took place in 52 BC; battle took place in modern day France, there is dispute about the exact location; battle was between the Romans, led by Julius Caesar, and the Gallic tribes (Gauls); In fact, the battle is actually two battles in one. The first, the Romans surrounded the small force led by Vercingetorix, which is illustrated by the blue marking on the map. The Romans built a defensive/offensive wall to prevent a breakout from the enclosed fortress, which is illustrated by the red lines on the map. The second, in an effort to relieve the Vercingetorix's forces, the Gallic tribes united (somewhat) and marched a relief force to Alesia. Caesar then built a defensive wall, encircling his troops and effectively sandwiching himself between the two Gallic forces. This is represented by the black line. Despite attempts to break through, Caesar was able to stave off the relief force and ultimately force the Gauls to surrender. Roman victory that resulted in the subjugation of Gaul.