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    most of the credit for this show is to ea of the players of gunners that keep rebuilt and fight after all of this.

    good leader is a leader who know to chose good people to be around him.

    Both very valid points without such resilient determined players gunners may have fallen by the way side within a few Zerg ops.

    Leadership have made some excellent decisions regarding recruitment and surrounded themselves with some incredible players,

    1qaz you could argue it was a folly not to join the collossal 4 quad Zerg or that we could have tried to mend ties or at least join in against the nords. As we’ve heard from others the safer option or coward approach as I prefer to call it does little keeping our players engaged or entertained.

    instead we have seen Gunners grow a pair and become king jewels, opting instead to be an independent driving force holding our own against a collective force of almost 1000 players.

    Yet despite the ongoing Zerg ops, despite Zerg shared artefacts, defense, comfort and security in numbers, it’s becoming clear that in spite of everything Gunners is still very much in a competitive position.

    The easy diplomatic route may not have been taken like Gow and others have chosen, then again the road less travelled, the road more arduous is proving far more rewarding, at least for me it is, rather then holding hands singing kumbuya and hoping for easy street.

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets resilient!

    Astounding isn’t it Gunners have roughly 4-5 times more kills then most alliances, even third place ten Doesn’t even come close being outgunned by approximately 2-3 times.

    Maria it’s good your still here Witnessing history unfold before your very eyes. What an exciting intense server this is and against all odds!

    You know Anze(nra) told me a little while ago When he got ten/gow/2.01/dnd/goats and everyone he could to do his bidding and Zerg against Gunners that by now he expected we would be history, either his a liar or meant we would make history 8)

    I doubt we’ll ever see an alliance as well equipped as duat or IKEA or see an alliance as potent as Gunners ever again. Perhaps these great alliance leaders can empart some of their wisdom and skills after endgame?

    With more defense used and seen since travians dark ages (prior to eg) I just hope Gunners didn’t forget to build those ww hammers too =O

    bcause of a bat the corona started, bcause of a bat the war against GUNNERS started :)

    for one thing they found vaccine, for the other......

    Lol 1qaz, your posts are becoming on par with Maria's of late, even her posts are more well thought out then yours. I'd be happy to add this to the zerg's wall of excuses, if it wasn't for the fact that the zerg approached us to do joint ops against the nordics, which would have been over 1000 players against them and close to 150 hammers marching <X

    I'm enjoying this round a lot and I will take great pleasure in seeing the mega meta zerg defeated, Gunners may not win but we are strong enough to ensure neither does the mega meta zerg. Regardless of what happens with ww's now, I'm satisfied with the coming outcome,

    Ironically zerg talk about superior diplomacy but all that is going to mean diddly squat when the mega meta zerg lose the server.

    imagine having near 1000 players and still not being able to win lmfao :D

    Last night was a bloody day for the supreme champions, 4 quads came together against us, and we were once again put to the ultimate test. A zerg mega meta with over 800 accounts, together against us, last time they sent over 100 hammers walking. And we lost around 30 caps and two wwks, but still managed to kill around 10% of their hammers,..This time round we improved.

    The mega Meta Zerg op only had around 90 hammers to play with, Gunners had a loss of lb and lA, and they smashed around 20 caps, still Gunners stood firm weathering the storm, this time slaughtering more then 10% of the mega meta Zerg hammers that were used against us.

    I’m not sure what tactics the zergs are thinking but it’s becoming clear Gunners resolve is unmatched, whilst facing dire straits and a battle against obscene odds that no one expects us to win. Defying all this, naysayers and critics, Gunners continue to stand tall rising to the mega meta Zerg challenge.

    A performance that defies belief, Gunners continue to wipe away millions of offense, as the loses start to also mount for the zerg meta, gunners continue to work and expand upon their defensive stance, it may not be too long before the zerg’s start worrying about their own hammers.

    Even Gunners wwk’s are making time for anvil villages. Somehow without the use of diets or leveled up capitals, Our defense, operation hammers, and our egh‘s are still amongst the strongest in the game, even in the face of bewildering odds, that may not have been seen before in the entire history of travian!

    Against the most dishonourable zerg tactic , their is still a growing belief in Gunners as the zerg begin to trip over themselves and stumble over.

    I never thought I’d say this on such a competitive server but mayb, just maybe Gunners are good enough take on over 1000 players from 4 different quads ? But how is this even possible ?

    Well done Gunners, next op there will be only 70+ hammers they can use against us and more opportunities to wall. And if we get through a few more times they won’t even outgun us combined :)

    Here is a quick snap shot of some my favourite samples of the more notable splats, there were quite a few smaller hammers splats and partial splats of hammers you can also see these in the discord chat. Apologies for quality, special mention to our snipers, some of the best I’ve seen that continue to cut waves limiting damage, keep up the amazing effort top guns!

    Nice try Lol you must be forgetting these are tactics have already been used by Gow your Zerg partners Not to mention purchasing resources and looks like your conviently forgetting about Tens password bank again 😂

    No I’m not talking about what the zerg does already, if you don’t know anything about the gunner way, I’m not about to teach you either , tbh I don’t think ten would care anyway since they’ve always used the same Zerg tactics:D

    Zerger zerger love that saying now...

    Brezz proud zerger.

    Pippin certainly didn't seem overly enthusiastic by the idea.. Mega meta zergers are usually notorious for spies and having an abundance of mediocre players, yet you love zerg metas they are batTastic or zergTacular to you ?

    Why not look for more of a quality slick team of stars, the kind I'm sure you'd agree goats used to be well known as. Or rebrand goats as sheep, it's much better suited to an alliance of zerg followers.

    If there are no objections I will call Goats sheep from now on, calling the alliance Goats seems far to much of an insult for me to the real goat and cwl players that would sooner delete then align themselves to a 4 quad zerg meta.

    Are Gunners and Nordics really so strong they need to be zerged against in order to be defeated ? .

    They are good yes, but why not adapt and try to overcome them by attempting to employ similar or stronger strategies, going for a zergfest seems pretty lame ngl, especially for a famed alliance like goats that in the past would have instigated a 4 quad war against themselves, back when the glory of battle used to take precedence from any kind of zerg tactics..

    "battle doesn't need a purpose the battle is the purpose, don't ask why we fight"

    seems rather an insult to include cwl's old battle hymn, sure goats have some battle hammers but the biggest fight on display from the Goats so far, is the fight to become one of the biggest zerg's of all times. Brezz do you think this is the kind or record original goats or cwl players would have had in mind or seek to be breaking ?

    Ten/2.01/Dnd/Goats/Gow 800+ players = The ultimate Zerg

    please put something like this in your profiles, this far more accurately depicts what goats, I mean the sheep have become.

    Ode to Zerglings

    Demented insane chaotic to the floor

    Standing united, sheep to the core

    brrrZergers of pain, not lovers of war

    lords be dead

    Those Masters would dread

    How we zerg and give our meta friends head!

    Battle doesn't need a purpose, zerg is the purpose!

    we can bend upside down like tortoise!

    Don't ask why our spawns burn or we zerg to fight!

    Straight up numbers still somewhat higher than others, and especially higher than Goats and TEN, no? And again, pure amount is one thing, another is quality of them.

    "supposedly" lol. I got plenty of requests to join, and declined them all, including my former dual. Never said I played on the server. But yes, I'll come and post here when I feel like it, sorry if that annoys you :P still an interesting server to spectate ;)

    Mads are you even playing com 2 ? or just decided to check in to support some goats propaganda (happy birthday btw)

    Duet and ikea numbers are similar to Gow's and less then tens, greater then Goats but in no way are their numbers significantly different on a 1v1 basis.

    Tell me mads, if we ignore the wall of zerg type excuses for a moment, do you think it's fair play and just that 5 metas go against one team outnumbering them 4:1 ?

    Yes you heard absolutely correctly, 5 metas! not one or two or three teams, NO! we are talking about 5 metas, just to repeat so there is no confusion Mads. With around 800 players and over 100 hammers marching in any single operation, which is 3 times what even the team with the most hammers can send.

    Odds at least 4:1 here, cmon be honest does this really seem normal for you, when the average quality of meta players is much higher then ordinary .com domains here..

    Now you've spoken about teams that do joint operations as not necessarily confed, and pretty much echoed the zerg choir on this. Normally I'd agree with this stance, however we are not just talking about ordinary op sharing it goes way deeper then that.

    We are seeing a huge notable difference then just a confab of 100+ op hammers landing. What's also different here is shared artefacts, shared defense which overlaps and coincides with the joint operations, basically everything which is traditional between confed partners is being played out between the 5 meta mega zerg on a much larger scale.

    Thankfully this confab of nearly 1000 players also seems to have it's fair share of disgruntled players even disgruntled leaders, which brings me to my next point, what the mega meta zerg are planning for endgame.


    For me this is a cracking server I'd never expected our enemy thought we were so good, they would bring to the furor 5 metas from 4 different quads to tackle just one team, but all may not be what it seems, here is some news what I found out from the massive zerg discussions.

    As we know there are 7 metas competing for endgame, Gunners,Ikea/duat, Ten,2.01,Gow,Goats, (Dnd)- playing a side kick & support role also helping to direct the zerglings) unfortunately for the zergs there is not really enough plans to go around for everyone, we've seen already the ultimate mega meta have shared artefacts, even players but how will thing's look moving forward, so let's have a look.

    Every meta if they go it alone needs at least 2 sets of ww plans, stay with me here because this is where the mega meta zerg becomes conflicted, since they think that ikea/duet will try to take most if not all of the plans, based on a central strategic position (apparently they heard of them doing it on another server). Before I continue if your part zerg, you may not want to read on. I apologize in advance to anyone in the mass mega meta that thought it was an enemy of my enemy type of deal, or that alliances would go back to working for themselves at some stage, sorry to burst that bubble, you can still believe I'm wrong if you like..

    The mega meta leaders also believe they will be extremely lucky to secure even 4-6 ww plans, they don't believe this is realistic option for them. And this is where the leaders of the zerg believe their real problem is, which is also cause for the mega meta zerg to be working so closely in the first place.

    Goats/Ten2.0/Gow would still legitimately need 6 sets of plans right ?? if you thought this like I used to then you'd be wrong. Here is where the zerg is heading to put the cherry on the cake.

    Your still with me ? it gets really awkward for the mighty mega herd from here... Notice when Dnd are worried about defense they have their members move over to ten or gow or wherever they can to have defense provided for them, and we've seen mega meta artefacts conveniently passed around already, now this is where it gets really ugly

    Gow,ten,2.01,Goats, dnd actually have a separate discord channel, where mostly leaders and supposed trusted players are present. What I was reading there indicates that in the very strong likelihood of the mass mega meta missing out on at least the 6 plans they require, they are willing to share plans and even pop members in to a same ally, even if they can just secure 2 or 4, which is evidently a much more likely situation then securing 6.

    The zergs have the numbers ofc and this helps them to cause a lot of damage together, but they lack the prime position and real estate to take nearly half the plans needed, even with overwhelming numbers they don't expect it to happen, and are already planning for possible worst case scenarios....

    Without giving to much more away, here is at least some food for thought, mark my words and lets see if this is another accurate batman prediction ;)

    1qaz I created this thread for zerg related discussions, if your not sure about gow teching id suggest you fly away and consult your leader Mr. Sparrow, a renowed techer who can teach you and point you in the direction of Gow techs.

    I'm more then happy ofc continuing the discussion about Gow techs or Gow hypocrisy in the current news thread, there we can discuss a broad array of topics without diluting other threads and going off topic here.

    A little ironic given how earlier in the server you were so proud of your ability to keep your NAP going when GOATS and IKEAS feel apart. But hey I guess hypocrisy is everywhere eh.

    Server was set up a bit differently, even at that time we were well aware Goats were already busy talking to every meta scheming. And Ten being ten were always going to try to beat us with numbers..

    I also predicted ten zerging 2.01 and other quads early on, interestingly even before the wall of excuses ;)

    openly promoting abuse of tor..

    I guess you forgot about Ten’s password bank sharing when you wrote that post.

    So has GoW done as well but I don't see you chewing them about it, I wonder why?

    Not forgetting Gow we’re the only team that pretty much had their entire leadership banned, it doesn’t bother ten tho as long as Gow play ball in their ultimate mega meta.

    You are just a bunch of cowards that know you are a bunch of cowards but instead of just owning up to it and carry on zerging look for every excuse under the sun to justify a 4v1. And when you do that you inevitably start tripping over your own feet like Heverton the Clown here going after Gunners for things his own zerg buddies are just as guilty for doing. We got a word for that, it's called hypocrisy.

    Agreed just an oversized bunch of hypocritical zerglings. That built the largest mega meta of any of the current .com domains out of cowardice.

    If Gunners losses this 5v1 war then so be it. Our resolve and commitment as a team from what I can tell has never been stronger.

    let the zerg keep making excuses it’s not like Gow or anyone hasn’t done worse, for me it’s the pinnacle of the game when 5 metas and 4 quads come against us. Where as the players fighting in the zerg must be knowing that their leaders are thinking of them as fairly trash.

    I don’t care that our leaders didn’t do more diplomacy or decided not to Zerg with the mega meta against the nordics. I’m happier that our leadership have faith in our members and believe in our own abilities.

    Well I tried to lick their a** so that they don't attack me but its been for naught.

    You should see how brown Anze‘s tongue gets right before he joins a zerg Alliance for defense, “help me please good alliance I have the biggest hammer, Gunners is bad, zerg is good”

    For me there is no greater honor and joy then seeing the enemy squirm and zerg all around you, it means more to me then all of our victories, if we lose it will only be because it took 4 quads and 800 of the best Travian has to offers to stop us. The Gunners & nordics who chose not to Zerg, these players will be remembered as the true champions, even long after any zerg has won.

    Antze aka lord slimey (like lohahalol and sardinea), started crying and going all personal with overboard attacks over tactics that no one can say are against game rules, anyone that knows dnd or vices understand they’ve been known to use techs and are often found akin to turning their backs on game rules...

    Gow/ten/2.0/dnd/goats ect, ect..who cares, really ? I’d rather be remembered an under dog with a true warrior spirit, fighting off 4 quads, then being part of the zergling super mass. The helper antz whose efforts will long be in vain.

    How can anybody be proud of a 5-6 meta Zerg..could you imagine if Gunners or the nordics joined in, server would have been pretty much against the Natars 😂

    As his 200+ account team continues to fight his former team of approx 100 accounts. Noble indeed :)

    Why do you like to leave the truth out? nvm let’s finish this properly.

    His former teammates dnd, were backed by incredible numbers, hundreds from ten2.0 + an additional couple of hundred more from gow too.

    The noble warrior can no longer look in the zerg direction or join gow or ten anymore for instant access defense from easy street.

    After turning his back on this oversized ally, unperturbed to this day Mojo Dojo forges on valiantly ahead, even whilst being confronted and surrounded by the ultimate mega meta Zerg !


    Gunners leaders have repeatedly stated they have considerably less people (actual humans) then they do accounts. Gunners themselves have stated like 150 people- when they had well over 200 accounts premade.


    If this is true then sounds like your getting played again. Gunners has amongst the highest average pop, you see we are not your average 2.01 bit player or part time ten player for that matter. If you took the time to message some of these players you’d probably be surprised to find that most even have duals,

    As good as Gunners are even I wouldn’t be foolish enough to believe 4 wings and two of the top alliances, that all that is formed by so few players.

    You know while I was on vacation my ip changed as I visited Internet cafes, I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets around..

    if I were you Heverton I’d look for the more logical explanations first, leaders will often say things to confuse our enemy to keep them bewildered or on their toes, especially after a power play has just been made.