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    A number of our leaders have been contacted by your leadership asking for us to join you and this wasn't right at the start of the game but just a couple of weeks back was the last attempt. When it was clear that this tactic would not work you even started sending out long essays to our players trying to get them to leave.

    Ten‘s diplomats trying to do what they do best, only this time 2.01 has thwarted ten’s attempts at diplomacy, Ten has also failed to swat 2.01 away like they said they would.

    Makes sense that Ten would seek to enlist outside help to assist them, in doing a job they should have been able to handle themselves.

    FYI, 2.01 has played 2 rounds together as a team before this.... 2.01 is not a new team just a bad team.

    It’s been stated before 2.01 have played before and won before, they are not a bad team considering the quality of most servers, com2 is in a completely different class of it’s own, quality here is the best I’ve seen on a. com domain for a long time.

    no affliations with IKEA or whatsoever, unlike you who confessed NAP ing with DND.
    Not much else to add here. Batman, you have been pretty dormant for couple of weeks. What happened? Leaders not happy with you?

    You make it sound like I had something to do with Gunners and Dnd nap lol, I think it’s good our leaders were honest about it from the get go unlike some alliances that we’re caught sneaking behind the scenes promising golden handshakes.

    Where as Gunners and Dnd have shown nothing to hide offering to be completely transparent about the agreed nap from the start.

    Otherwise not really much to report from the ne side, yet. And It’s good to hear from other alliances and players positions too. I’ve got nothing but praise for the Gunners and Dnd leadership they’ve locked down our quad in the shortest amount of time and they work tirelessly around the clock to ensure our players can reach the very best of their full potential.

    I feel like I need to weigh in a bit here. you said this has all been with out the help of DND. TEN have also been begging 2.01 to join them but have been so far rejected..

    NO one is begging you to joing us. no1 and no2 hamers of 2.01 joined us and from what ive heard from them,im clearly not impressed with how the leadership of 2.01..

    Seems more like after peaceful negotiations with 2.01 failed and 2.01 did not want to become a ten wing like others have (e.g ten ad and whatever those other noobs are called) Ten then decided to harass 2.01 players individually to recruit them that way and succeeded with a couple of players and maybe spies, does not mean these are the best 2.01 players out there or anything like that.

    Here’s what I think actually happened in a round about way, ten begged 2.01, ten got pissed when 2.01 wouldn’t become ten wings, ten calls in there diplomats and recruits the best players they can, case closed.

    Batman. Suggesting that Ikea have some kind of affiliation or collaboration to work with another meta (in this case TEN) to kick someone weaker (in this case 2.01) on a joint basis is a bit of an insult to Ikea.

    They are the team that went to war and broke a NAP deliberately on the basis they did not want to be part of what they perceived to be collaboration with others only 30 days ago. To suggest the same team (Ikea) subsequently turned straight around and immediately started to collaborate is kinda questioning their entire raison d'etre.

    It doesn't take much time to open a Map of greyzone and observe that 2.01 for reasons known only to them have decided it's a splendid idea to settle 8 of their 2.01 villas in the greyzone. And then act surprised and shocked that a couple of Ikea accounts might be taking an interest in them as a result. Who would have thought? 8o

    probably isn’t quite a nap or confed yet at this stage,

    Agreed I think Ikea explained their position quite well, can Ikea confirm or deny that ten haven’t asked them to work together ?

    I would have thought it’s more of an insult to ten and mist4 haverton that they are prepared to beg and hug almost any alliance.

    TEN have also been begging 2.01 to join them but have been so far rejected,

    I’m not saying that Ikea wants to work with ten perish the thought, but could ten have begged Ikea to work with them too ?

    TEN and IKEA have a NAP until proven otherwise.

    It’s possible, probably isn’t quite a nap or confed yet at this stage, altho with ten’s rep for hugging I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong.


    Finely i can spek my birt ladvige agen and somone will understand me. :love:

    Response from Ikea and Maria the same 8|

    and like you said this has all been with out the help of DND. TEN have also been begging 2.01 to join them but have been so far rejected, that doesn't sound much like the pummelling you talk of.

    Ten have been known to recruit and confed anything that can breath behind a computer, more honor for 2.01 not to become Ten fodder.

    That said @Wilby I’ve been very impressed with 2.01 and Ne meta’s recent defensive operations, it’s also true both teams have been catching some troops and 2.01 has definitely walled more then what I’ve seen from Ne meta. For small teams I have to agree both are doing well and should be proud of efforts for fighting back.

    It's possible Ikea are just picking over 2.01 looking for farms?

    It may be a slight exaggeration to say 2.01 or ne meta are farm alliances, on a quiet server they would likely still win. On com2 however only the best of the best can make that distance.

    Come on Batty.

    All of a sudden, you have absolutely nothing at all to say. Please tell us. Since you know so much about what's happening in both Gunners and DND. Will they fight over artis..

    Your guess is as good as mine. The nap could blow up in our faces and turn the ne in to a cluster feck major shet storm much worse then other quads combined, it could also be possible Gunners and Dnd can adapt well enough to extend a nap a bit longer or even share as well as they were able to share territory.

    This would be extremely difficult to pull off especially working out who gets what. And would still likely blow up especially with other quads eyeing off the ne, it definitely puts Gunners and Dnd in a very difficult position.

    Ofc I don’t claim to know everything about what’s happening, It’s not always a case of the bat who knew too much. I think even you’d agree most of what is written on the forum is simply just conjecture.

    But at over 500 posts now on this alone, it may be the highest server ever spam thread, TG will love it.



    Indeed, this round has been very competitive. Tg could pick out the best posts and we’d still be able to make a Travian novel of fun packed entertainment. I haven’t seen a server where players expressed themselves or beat there chest so passionately for a very long time too.

    Thankyou for your input Batty.

    Curious how you know DND is receiving more Ikea fakes than Gunners. You seem to have access to soooo much information from both of the NE separate alliances. :)

    little birdies keep me in the loop can’t say much more then that, except to say that Batman has his sources.

    I dont know in TEN who is complaining about NE quad simming. Its an observation, we are pretty chill. No one is wound up by it.

    If not complaining then vigorously and continuously observing and commenting on the obvious :p

    You are on another planet if you expected or expect TEN to be in a position to even try to do anything about NE quad simming. We still haven't hit server day 70.

    Around this time last com2 Gow had already initiated a cross quad war with Gunners. Ten are looking stronger then they did last server even stronger then dnd. I’m surprised some expect Gunners or even dnd to initiate a cross quad fight first.

    We are now getting closer to where alliances might consider attacking into other quads. It is high risk in the month before arti.

    I do concede it would be a ballsy move, on a server like this however I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen.

    At the end of the day,

    You have been having an "epic" server so far, but just about wet yourself w excitement over a random Ikea fake so much that you came to write a near novel about it on the forum.


    It's interesting you want to describe other alliances such as GoW as running away and shying away from conflict. Which is definitely not what you have been doing ;););).

    Forums had too many tumbleweeds for my liking Hevvie, besides I hadn’t written an update for a while. Ikea fakes were just good timing, altho now that I look thru Gunners reports it looks like they’ve been faking dnd more then Gunners. It is interesting isn’t it, perhaps something will come of it ?

    I find it quite comical alliances like ten complain about ne simming, yet do nothing about it, then use 2.01 as an excuse like kicking a dog that has already been down for a while is somehow supposed to be some sort of challenge, (great job ten golf clap) then you come here saying dnd is aiding and assisting 2.01, like cmon dude where was the help ?

    Day 65 current com2 update

    What an epic server we are having so far!

    hope your all enjoying and as captivated by it as I am. A round with such talent I haven’t seen since the days before wild!

    This com2 has been nothing short of exceptional. I’ve been most impressed with alliances like Dnd, Ikea, Duet, Goats, Gunners & Gow. Whoever wins this will be the ones ready to give it their all, even then it will take nothing short of a Herculean effort.

    Time to have a look at how the quads are shaping up, as early preparations are already under way in some quads for artefacts!


    Ten continues to pummel 2.01, some suggested earlier that dnd may be allied to 2.01 and could possibly help there cause because they had a Dnd player in 2.01 discord. Unfortunately for 2.01 as I suggested dnd has been of no help whatsoever, many of there capitals continue to be hit by ten with little to no resistance. So what is Dnd doing then you might ask ? we’ll get to that later.

    2.01 came here as champions playing there third server. Ramin (check spelling) a Canadian champion and leader of 2.01 has coordinated some nice support hits even a cap hit, in response to ten attacks however the efforts whilst admirable for a small team have proven to be little more then a drop in the SE ocean, bets are now being placed if 2.01 will even last as long as the ne meta.


    Gow may have fled to the boonies and shy’d away from any battle but one things for sure they are not bending over in reediness to be pounded by Duat.

    To Gow’s credit they have started making nice walls and whilst not very offensive atm they continue to splat duat troops proving to be more then a great thorn in Olof side, some are even saying Gow are making duat look rusty, or perhaps Olof has pumped duat up so much that they are not able to deliver the goods to such high expectations ?


    Ikea have no ikea where to attack anymore. Goats have stepped up showing the server why they were known as the greatest of all times. Goats have obliterated ikea armies, even ones that have been targeting Goat spawns. Hats off to Peter. Goats are simming terribly but they seem to have more troops then most can muster.

    I’ve mentioned these guy’s as legitimate ww contenders in the past, even as they lost spawns, they’ve since walled 5+ hammers of ikea and chewed thru more then a 100k offense, suddenly the prospect of a goats endgame is no more a laughing matter.

    Ikea has lost a lot of air from the sails so much so they’ve started looking to other quads to attack. Where as the goats are not looking to shy from any battle adding ikea finally to the war list :)


    Ne the quad where simming has taken off so much so that of the top 40 largest players around half of those are coming from the NE. Gunners dominate the top 2 positions, even dnd a very small alliance after splitting from vices still has some top dogs.

    I’ve been waiting for the ne to launch or pick a quad to fight for a while, seems Gunners and Dnd want to wait till artefacts or untill a team picks on them first.

    And now it looks as if the latter has applied.

    Yes you heard that right! it’s Ikea No less going in to ne looking at having a crack at the supreme simmers!

    So far my sources are telling me fakes are coming in thick and fast from Ikea to Gunners and Dnd, as yet no significant attacks from ikea have landed, as far as I’m aware it looks like Ikea are more just testing the waters atm gearing up for something much, much larger!

    Will Ikea attack Gunners or Dnd?

    Perhaps they have the minerals to attack 3 metas simultaneously goats,dnd and Gunners. ikea> duat, suddenly the cruise ride to artefacts for ne is looking to be on shaky ground.

    Can the Gunners dodge the bullet or is it time for the top guns to unleash some bullets of there own ?

    Well thay got problems left thay still got you and that is a big handicap

    Your writing is getting better kudos,but your smack talk has gotten worse :p

    It’s definitely not going to be easy this time ten is looking stronger this round. And with powerhouses like Dnd, Duat, Ikea, Goats and Gow this is surely going to be our toughest test yet.

    Becus im gona be onest you probly are the one that have still 1 vilige and barly 20 phalnx. :*

    Looks more then two villages atm, cause all my villagers want to do is just party, party, Party 🎉 8|

    Your right about bad, they are about as good as the name suggests, ten are indeed a lot better. I wonder if ten will ever win without confedding tho :p

    By key leaders you mean Avis and Salme, the guys who asked you who you are and to stfu on the forum ? :/

    I may have given a bit too much info away in the past which was addressed by Msb and Avis,

    You are not even trying anymore with the trolling, a bit disappointed tbh.

    I also held some very serious secret discussions, which ensured I ceased trolling a long time ago.

    Yeah, best way to stay in an alliance is to post crap on the forum anonymously and make sure that your alliance doesn't know its you. :thinkingguy:

    Or make sure key leaders know and remain anonymous to the plebs :P

    Wel Batie you need to lern to troll beter becus i dont belive a word that that was try to a complemt.

    Maria I don’t want to troll at all, I like being honest and upfront, credit where credit is due, way I see it you could be one if tens best players this round and I’m sure you would agree ten are a bit better then bad,

    It’s an unfortunate casualty that at times my information can be so accurate and so hard hitting, anyone would think I sent some cata waves to demolish enemy cap fields.

    msB she is a representative of ten and commands attention, she single handily zerod a ww on com1, even Olof has struggled to defeat her in the past.

    I’d argue she is in fact very talented and important, not to mention she had tens leader dualing her.

    I bet if she goes strong till endgame, she will be responsible for one of the largest hammers ever built before in the ten alliances.

    Unforaly leders in bad Kabby if we shall be exatc who it was deside to shitt talk me to gunners and gunnres deside to kick me.

    why always another player fault ?
    you never accept it, noit even part blame when another have some problem!

    Maria when you play with another dear it is taking two to do da tango. Mebbe try be a bit nicer this time it can help with another player and teams a lot, wishing you the best in your new team ten ;)

    we were actually prepared to handover our spawns to IKEA anyway. They could have had them all in time. Instead they decided to lose a bunch of hammers (ALGOT, KOTTBULE, RIBBA, DROMSACK, HJORTSVANG, SENSUELL), thousands of catas and dozens of chiefs to get them.

    Respect to the Goats, supreme chaotic war lords, lords of the dread and brothers in bloodshed!


    It is no wonder GUNNERS and DnD are maintaining their NAP, given the mixed roster of players on both sides. Hell you even share leaders ffs.

    Not quite. In Gow this round we can find players that have played before in Gunners and vice versa. An ex Gunner leader fai is Also playing in Duet..

    Not to mention a number of ex vices playing In different teams, this in part is due I believe to the collapse of vices, when some of vices left and abandoned there old team mates after a fall out many were left looking for a new home, what was left over became dnd.

    Doesn’t mean there is a gunner conspiracy behind this , moreover after the vices split, there was a bit more of an overlap in different teams then usual.

    Have DND started dating someone else?

    Who knows, beyond eventually wanting to take on ten, they’ve been pretty tight lipped on most everything else.

    Pippin that’s a funny misquote, but it’s not far wrong. To become an ultimate warrior one needs to be dynamic, versatile, able to adapt and mould in such a way that allows you to dominate, despite difficult situations.