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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    A few parting words:


    I'm guessing wild?

    Gg guy's, Gow don't be weak come join again next com2 and cwl don't be slackers.

    @ Tg.. pls listen to your fans calling out for a later start, would be amazing if we could have another stirling competitive round. A shame if top tier alliances and many players have to miss out from rejoining, because of a start date too early..

    Like he said... We didn't have endgame prep to win, kinda true.

    Props for admitting you weren't really an endgame outfit this server, but there is still more of this game to be played and much that can be discussed upon completion without the usual flaming, to my shock we also have a spy in gow! Wow! perhaps Ten/Gunners were more prepared then Gow even with spy game from the start..

    Now last I checked Gow still have another 3 ww's to try to destroy or chief, better get cracking Gow or time is up..Good luck!


    1. Snake Plissken TEN/GUNNERS TEN Y 85 09.05.20, 13:10
    2. Negative Creep WW East GUNNERS 63 08.05.20, 23:33
    3. Negative Creep WW North GUNNERS 42 09.05.20, 11:07
    4. Iigorit. JK LOL GoW 33 09.05.20, 11:30

    As the server draws nearer to a close tensions remained high. Gow mulled over on what could have been in the eerily quiet war dens of their all but abandoned war villages.

    Looking gaunt a pale gow scout clambered in to the gow leaders camp, murmuring something almost inaudible to his leaders. Gow leaders stooped over him concerned as they watched his terror stricken scout face fumble out words as he stuttered. ", tttrr...troooo.....troooo"

    The gow leaders turned to each other perplexed, "yes, spit it out boy!" Ajax demanded, the scout continued, trooo, trooo, trooops, so, so many "yes we got the troops, Ajax said smugly so what about it bro ?"

    The attention of the gow leaders in that moment was taken away as a sound could be heard getting louder and louder, the heavy footsteps of imperians, sword walkers, fire catapults rolling, the scout pointed in that direction waving his trembling finger...

    It was like a dust storm, only this was caused by the march of millions upon of millions of troops.

    The kicked up dust from a seemingly impossible force of uncapped power created the enormous dust fog that moved towards the direction of Gow's only ww.

    The scout need not say anymore, as the behemoth force approached, gow could only try to sound the sirens and lock down as best they could in gows trying time of almost complete annihilation.

    Gow braced for impact, the United ten, Gunners armada, was made up of the most powerful ultimate warriors on com2 server, world wonder killers backed by tens mega magnificent super hitting ww hammers.

    Even as the size of these collousus, ultimate hammers dawned on gow, the scariest part for gow is this was only a portion of the true wonder hitting power their enemy possess . And what little Gow has left was either in the process of being destroyed or was being chiefed and taken from Ten/Gunners

    WW reports!

    1) we hit the gow's ww, the report are here:


    2) we 0ed the tauski wwk


    3) we 0ed ajax's wwr


    Current WW levels


    1. Snake Plissken TEN/GUNNERS TEN Y 77 05.05.20, 11:32
    2. Negative Creep WW East GUNNERS 49 -
    3. Negative Creep WW North GUNNERS 20 05.05.20, 20:16
    4. Iigorit. JK LOL GoW 11 05.05.20, 13:06

    Yeah. This is true. When in combants, you learn the most. Many of the things I've learned couldn't even apply. But next server, if we join, we'll be ready with the political parts as well, the one where we struggled the most I believe.

    Agreed. Here's hoping, if gow, ten and Gunners return cwl will more then have their hands full. Certainly areas where Gunners could have improved too. Especially next server if they play. Whilst Gunners at times were innovative one thing we were not we'll equipped to deal with was Gow's spy game.

    The capn was one of our most trusted members and was even considered just about ready to join our most trusted group on discord, that few are actually privvy too.

    Gunners tried to use a few nets to field for spies but the capn was a high level plant we were unprepared for, our counter espionage game was also very weak, many in Gunners amongst our leaders doesn't agree we need spies and think those tactics are highly questionable and can ruin the game for others, but we lost a unique because of it, and arguably a lot more.. the capn (gow) was also aware of much of our artefact plans, which heavily compromised our valued launchers. Whilst many in Gunners may not agree with me. I think top spies would be necessary in other quads especially against alliances like GOW or to a lesser extent cwl that has been known to use them occasionally in rare instances.

    Current update on ww levels, we can see our main ww in the lead whilst our second ww is not to far from Gow's


    1. Snake Plissken TEN/GUNNERS TEN Y 66 02.05.20, 02:24
    2. Iigorit. JK LOL GoW 55 02.05.20, 05:19
    3. Negative Creep WW East GUNNERS 41 01.05.20, 23:40
    4. Negative Creep WW North GUNNERS 11 01.05.20, 14:06
    5. Natars WW Village ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭100‬‬)‬ - 0

    Aight mate, not bad.

    Just 1 thing; gunners was the team from who everyone thought they would win,

    We also had another ww we were getting ready, and not exactly short on endgame hammers so who knows if the game played out a bit differently.. let's not forget Gunners did not have the luxury of being gifted half of revs either ehmm.. yet you still come here trying to debate on the same semantics. long story short you guys took on more then what you could handle and from Gow's own admissions weren't really prepared for the consequences of those choices.

    You won in the political rooms, no question about this. We never wanted to fight there,

    Bat Man if Gunners are truly "Ultimate warriors" or however you like to call yourself, and TEN have also "smashed us" ... why is it that the server didn't have a single ops with a TEN vs Gunners fight? Cause you knew, that solo, or on an open battlefield, you guys just shit yourself.

    Good luck for the rest of the server TEN/Gunners!

    The way the server played out Gunners were presented with little opportunity to initiate war with Ten. Sure we had some low key feuds and skirmishes but nothing even close to the realms of battles we had with Gow. And after gow and ten absorbed revs meta we knew our chances would be slim at best.

    I'll concede it took a bit for the ultimate warrior steam train to gain traction and momentum. Gow had us on the back foot early. Gunners were simming hard and we thought we could lay the strongest foundations. Untill Gow moved in quickly to capitalize on an early opportunity to attack us. It was a surprise war for gunners pre artis.

    Our anvils were building crop fields our hammers too, so from the start we lacked firepower and our anvils were not yet up to scratch, and then Gow went bang, and swept much of our early head start away by lighting up those expensive crop fields we were struggling early on to defend.

    Of course Gunners decided very quickly the strategy of simming would not be effective at all in a long drawn out war, so focus needed to shift and we started hitting back with just as much potency as gow it wasn't long before we matched goes firepower. Gow had taken an early unorthodox approach one that Gunners was now embracing and quickly catching up to the demage gow had dealt to us early.

    In the midst of all this ten saw the ferocious battle taking place, and in the spirit of the game that we all agreed on from the get go for it to be a 1 vs1vs1vs1, ten put the heavy hand on revs. The server became a glorious battlefield but revs could not stand toe to toe with ten and were quickly brought undone. Revs leadership subsequently collapsed which would change the whole dynamics of the server.

    Our position was also greatly affected, impeded you could say as we watched revs become absorbed by gow and ten our smaller numbers grew even smaller in size comparison. Still we continued our onslaught on gow, and after seeing what ten were also capable on the battlefield I think our leaders knew it would be wise not to spread our armies to thinly, even the mighty ultimate warriors knew they needed some restrictions. Attempting a war against 2 arguably, equally solid quads before the final countdown was an option that even in our best position had to be removed from the table.

    Gunners instead moving to continue the war with Gow, Ten no longer had revs to fight and were now in a position to be king or king makers, whilst gow and Gunners were continuing the trade off tit for tat blows that were becoming more expensive as both sides teams also got better at walling. And at this point it was looking like gow and gunners would just cancel each other out or at least we would have a 1vs1vs1, by the time we were ready to roll out the killers on each other's world wonders, then the unthinkable happened.

    Already embroiled in heavy fighting with Gunners, gow in what looked like a snapped decision switched targets to ten just before endgame surprising the server yet again.

    Had Ten and Gunners decided to switch targets and move in on each other too, it may have ended very favourably for gow and they would have got what they wanted. Instead two teams that were reluctant to work together early, became much closer as a result and now lead the table.


    1. Snake Plissken TEN/GUNNERS TEN Y 58 29.04.20, 07:40
    2. Iigorit. JK LOL GoW 46 29.04.20, 23:05
    3. Negative Creep WW East GUNNERS 33 -
    4. Negative Creep WW North GUNNERS 8 29.04.20, 07:35
    5. Natars WW Village ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭100‬‬)‬ - 0 -

    Ps. Everyone has done an amazing job so far on making this a Stirling server. I hope Ten,gunners and gow will be back next com2. I am an old cwl member at heart so I'll soon dust off my helmet and prepare to be a chaotic war Lord, so if yall return the intensity we have seen will only be a warm up, esp If next round is a playoff btw God's, magnificent ten , ultimate warriors & cwl/Goats aka greatest of all times ;)

    Not gonna read it all but just gonna say this, after arti's released we all promised each other 1 thing, gow aint getting close to the victory and if that means we have to make sure TEN wins, then so be it.

    Stop wasting your time trying to justify what you have done, you're own leader called each one of you dogshit and said that if he had 5 more people like himself he wouldve won.

    Meh it's not worth it msb Gow (or at least their leaders) are now just showing their true colors as sorry sore losers. In the words of Mr T I pity the fools, seems like these guys can't handle that diplomacy is part of the game too and they have themselves to blame for what happened,( cause and effect) put simply GOW were clearly unprepared for the ramifications of taking on ten and Gunners together. So don't have a GOW Ajax :p

    I mean first gow absorbs rev players then goes on to attack ten and Gunners together what did they think was going to happen?

    Maybe they thought they could win against the rest of the server after they won last time against two bit alliances and proceeded to parade around maybe convinced themselves they are the Gods of war, now they are losing whinning like the Gods of crying to mommies. #GOCTM Ajax perhaps this tag would be more applicable next time you play ?

    Diplomatically imho they were an atrocious outfit that failed to see what may transpire from taking on more then what they could handle and are now trying to hollow out any victory to the enemy because they have all but given up.. shame on you GOW!

    If i play somewhere and call myself Vices or SGR together with a guy who played tthere. Am i them then? Ofc not

    Cut him some slack Ajax your supposed to be Gows super uber front man player if 5 more of you then Ajax FTW right? :D

    That's the good thing about having multiple ww's you can set up to have dummy ww's or allow for unplanned attacks. Gow only has 1 ww where as Ten/Gunners have 3. It doesn't really matter which ww from ten or gunners gets over the line as long as we get one to 100. Gow brought this on themselves when they decided to take on much more then what they could chew.


    1. Snake Plissken TEN/GUNNERS. TEN Y 26 23.04.20, 06:27
    2. Negative Creep WW East GUNNERS 12 23.04.20, 06:27
    3. Iigorit. JK LOL GoW 6 23.04.20, 14:57
    4. Negative Creep WW North GUNNERS 0

    The server has come along way in the last few months and it's been a bloody battle field.

    The Ultimate Warriors on their journey have fought long and hard. At times against all odds. God's gave us everything they had even their spies. As they went from strength to strength absorbing revs with ten and showing the rest of the server why their called The Gods Of War.

    The Gods with their bolstered numbers switched from Gunners to targeting ten, this would prove to be a major folly and what arguably brought GOW undone.

    By switching to ten when the ultimate warriors were far from finished with Gow they helped paved the way for little steps to be taken btw Gunners and Ten. From small bits of shared Intel to attacks synchronized back to Gow it was clear then as it is now that Ten and Gunners would make Gow pay.

    It's an honour for the ultimate warriors to stand alongside the mighty Ten. At times I've undermined ten even as an SGR player. Mist4 and the ten leaders have shown strong leadership. And when put under the pump against some of the strongest alliances travian has seen in recent times. Ten have shown resilience and that they are more then worthy of standing alongside the most powerful alliances in travian.

    It's not over just yet, Gow might steal plans or pull off a miracle. We shouldnt be complacent just yet. Still we should wait for the fat lady. Can gow make any last ditch effort?

    Will ten and gunners synchronize a level 100 ?

    I'll be back soon to sum up the round soon. To the Gods, ten and Gunners thank you for making this such a competitive, challenging fun round :)

    Congrats Gunners and Ten sorry I've been mia for a bit. Together the ferocious Ten stand tall with the Ultimate Warriors.

    To the Gods of war you have put up ana amazing brave fight and should feel proud of your efforts. It was a hard fought server with amazing attacks, diplomacy and shadow diplomacy, with wide spread spies used by gow. And one of the best servers I've played for a long time. You all deserve a pat on the back, well done.

    With attacks from gow and no doubt ten not far away, probably won't be long before I need to create another thread for ultimate warriors vs everything that moves.

    Let's not forget Gunners are still the smallest alliance and didn't even complain when ten and gow absorbed revs. To see ten cry worse then what gow did after only one op when ten have also zerged an extra wing is absolutely shameful!

    That is interesting. I wonder why :/

    Well, SGR is not moving to com2. And I didn't know about CWL, beacuse when I played com2, they were on opposite sides. Does that mean that Gunners will be weakened when those players's original alliances show up on this server?

    Sgr will never move because Mazzi :p a few players will play com 1 for sgr and vices and still play in Gunners. Gunners has a solid core of players and membership not affiliated with either so they will join if salme puts the word out. So I don't it would disrupt our team much.

    If vices enter enmasse however, it would be like a ghost server or another round of cowboys vs indians (tanks vs bows and arrows). E.g like the round of cwl vs bad, I don't think cwl would play and if Ajax can be taken at his word gow would not be present either.

    Gunners would just have a break or join another server. And ten if I'm not mistaken they kind of left com1 because of the same thing. If vices stay out if it com2 community would welcome a wing of cwl with open arms and we would have another exciting and explosive server :)

    In other words if vices don't want to battle no names and grab all the ww's and hit their own ww then com2 is not for vices.

    Why would Gunners fear them? I thought Vices players are with Gunners when they are not on com1.

    We only have around 3 or 4 vices players that joined us, Gunners after winning their first round on com2 together, decided to have a break and casually joined vices on com1 to see what it was like but mostly deleted shortly after starting, picking up a couple of players they liked on the way.

    I think if rumour is true about vices returning we won't see cwl or at least most of them will delete. Vices get a bad rep as an alliance that can be a little toxic and are also only really focused on endgame, prolific use of tech accnts and other unorthodox methods allow them to exploit grey areas in order to SIM the most wwk out if any team whilst usually employing a turtuling, high gold strategy.

    With late game ops or employing ops sparingly, which seems more of an attempt to save face, where as teams like gow and Gunners have been as frequent as every few days at times planning and executing ops, don't get me wrong it's a very effective strategy played by vices, I think they've only lost once or twice to sgr on com1, but imho it takes too much of the fun away from the game.

    Cwl is more of a classic brand, keeping it spicy just like gow,Gunners and ten can. They have been criticized in the past picking easy servers against alliances like bad which played as well as there name suggests, left with little or no comp cwl ended up hitting there own ww for fun with competition like this allowing them to secure every ww. Then gloating about there overwhelming victory as a huge achievement almost comparable to something like wild.

    Vices are also a much bigger meta in size in comparison as compared to the pre made teams currently playing gunners,ten,gow.. If cwl returns and they only bring one wing as Pete has said then I agree it won't kill the round if the current teams return, it will make for an explosive server I think most of us would really enjoy to play ;)

    I also think Luga need some credit for allways working hard :)


    Definitely well done Luga!

    We liked how you splatted your op hammer and defended your cap with offense, you really did a better job at completing this op then Gunners could :)

    P.s credit to everyone on the croco accnt you guys are insane, some of those scouts were every few mins!, pls next time do a bat a favour and consider getting someone like luga to sit :P

    Sanket could probably better clarify this, it was brought up a number of times in an old Skype room (almost retired/retarded, I think it's called) that has members from both sgr and vices I used to get copied in on some of what was being said thier for whatever reason.

    At first it seemed like it was brought up in jest by Noel and a couple of others from SGR, then the idea seemed to be gaining some traction as the room became more heated especially after Mazzi left. Sankets said the offer was very tempting and claimed to have actually thought of the idea first himself, but later dismissed it raising concerns that it would destroy both sgr and vices endgame.

    It's not really vices or villains Mist4 that are playing. Sure there are some former vice players same as in Gunners but That doesn't mean we should try to generalize them or paint with a mud brush because of it.

    Cousins has a nice ring to it and I like thier style. A team that has evolved from the creme of vices, actually nothing like vices/villains who are a team well known for their turtle/tech play and not a team like cousins that does offensive play right from the get go in SGR's very own backyard no less. In comparison Vices/villains never had the balls to try do this, despite being offered numerous times.

    It may be we will change our mind and take a ww. Cousins are determined not to let sgr win, even if it means we have to win ourselves, with the collective combined effort of others. By default you could get lucky and become a cousins member with a solid handshake between our leaders.

    See the map sgr are surrounded in every quad and in every direction, cousins are going to go balls deep in sgrs territory this time too. That will make sgr's job really tuff to come out on top. Even without the rest of the server helping us, cousins have beaten SGR before and we will defeat them again!