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    I like idea about 1 mont a play and paying 15 euro for that without pay to win strategy. Can i add some idea with that kind of rules

    . I really like idea to have championship like 10 vs 10 player or 15 vs 15 players with ranking points like in tennis and at the end of the year you have some kind of qualification between all of teams who played that kind of travian .

    Like in WOW i wish that there is some kind of guild who only have players with some kind of knowledge . And ranking ofc you will know that guild is better when you see more ranking points on it

    . LEts say that that kind of server are 1 month long but they are 5x servers with speed start ,( ww and pandoria ) doesnt matter and after 1 month of playing you need to have 1 month free time between 2 round . Ofc you can always play some other servers in between if you want but mine plan is that 1 month without travian is good time for rest and maybe prepaire for 2 round opponent.

    It would be more interesting if travian team lead statistics about every team , player , server , similar like in wow. Second thing is to let people to join that kind of server like viewer but not that he can see army insaide or where is army going .

    Just stats reports etc etc. At the end they can have replay of all server action where they can see army and actions of the server . That for example travian can charge like 5 euro and i would be first player to pay that kind of service .

    What about idea to add 1 more mineral to compensate gold in the game is to add gold mine somewhere on map , but not let to find that easy that gold site. You need to create special units who are only one who can search for gold on map. There is so much fun what you can add with talent tree , hero tree, alliance tree and main capital tree during that server that i wont type atm because it is too long.

    3. Add World Wonders to Unique Artifact Regions in Pandora

    for that i had idea that why pandora type of servers doesnt have some kind main capital for 1 alliance . One ww where you can have special kind of buildings for new bonuses or tech. Like in pandora you can unlock them only if you give resources and even if you do it will be slow to unlock them all .

    Alliances will need to think in advance about what bonuses they will invest in the server, plus there will be talent trees that do not allow the development of all talent. If you choose one direction, you have to stick to it until the end. With that call it ww village you will have both joy in pandora servers . The same thing like that you can add some kind of zones in ww servers where you can have benefit from them . Controling that zones you can unlock artif. for all ally .

    Gold free server 5x speed , and on the start of server every player is paying like 10 Euro for plus and bonus options , and every month after that . They need to earn something too. I think 1 server can be per year or every 2 year like big travian championship .