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    Hmmm...I remember when one THC player did it and Web retaliated by spamming everyone for quite some time as a cover to attack them. It's okay when they do it though as long as they apologize in forum? I have never met such hypocrites.

    First we asked him stop. He said "no", only then we started our action.

    I got information right now about that player , it is indeed a huge waste as we are right in confrontation with Web. It was a solo action and wanted to play and use his hammer. I can't hold my hand on everyone. It's just impossible.... Our players (including Basta) are slowly (not fast enough) making the transition to see Web as unqiue ennemy for the last 50 days. This include unfortunate potshots to Bedlam, Heathens or Knights.

    For some of your players NAP wasn't problem attacking us (unsuccessfully for them).

    Haha we dont need to pay for Corinium, we like causing trouble for web. Its that simple, hell if THC needs our help we will do that too. Only one wing can win the server via VP and in our Confed its obvious that it'll be bedlam, wont be egoistic and delete just cause our leaders were foolish.

    Not all in your ally think like you)). As I see, players of your ally dissolves, like snow dissolves in the sun.

    There is no counter argument for this. Ponies just got impatient, that's all. You will not be able to feed this amount indefinitely. In any case 10-20-30 mins attacks is not what attracted all of us to this game. On occasion yes, sure. Day in and day out - no. and this is what you as alliance doing and pushes others to do.

    Ponies got impatient not the first time, same we seen in Emerita(First he lost his troops and later cities). Isn't troops forfardind deffer's advantage at ptp servers? Team working is the thing that attracted most of us in this game. We just bring action to this server)))

    Never said only money makes big hammers. All things being equal (two accounts can train on trainer/GB/GS/use hospital and run them in multiple towns) but one has a blank check and other has strict budget, you really think then that money isn't as big an advantage?

    Ok. Let's play don't using money at all(I think you can't). Only few can afford blank check, so this thing isn't so scarried.

    were the 5 cheifs lost this morning a win as well? Lol. Ignoring the truth doesn't make it go away.

    I always ask myself when I see trump, brexit, etc "how do people keep supporting these guys/ideas" we've seen it in action in the form of travian. But hey, if you can get away with it, go for it I guess.

    And what about your lie?

    What about it? that it obviously needs a limit in some form? Don't know how you feel about it, but casual player has no chance in an arena where money can make big hammers/anvils quickly. Regardless of the side one is on, you can't say this improves the game. Dare I say it, maybe TG needs to remove the merge option completely?

    For PTP servers merging is "ok" option becouse deffers have it's own counter-argument. And only money don't help you make big hammers.

    you forget to mention he chiefed you village which was ready for merge another hammer in there :/

    Let's speak about money. Your players like to speak about that

    Kazah not many really. You took Narbo, tried to 2 more. iconium was yours and you had to send your "center-forward" there to keep it yours. Spain we started to settle about same time so can't call them ours. Except Olisipo and maybe Hispalis, Olisipo is pain. That was not my point though. If we do nothing we are no competition, right? Why are you so focused on Bedlam then?


    So...... How we gonna divide Spain? I counted it all mine....

    My friend, there is no skill in merging troops with GOLD, deal with it.
    Most of us have to wait 1 month to get a decent hammer, while he does that in the blink of an eye.
    I could do the same with unlimited gold, not a big deal. Gold wins, end of the story.

    We all remember pony's efforts to do something like. Where is his city in Emerita now?

    ofc everyone wants to win we all play to win but some want/need it more than others and web being one of them

    i just hope there eyes will be opened they seem to have got tunnell vision and that will cost them the win at this rate

    At this moment it's Bedlam's problem

    Нет, :)мы послали вождей на обоих. Он решил поменять капитал.

    It is you, personally, who keeps coming back accusation us in shady tactics. I told several times and can only repeat. We don't do multi, we don't use teches and we prefer a fair fight to friendly conquer. You clearly unable to fight us so you went diplomacy road and friendly chiefing in our zones now. Yes, we do friendly village passing too to our confederacy members, but nothing in shades. Funny how much you denied teaming up with NOLA :)

    "We" it's Bedlam or all your confederacy or only your acc?

    We don't play with multies. We DO play without them. You pull random getter links that supposedly evidence of something. Of course I can't vouch for every single player in the alliance, I can't get in their heads.

    At least we're not desperate enough to use "abusive mechanic" of having 2 free villas of every new account to unlock regions in the middle of nowhere with 100s of multi accounts and then quickly delete them once the region hits 4k pop.

    I wonder if anyone ever got banned for that...:/

    Maybe you or yours allies were desperate enough to use this tactics to drop control on regions of your opponents