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    The graphic team is doing a really good jobb with what they are doing and should not be blamed for the cheaters of the game.

    So, you do admit that cheating is more prevalent than ever.

    As a paying member of the community, I'd really like to have a dialogue here. Just what good are the rules of the game? Trav gaming made the rules, amended them, complicated them, and finally made them work favouring multis (or how the generation z addresses them, "techs" - too much respect for techs shown by Trav gaming ultimately led to the degraded gaming experience). You are losing money, and we are losing our wits. Your forums are dead. You over-moderated the forums, not the game, and now you've lost the real community. I have over 5K Trav contacts on skype. I'm not sure if the forum even has 5 active members. It smells dead, looks dead - heck, it must be dead! Here I am talking to the last man standing with a white flag and a nice graphic. What on Earth is going on?