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    I. The rule of this emperor is often associated with tyranny, and nowadays his name sometimes serves as synonym of personal cruelty. The most famous fire of Rome happened during his reign and some historians believe that it was him who initiated that.

    Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, born in 15 December 37

    II. A ruthless but efficient ruler, he performed the reform of Roman coinage and instituted the new Capitoline Games, analogue of the Greek Olympic Games, where contestants from various regions came to participate in varios events for athletes, orators, comedians, magicians, historians etc. His reign formed a good foundation for the peaceful second century of Roman Empire

    Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus, Roman emperor from 81 AD to 96 AD ( 15 years of reign )

    III. A very famous Roman dictator, war commander and historian whose notes about campaigns he took part in (i.e. Commentaries on the Gallic War) serve as one of the most important primary sources about his time.

    Julius Caesar , assassinate in 15 March 44 BC

    IV. He was a Commander of Germania, a nephew, a brother, a father and a grandfather of Emperor, though he had never been an emperor himself. His sudden death in Egypt at the age of 33 arose lots of speculations among the Roman citizens who suspected that he had been murdered by the order of his uncle out of jealousy to his glory.

    Germanicus Julius Caesar. born in 24 May 15 BC

    V. There were 3 of their kind who were known under the same name. One of them took part in Caesar’s Civil Wars and met their end in North Africa in 49 BC, second fought in Battle of Actium and gained their glorious second name there, and third was involved in wars against Frisians and was besieged during Batavian Rebelion.

    1. Gaius Scribonius Curio

    2. Gaius Octavius Thurinus

    3. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Gaius : 5 word x 3 person = 15


    BATTLE 1 : Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
    Romans VS Teuton
    Location : Teutoburg Forest
    Decisive Teuton victory, Roman occupation and colonization terminated

    BATTLE 2 : Siege of Alesia

    romans vs gauls
    Location : Alise-Sainte-Reine ( france )
    Decisive Roman victory , Rome secures the conquest of Gauls

    hadeun is truth because " At least one of us always lies " not contradiction " each of them would either always tell the truth or always lies "
    so druid is lie and this is not place, shu was looking for

    zero coordinates: (104|−59)

    1. druid rider (16/hour) towards the east for an hour
    (104 +16|−59) = (120|−59)
    2. marauder (14/hour) turned south and three hours
    (120|−59 −(14x3) ) = (120|−101)
    3. Teutonic knight (9/hour)westbound for seven hours
    (120 −(9x7) |−101 ) = (57|−101)
    4. Sopdu (16/hour) explorers heading south an hour
    (57|−101 −16 ) = (57|−117)