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    are you sure the loyalty was at 100?

    If i remember correctly Romans and Huns are the only tribes that can 1 shot with you 3 chiefs (romans 16.67% chance) (huns 11.11% chance)

    CP doesn't effect how much loyalty is lowered, the things that effect loyalty lowering are great parties and morale bonus (which is basically population) which means that players with a lower population than you get bonus applied to their chiefs and base defenses.

    Egyptians max effectiveness with morale bonus and a great party (without you having a great party) should only be 90% unless they have tweaked them.

    75% of what exactly? The best way to clarify this will be to give the numbers - what CP will be given at the start and what will be needed for village 4.

    sounds like you will be set on:
    15000/20000 CP if its a 1x server.

    7500/10000 CP if its a 2x server.

    5025/6700 CP if its a 3x server

    Unsure how i feel about the hospital right now, i mean offers a chance for more aggression which ive noticed a lot of these servers lack, but i feel like unique buildings for gauls/romans and huns could have been improved cause as mentioned above Egyptians and Teutons really outscale the other tribes by a large margin.

    Advanced Start

    In addition to the new building in Travian: Codex Victoria you will be able to start in a snap!

    With the special Advanced Start you will profit from the following benefits:

    • your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5
    • you will own already 6 Settler and enough CP to settle 2 additional villages
      • ⚠️ Note: 9c and 15c cannot be settled with the first 6 settlers
    • The first 2 village you will settle will automatically have all resource fields at level 5 (further villages will have resource fields at level 1)
    • You will be granted with 75 % of CP to settle the 4th village

    now this... hmm well its more noob friendly i guess?

    Reduces the impact of the multi account raiders who spam accounts for heroes and cages to clean their oasis for them for free.

    Nerf to Egyptians early hero production bonus where it was vital for being able to settle the first new village on server.

    Maybe gets the newer players past the first month of server.

    More developed raid targets as first 3 villages are guarenteed level 5 tiles.

    Spawning right on server beginning could be a disadvantage now - spawning 1-2 hours after server starts could really save you 4-5 hours in settler walk time?

    People making multiple accounts to try spawn in the correct region as to get settlers around a decent 15c as soon as possible.

    Takes away the skill of the early game starts with resource and CP management.

    Everyone will have 4 villages on day 2 of server.

    Creates bigger skill gap between golders and non golders by having an instant 3 feeders for a 150% 15c on day 2 of server.

    what i can think of so far.

    Here is a copy of my artefact co-ordination google sheet, its very helpful for co-ordinating at the time artefacts arrive, takes maybe 1-2 hours to set up in the lead up to artefacts with changing of co-ords and adding in enemies etc, but definitely worth it!…hDkr_x6M/edit?usp=sharing

    if you need a quick guide in how it's used please refer to my youtube video on it.

    Cheers for the server all, this is my final attack on the RP wonder in case anyone wanted some reports. if you are curious about the growth of it throughout the server feel free to check out my youtube channel, it will contain daily growth videos on it.

    Thanks to all the great people i met playing on this server!…612633%7C8f3ff269&t=5&s=1

    No wonder this comx forum is so dead, i post a link with a message from support saying they have no plans to implement the feature where you can only re-inforce allies, which would stop spikers and it gets removed, but the post from the guy who says his bot was not working and needs help fixing it is allowed to stay.

    Sums up comx pretty well i would say.

    here is a few cool account builds i thought of in last 5 mins or so, anyone else got any thought of some nice builds?

    Account builds:


    Teuton capital[BREWERY]
    Roman hammer - imperians and EC behind a brewery is seriously a scary thought!
    Hun hammer - huns have same ram strength as teutons which means they lose their only weakness to teutons with a brewery hammer[yeah they have a little less off prod per hour too]

    Egypt capital[WATERWORKS]
    Teutons and huns with a 300% cropper to feed all that high consuming infantry they make - crop is never an issue again for these tribes.

    Hun account[HERO]
    TT with a hun hero how fast can they go??? Sonic hammers now instead of ghosters!


    Egypt capital[WATERWORKS]
    Indirect buff to defenders?? can now chief a roman and a teuton village and make the best in slot defense possible per hour while having an awesome cropper, can run teuton spear anvil, roman praet anvil, with a cap making ash warden and Reseph Chariots, seems too powerful?
    [slaves and spears would be best combo but a lot don't like the consumption of slaves so praets are a good substitute]

    Any capital[WATERWORKS FOR CROP]
    Cavalry madness - So with the boots artefact being readily available there often isn't time to get infantry to the needed location, can create pure cavalry now from different tribes to cover both infantry and cavalry defense to remove the speed weakness infantry have! Druids and Reseph nice combo! or Marksman as a substitute till mid game till you have resources for Reseph.

    I fail to see how. Please enlighten me.

    People will create an egypt multi account to settle the fast 15c 150% then settle their hun or teut villa next to it, chief it make it a capital 300% 15c cap as a teuton or hun hammer, busted as hell. I think this will be main problem people making multi accounts.

    yeah they claimed they were part of exodus in earlier posts, they couldnt work out who they wanted to pretend to be lol. Knew it wasn't WC from the crap they were posting. Best to ignore anything that acc posts.

    Actually that is slightly incorrect Blaze. The main reason Pandemic won is because a third of the way into the server TRYTOSTOPUS defected from UC. That server would of been competitive right up until the end if TRY and Platypus had not of defected. They were more concerned about making sure they were on the winning team rather than a real fight that would last till the end. It was a 100 day server and was over by day 50 after they defected somewhere around day 35. While it was well within their rights to defect, one would of thought since it was the first 3xFS server, people would try and make it competitive for as long as possible. Just because you might not win shouldnt be a reason to leave. What good is a one million crop hammer if there is no one to use it on lol. But full credit to PANDEMIC they appeared to come into the round with a long term plan that didnt reveal itself until around day 25 or 30. By that time it was to late for EXODUS as they had over concentrated themselves into to few areas and while UC had the heart, their leadership lacked the experience on FS servers and by the time they figured out what was going on, there biggest players defected and tilted the server thus ending its competitive nature around day 50.

    Well firstly, i will say that our account had no care in the world about being in the winning alliance, i really couldn't have cared what alliance i was in as long as they had boots and trainer, our only goal was to achieve rank 1 attacker at the end of the server, I would have joined BD if they had a small boots artefact that is the level of care we had about winning the server.

    Secondly it was UC's fault that we "defected" Platypus wanted to take over the leadership of UC because quite frankly the leadership team was quite incompetent(it was also our first FaS but they couldn't even grasp simple concepts or take on any advice), platypus was in turn added to the leadership group and organised the taking of about 7 regions in less than 1 week, the leaders of UC got pissed that people were becoming more loyal to us than to them, they booted platypus from leadership and removed all their rights from the alliance and openly denied it to our faces in the discord after we questioned them about it, and after a few days of trying to reconcile and get back among the leadership we noticed they had created a separate leader chat for themselves and then a "fake" one they added platypus to (which no one spoke to platypus or wrote anything in) so we decided it was best to leave UC.

    Thirdly if you consider that the few accounts leaving the alliance and joined pandemic was the BIG factor that won them the server you are wrong, Pandemic were extremely well co-ordinated compared to the rest of the competition, and platypus and myself had very little effect on what they achieved this server, I can't speak Spanish so i rarely spoke to anyone from pandemic i was not in any of their discord servers or skype chats, we just did our own thing, so give pandemic the credit they deserve.

    Yes, I forgot that you only send 100 cata per waves; well that's true that capital wouldn't have gone; but it's also true without those off & off-tank troops the defense wouldn't have been success. You got what you want, we got what we want. But I doubt you were sure about that, even though you are saying you provided us enough time to gather deff; I think you still believed your attack would've gone through...
    So it's all genius strategy and part of the game when you use deception and spies; accepting information from your enemy alliances to follow home some hammers to get that juicy extra "off points"; but when I reach out some BD players to ask help which I am already in-touch- whom have grudge against you (You destroyed varaggos' capital at the same day) ; it is called desperation. Good to know. :thumbup: There is a saying goes like "enemy of my enemy is my friend" for common enemies; which you used as a strategy the whole server; you shouldn't be surprised when it's used against you. :D

    I don't know what is the difference between that report and ours; give that to my inexperience. But your troops didn't return as well, even your scouts didn't return, hahah. How come it is not real? Am I seeing a reality denial? :p Probably there is an explanation but it's still funny to see how you try to devaluate it. :thumbsup:

    There was not 100 cata in each wave there was actually 300 catas in each wave, but even so its not enough to destroy level 20 buildings with a stonemason and stability behind it.

    I didn't say it was a bad thing or that i was surprised, you said that defending with the off troops wasn't desperation, so i was giving you a better example of what you might consider desperation, that was all.

    I tried to push BD to work with UC and make a confed with them to increase the competition in the quadrant a bit more, but there was always ego's that got in the way of it.

    And spies are apart of the game, as long as they are used within the game rules, so it's strategically stupid to not make the best use of them, it took me all of 10 minutes to find UC's spies in BD and all of 15 minutes (while using google translate) to work out the exodus spy in pandemic, if you failed to catch the spies then you are to blame for the damage they cause, not the person using them.

    The difference between the reports is the text in the information that says "None of the attacker’s troops have returned." to get this message you have to take less than 25% losses in defense.