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    I am not sure why Heathens to be blamed for recruiting quality players? Recruiting is part of the game and respectable part. I understand when people are shamed for recruiting everything with pulse (never works anyway) but what a pre-set group of 15 players suppose to do to win a server? Or they are not allowed to win a server?

    xBasher_COM The level of your activity can't define level of competition, it takes two to tango. Happy to hear your team enjoyed the server. This is not a small challenge for any leadership to keep team engaged when there is no competition. Congrats :)

    Wild Bunch (aka Mean Girls) lost too many players true pro players to still come to a server and go for the win on their own, so each time we have to recruit as we did on our server, players like Reppans, Joe10 and many more :)

    Nobody is beating your def score btw ;)

    From what I heard KGW leadership crashed down. there were some internal fights and some major players deleted.

    And then it was just late for making any operations the server was already lost with the numbers so people just gave up.


    To be clear I'm the only Apache dual who is not welcome in leader chats, for good reasons. Hence I don't know all details. But I can make a picture for you on how stuff went. (Kinda)

    Wild Bunch aka Mean Girls, came with a small group of players, at start their was some bad communication hence players in all quads. Biggest group in SW. Our leadership has always been the same. As the game progressed we had no choice but to merge with Camelot we knew A-Nub-Is and Carbon because we had core members who played on com1 (Villains). The important part about the merger, it gave our raiders boots. Without boots, we stood no chance vs TM.

    As with all mergers leadership has to change, they have something we want, so we have to give them something they want. Result new leadership. With new leadership comes DRAMA.

    In the end the drama came to a crash where leadership broke down. (It broke multiple times btw and changed a lot) Carbon and Malak (a-nub-is) who planned our OPs decided they were done.

    After that people started to throw away their hammers carelessly and we stopped going for the win.

    Idk when Anubis, planned for you to join or whatever. But look at it like this:
    KGW is a ship, and every few days we get more and more holes in the ship. Some get patched some keep letting in water.

    At some point, keeping the ship afloat is more important then getting more people on the ship heading to a place we won't reach anymore. (the victory)

    (I'm Apache)

    TEAM holding Salona for the longest time messed KGW up in the long run. Too many time was wasted on that region.... In the end what killed us (KGW) was alliances like TIW and TEAM wasting endless weeks preventing our big guns to focus on fighting TM. Apache was supposed to clean up Africa, jump to Italy and work our way up. As Wordsmith said, most big guns from TM were in NW.

    TIW, ELE and TEAM cost KGW the server in the end. That being said, TM did great work and our Wild Bunch was a lil bit unprepared for TM.

    I think i can speak for both ScoobyDoo and JamesBond accounts, our lil war with PoB was fun and it was nice chatting with you com1 players. If yall come across us again on a speed server feel free to message us and we can dominate together again ;)

    Ps. Seals are pretty damn awesome!!

    the server is too fair right now . bounced on cropper in last 7 mins , bounced on arti in last 2 mins and still farming and simming out in the sun with all the sweats and slippery hands all day and night without sleep . but some random guy whose location is "under blanket" is raiding almost same as us with 1.5x population and villages than us and holds 3 arties . this server is the epitome of justice . Kappa

    You or your duals have actual time to farm :o

    This is so unfair!

    But I do agree having 3 arties on 1 account is just selfish at least share one with a friend no need to hold 3 when you can only use 2..

    No Justice For The Little Man/Woman

    Well both of them answering in Lithuanian is pretty much enough to know they are lithuanians.

    They are from Belgium, Serbia, Denemark, UK and America. Altho I've heard that the old man from America has been slacking and hasn't even used his creditcard yet, whilest his European kids are starving in the Streets of Amsterdam!

    At least I, as a player, don't need to have multiple forum accounts same as multiple in game accounts to play game :) Those who've never played in Baltic servers won't know what kind of players they are... Hacking enemy player accounts and having bot-farms to boost them and that's just top of the iceberg.

    Probably not playing in local servers due to Multihunters being aware of all of his bot-farm sources, eh, fun times... I don't recall, but what was your max bot amount in the server? 200-500?

    Even now, their 'previous' alliance, which obviously were their alternative accounts half of them are already banned. Curious who might caused that :huh:

    Now, now, who are you talking about those great players from PoB or those 2 accounts you were talking about earlier? Cause on those accounts there are no players from the baltic. I might go as far as to say "I'm pretty sure half doesn't even know the baltics had their own servers"


    my team and I played last comx (on AcidBurn and DummiBear), currently we are on the US version of F&S x3. Where we are rank 1 pop and top 10 attack and defence. The US server seems VERY easy since our alliance Mean Girls 2 is totally dominating that server.

    I was wondering, how the competition is going on the international server of F&S? And who from the last comx server is playing on the F&S version?

    Thanks for possible responses ;)

    Team Butchers Babies / AcidDummi