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    Does the medal count across domains?

    Also I know others have already asked this, but I didn’t see a response from anyone, how do you get credit if your email has changed. In my case I started about 10 years ago on us1 round2, but was so burnt out I didn’t play again for 5 years and have been playing since. I have no idea what email I used 10 years ago, but I probably still have it.

    closest 150 15c to 0,0 is 78 spaces away with only 5 within 100 spaces
    closest 125 15c to 0,0 is 55 spaces away with only 12 within 100 spaces

    I don't think any of them are in open areas

    Does anyone know if this was on purpose or is just totally random?

    (This was meant for the US forum, sorry)

    I haven't played F&S, but I have done some of the previous similar servers. I was reading one of the posts on how F&S works and it seemed to say you can't have 2 artifact effects going on in the same village are the same time. Is that correct? Just to be clear the question is If I activate a large artifact in a village with a lvl 20 TC and in another village I activate a small artifact does the village with the small also get the powers of the large? for example large diet and small speed

    Standard F&S servers last 200 days correct.

    If we apply the usual conversions the length of the server for a 3x F&S would be 200/3 = ~67 days or there about.

    Personally, as a long time 3x player, I would be happy for the server to last up to 90 days so we get 3 full months of gameplay making it a little more worthwhile than a measly 2 month server.

    For me anything between 67-90 would be fine. Somehow on the 2x it only went down to 140 and instead of 100. A lot of players quit when they found that out on the first 2x I played and it was much harder to find traditional 3x players to come when I was recruiting for the second one I did.

    I would suggest you run a survey, if this is not too late, if people want 2x or 3x. 3x F&S with new races is insane, catas would reach the farthest point of the map in 4 hours, egyptians granary would hold an hour of crop. I am sure there are people who wants to deal with it but my bet with 2x you will get more. ....

    As someone who has played many speed servers and did 2 rounds on the 2x versions of the special servers, 2x servers seem very slow to speed players and we lost players because of that. If the TS is still 2x the bonuses of regular the servers bonuses they could make it 1.5x, but I think 2x is fine.

    Any idea how long it lasts? The special servers used to last 200 days for regular and 140 for 2x. I have no idea why it wasn't 100 for a 2x, but it needs to be 100 or less for a 3x