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    You exactly describe multiaccounting. If your players have no time to send attacks, then that is the problem of your alliance to fix the gaps, but with legal ways. To share password with the leaders of your alliance to send mass attacks, is a violation of the rules and extremely unfair for the defending alliance.

    Ridder Huma Now, the Travian Responsibles can continue to ignore the multiaccounting in a big style. They even admit to do it.

    Multiaccounting, external raiding or timing software, tech accounts, Travian is full of these diseases and the number of fair player leaving this game will increasing more and more.

    Everytime our players contact the game support, because of violation of the rules, we get the answers "we can't do anything" or "can you proof the violation of the rules". This is unacceptable.

    You really need to find a solution for that problem with multiaccounting. Otherwise you loose the fair gamers

    So, you are inside the german meta and see how the leaders work? I don't think so.

    It is always easy to hide behind a big meta with 1k Acc and write a comment like that. :D

    Here some statistics:

    German Meta are 3 alliances with approx 140 Acc (without any Multiaccounting)

    Russian Meta are 18 alliances with approx 750 Acc

    The russian leaders doing a really good job, but they have much more military ressources then us.

    Now look at the off and deff statistics and then think about your comment that the german leaders show missing skills. They take the maximum out of the small military ressources we have.

    We decided to start the experiment to fight as a small meta against the strongest meta of the server and we are still alive. And I am sure the russian players respect our moral! They always were fair competitors.

    It was a tactical decision to delete Jaqens Acc, but he is still playing on the server.

    Best Regards

    Nick from Mano Cornuta Acc

    I think, we have to be that fair, to tell you that you are doing a good job.

    It was definetly not the best decision of us to start in this sector without any allies (FPX was not our ally from the beginning, just later and unplaned).

    I didn't expect, that the chinese meta was destroyed that fast. So we fought nearly the whole server with 3 german alliances against the whole russian meta.

    Of course we had no chance to survive :D

    Maybe we just needed to fall, after we successfully fought against Dacia and the Turks in the last two years. This time the enemy was too strong.

    But we will stand up again and rock on!

    Best Regards Nick